Isn’t it strange that Al Qaeda has never struck inside of Israel, nor the House of Saud for that matter…

Folie à deux! – Madness shared by two

Pardon my French, but it is sometimes the right language in which to express things. Folie à deux!

Yes, folie à deux which is a madness or psychosis shared by two people. Think of two people believing themselves to be omnipotent (perhaps as a King and Queen who act capriciously and despise their subjects) and you will have some understanding of the madness. Needless to say, the madness invariably ends in some form of destruction.

In this case, however, the folie is not that shared by two individuals but by two regimes. Or rather, two entities both of which have no true legitimacy, but only an existence which comes from force instead of widespread consent. In both cases, the crux of the matter is the lack of legitimacy.

One of them is Israel, a racist, arrogant entity, embarked on a creeping genocide of the Palestinians, intent on expansion into the lands of others and which wants to attack Iran.

The other is Saudi Arabia, a gruesome, totalitarian, sectarian entity which thinks that it has something (Takfiri Wahhabism) that is welcomed in the lands of others (which, in reality, is nothing but a foul smell) and which also wants to attack Iran.

Both entities think that they are God’s gift to the human race and are in the last stages of hubris…

‘The folie à deux is then compounded by their belief that the USA will come in on their side because, at the moment, there is no doubt that there is a partnership, indeed, an Axis of Evil, consisting of Israel, Saudi Arabia and the USA.’

In the case of Israel, the Zionists have absolute control of the American political process with the politicians, even after the recent international agreement with Iran, determined to impose more and more sanctions. On top of that are the fifty to sixty million demented Christian Zionists who actually want a full-scale war in the Middle East – they want this because they think that such a war is the prelude to their being wafted up to Heaven.

Please ‘Rapture’ them already…!

Anyways… I must say that I was surprised by this completely empty gesture from Bibi…

Netanyahu puts settlement construction plans on hold until after Kerry visit

A senior official in Jerusalem says the prime minister asked the housing minister to delay publication of tenders for new West Bank homes; ‘nobody wants to stick a finger in Kerry’s eye,’ he says.

Kerry will arrive in Israel on Thursday for a series of meetings with Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in order to continue efforts at drafting the ‘framework agreement’ for peace talks, which the U.S. hopes to present by the end of the month.

The secretary of state will stay in the region until Sunday, at least, and is likely to extend his visit by a few extra days.

Netanyahu announced last week that he planned to publish the new tenders after the third stage of the Palestinian prisoner release, which was carried out on Monday night. Tenders for construction were published after each of the first two stages of the prisoner release.

Although the number of units and location of construction were leaked unofficially to the public, the actual contracting tenders have not yet been published on the Housing Ministry website or in the media.

A senior official in Jerusalem said that Netanyahu and Ariel have an understanding that the tenders will be published after Kerry’s visit: ‘Nobody has an intention of sticking a finger in Kerry’s eye,’ said the official. ‘On this matter, there is full coordination between the prime minister and the housing minister.’

Hmm, it’s never seemed to bother Bibi before…!

Naturally… Israel lawmakers appeal to Obama for spy’s release.

So, let’s look at what else is on Bibi’s plate… Israel Ready to Invade Gaza. Planned Attack Would “Exact a Heavy Toll”

Could another Cast Lead be used as a distraction…?

Palestinians Warn of International Intervention Ahead of Kerry’s Visit

A pessimistic Palestinian leadership today warned of turning to the UN to fulfill their aspirations as US Secretary of State John Kerry seeks to secure a ‘framework’ for a final Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement during his tenth visit to the region.

The Palestinian leadership anticipates that Kerry will exert pressure on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to extend the talks with Israel beyond the original nine-month deadline agreed in July, when it resumed after a three-year deadlock.

‘Most of the Palestinian leadership – both from Fatah and from the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO)’s executive committee – is opposed to extending the talks due to recognition that in recent months no progress has been achieved,’ Palestinian officials said.

President of the PA Mahmoud Abbas will find it difficult to make a decision to extend the talks beyond the April deadline unless he has a substantial accomplishment to show for the negotiations, sources from his Fatah party said.

‘Most of the leadership is urging Abbas to turn to the United Nations,’ they said…

I almost despise Abu Mazen as much as I do Bibi…!

BDS and… Quenelle: Courage or reverse Nazi salute?

Col. Lang has a great take on the House of Saud’s recent perfidy…

Saudi Arabia grants Lebanese Army $3 billion – Daily Star

The Saudis are usually more subtle than this. They (like the Israelis) are upset with the US for not obeying. In both cases the disobedience has to do with Syria and Iran. The US has wisely declined to destroy the present Syrian government. This task would be easily and bloodily accomplished if a decision were made to do so. the US armed forces are designed for that kind of destruction as opposed to pacification of god awful places like Afghanistan. In the case of Iran both Saudi Arabia and Israel yearn for an Obama Administration decision to wreck Iran’s nuclear program and economy generally. An Iran reduced to a Morgenthau model state would be pleasing to them. The US has thus far declined these tasks.

Therefore the US must be punished like an errant child. The grant of $3 billion to Lebanon for the purpose of buying French military equipment and training should be seen in that context. It has been suggested in Lebanon that the acquisition of ths equipmentwill counter the military power of Hizbullah in Lebanon. I find that amusing. the Lebanese Army has never shown any apetite for fighting anyone and the thought of a Lebanese Army/Hizbullah confrontation is funny.

In much the same way Bibi has apparently declared that he demands Pollard’s release as a condition for any future ‘progress’ with Kerry over the Palestinians…

In wrapping up, Philip Giraldi ties up some more MENA loose ends… Secret Reports Reveal All

And, Finally…