Going Home (A short film on Dementia)

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note: The is a short educational film. If you get a “Webpage not available” error message, please refresh the page.

“Alzheimer’s is predicted to affect 1 in 85 people globally by 2050.” Source.

Where are people today, who suffer from dementia, and what will become of them in the future?

My husband’s father died with this disease years ago. The first nursing home was awful. My husband did not know this in the beginning. He took his father to the first nursing home, but was unable to tell the father that he was leaving. So, he lied and said he was going to the bathroom, and then he left his father there. A short time later, a transfer to another facility was arranged. The lie about the bathroom that was in reality a walk out the door haunts my husband to this day. It felt like a betrayal and an abandonment.

Just five years or so prior to the First Nursing Home, the two of them played golf together. The father hit a shot. But then, he could not locate the ball. He did not know where to look. This was the beginning. Much like the rice cooker in the film above- little things. The ‘little things’ phase annoyed the family at first, much like what you see in the film.

How on earth do you tell someone that you are leaving them in a place, and keep from falling apart with grief? How do you even know that this is happening, in the beginning?

Editor’s Note: More on Alzheimer’s from MyFDL’s Masoninblue

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