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Delusions of Grandeur: Bowen and ‘Original Sin’… (PT. III)

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I’ve been remiss in my duties… I’ve not featured the star of the show, SIGIR’s Stuart Bowen, I humbly apologize… That Youtube is a short compilation of his testimony to Congress in mid 2007!

I allude to ‘Original Sin’ in the title because Bowen has repeatedly cited one specific issue that has created the most problems, besides the PPP and the actual decision to take out Saddam in the first place… Insufficient Troop levels from the LOD (Line of Departure)… The veritable point of no return…! The Crossing of the Rubicon, if ya will…

Yesterday’s excellent Book Salon with Steve Fainaru, confirmed my views;

Yeah, some people would say the original sin was getting into this awful war in the first place, the lies about WMD, etc. I’m talking about the original sin in the prosecution of the war. If from the outset the administration had heeded the warnings of Shinseki, et al, about the need for more troops, this book would never have been written, and Iraq almost certainly would be a vastly different place.

That’s a pretty strong indictment…

So, where I left off… Viceroy Bremer had just signed the CPA’s Read the rest of this entry →

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Delusions Of Grandeur: Viceroy Bremer’s Rule

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(Part 2 of my report on the SIGIR Report) (Part 1)

Shortly after ‘Shock and Awe’ and the staged toppling of Saddam’s statue, it became increasingly apparent that Centcom’s Phase IV plans (or lack of) were not working and a Plan B (or C?) would be necessary. Why? Well, as Bowen wrote, Centcom’s ORHA under Gen. Garner was ill-advised and ill-equipped…

The part of the mission that Feith and Rumsfeld told
Garner would be least essential was now crucial, and ORHA was not well staffed to carry it out. [...] The goals Garner had set for himself were enormous, as were the obstacles to accomplishing them. For example, adequate, reliable power was unavailable. "It is a Catch-22," senior oil advisor Gary Vogler explained. Without fuel oil, electric plants can’t produce electricity, yet without a steady supply of electricity, crude can’t be refined into fuel oil. In Basra, Coalition personnel trying to restart essential services faced a similar conundrum. "The circle was amazing," JTF-4′s Lt. Col. Joseph Morgan said. "Just in that one area, just looking at how we could turn on power, so we could turn on water, so we could turn on electricity." Many of Garner’s other Read the rest of this entry →