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Flytilla Grounded by Typical Israeli F*ckery

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As a former Knesset Member wrote today…

…”Today is a black and shameful page in the history of the State of Israel. The massive aggressive play staged today at Ben Gurion Airport, the hundreds of police flooding the terminal, the systematic hunt for every traveler who dared to openly admit being headed to Bethlehem, as if this was the most horrible of crimes, the hysterical assault on a handful of Israeli peace activists who dared to express a dissident opinion, the worldwide campaign of pressures and threats to make airlines cancel the flights of hundreds of passengers. Had the government set out to exhibit to the world the image of an ugly Israel – oppressive, aggressive, nationalistic, tolerating no criticism – then today was a huge success. But if they had wanted to corroborate the assertion that Israel is “the only democracy in the Middle East”, the government’s conduct conveyed the very opposite message. The government’s “victory” over the the international activists was the very epitome of a pyrrhic victory…

What truly surprised me was the sheer extent of the collusion between the individual European Govt’s(local and federal), the Airlines, and, Israel…

‘Flytilla’ detentions spark fury

…But Israel vowed to prevent their entry, warning airlines they would be forced to foot the bill for the activists’ immediate return home in a move which saw many carriers toeing the line.

With airlines cancelling at least 300 passengers’ tickets, scores of activists staged angry demonstrations at airports in several European capitals. Read the rest of this entry →

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Syria: Intervention or Mediation? And Bibi Blinked, to Host ‘Direct Talks’ With Abbas

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From the accompanying YouTube blurb…

After more than a year of turbulence, Syria is still facing both a violent internal opposition uprising and the threat of external intervention. NATO and the Gulf Cooperation Council have backed the opposition, the Syrian Transitional Council, both politically and militarily. Calls for humanitarian intervention in the name of the “responsibility to protect” have been made by the same NGOs as those who acted over Libya last year. Russia and China have vetoed interventionist resolutions in the Security Council, backed by the US, France and the UK, and a chance for reconciliation has been offered with Kofi Annan’s mediation mission. But can it succeed? Will sovereignty remain respected, as provided for by the UN Charter? What are the real aims of NATO and the Gulf Cooperation Council in Syria? Do they want peace and reconciliation or regime change and chaos?

I’ve made my opinion well known, repeatedly, on the farcical R2P ‘humanitarian’ crusade directed at Syria…! Just like I did in the run up to Libya’s smashing success…!

Here’s some of the latest on Syria… From Non-Western Media… Syria to halt military actions as of Thursday… From the ‘Rebels’… Syria rebels set ultimatum, as peace deal falters…

Here’s some recent Western Leaders responses… David Cameron: Syria used ceasefire to kill civilians… Sarkozy: Syria blatantly lying about ceasefire…

What a clusterf*ck in the making, it’s truly a No-Win scenario for the Syrians, needless death and destruction for what exactly…? Reminds me of the age-old adage, that to ‘save’ the village we must bomb it into oblivion…!

Now, moving along… Read the rest of this entry →

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Israel’s No-Fly Zone Extends All The Way To The EU

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As Al Jazeera described the incident…

…The activists, approximately half of which are French nationals, were destined for the West Bank town of Bethlehem. The campaign name “flytilla”, is in reference to a parallel maritime protest flotilla, most of which was never allowed to leave Greek ports from which the ships were to sail.

According to activists involved in the action, the main goal was to show the injustice and human rights violations imposed on Palestinian community by Israel.

Nearly 100 activists were not allowed to board their Lufthansa Air flights at Charles de Galle airport in Paris on Friday morning.

“We came this morning at 4:30 am to get our 6:30 am flight,” Satina, an activist who asked that only her first name be used, told Al Jazeera, “When we arrived and wanted to check in, they told us to go to another check in point, where there they told us they could not check us in. We grouped together and asked why, but they didn’t give us anything in writing.”

Her group then began demonstrating in front of all the airlines that were not allowing the activists to board, shouting “Collaborators, collaborators!” to condemn the French authorities for their action. In addition to Lufthansa, other airlines that disallowed activists from boarding were Air France, Alitalia, Malev Airlines, easyJet, and Swiss Air.

“We asked why they wouldn’t check us in and they would not give a reason, they simply said we could not board this flight,” Satina added.

Most of the passengers not allowed to board are French citizens with valid passports, according to Satina, who said activists were “supposed to go on two Lufthansa flights and one Swiss Air flight in terminal one, and Air Italia and Air France flights in Terminal two.”

Some tweets of the festivities:

Things are going wild in #Paris at the airport as Policemen assault French #AirFlotilla activists, firing tear gas at their faces.

Video shows #Israeli police arresting activists at BG airport for protesting #AirFlotilla

…@IDFSpokesperson allowed ppl in terminal to scream, spit on and attack protesters as they were being arrested #airflotilla

As Ma’an reported today, it wasn’t confined to just Ben Gurion and Charles de Gaulle…

…A French activist with the ‘EuroPalestine’ group told Ma’an that Mohammad Al-Amir, Petseyana Leddis and Adrian Rue, who were planning to travel to Ben Gurion airport, had been detained in Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport.

“Israel is dictating laws to France by barring its people from traveling,” she said.

She added that the group of 300 activists are waiting “paralyzed” at the airport having being blocked from travel. “We are a very peaceful movement,” she insisted.

At Roissy airport in France, at least nine activists were prevented from boarding a flight of Hungarian carrier Malev to Tel Aviv via Budapest.

Some 50 airline passengers describing themselves as “pro-Palestinian” were prevented from boarding a flight to Israel from Geneva airport on Friday, officials said, prompting flight delays.

Now, for the best coverage of what really happened today in Ben Gurion, 972+’s Joseph Dana
was onsite all day…

Dozens to be deported from TLV airport, 5 Israeli activists arrested

More than 60 ‘Welcome to Palestine’ activists reportedly barred from entering Israel and will spend the weekend in detention facilities, while hundreds others banned from boarding flights; bystanders jeer, assault Israeli activists as police look on…

Despite all those hurdles, some made it all the way to Bethlehem…

‘Welcome to Palestine’ Campaign Supporters and Participants Gather in Bethlehem’s Manger Square

Around 30 activists gathered tonight in Manger Square to celebrate the commencement of the Welcome to Palestine campaign and to welcome its participants.

To begin the demonstration, one of the organizers, Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh gave an update on the current status of the campaign. He said that many of the participants have been detained, and that Israeli security forces have arrested a number of Israelis who went to the airport in support of the campaign.

Following Qumsiyeh’s speech, organizer Sami Awad explained that the campaign’s “purpose is to expose the injustice of the occupation.”

“Internationals who come to Palestine have to lie … to say they’re tourists. They are peace activists, and everybody has the right … to come into Palestine. Israel cannot hide behind this charade of saying they are democratic”, Awad said.

Awad went on to welcome the two Welcome to Palestine participants present in Manger Square, who had arrived from France in the morning, and hoped that they would join in the week’s activities that the organizers have planned.

The two participants, Pascal and Annie, told PNN that they have been conscious of the problems in Palestine for a long time, and that this was their first visit. On what they told the Israeli security upon entry, they said that they were tourists and did not mention Palestine for fear of deportation…

Again, God Bless and God Speed…!

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The Flytilla is Being Grounded by El Al And Foreign Carriers(Updated)

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As I had posited in my last post… So, will it only be zealous El Al employees, or will there also be some State collusion, à la Greece…?

Well, El Al is certainly doing their part…

Two Dutch journalists were not allowed to board a flight from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv late yesterday.

Security correspondent Bud Wichers and photographer Ettora Hesseling, who are both working for an International news agency, recently covered the preperation of the Dutch ‘flotilla activists’ from Greece.

They intended to sail with the aid flotilla to Gaza, but backed out after a disagreement between the Dutch organisers and Dutch journalists.

They were told by a staff member of El Al Airlines, the Israeli national carrier, that that they would pose a “serious flight risk”, and for that reason could not board the plane.

“We wanted to tell both sides of the flotilla story and scheduled interviews with Israelis who oppose the action of the activists,” Wichers said.

“Later on we wanted to go to Gaza to see how Israel is bringing aid to the people there. Israel denied us the opportunity to tell their side of the story. Instead we are labeled terrorists, even though Netanyahu’s office specifically said they would not target journalists who covered the Freedom Flotilla II.

Now, in another Al Jazeera article…

…[The Flytilla] Expected to arrive in Israel late on Thursday and on Friday, the activists say they are on a peaceful mission to draw attention to the plight of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.

In Paris, eight activists were blocked from boarding a Malev Airlines flight on Thursday.

Philippe Arnaud, one of those turned away, has led calls to boycott Israeli products in France.

He said Malev, a Hungarian airline, showed him a list provided by Israeli authorities of some 329 people being barred from Israel, which holds complete control over who can enter and exit the West Bank. [...]

In Europe, German federal police said as long as passengers had valid tickets and passports, they had no grounds to stop any activists at airports there.

But German authorities also said that German citizens of Palestinian descent would not be allowed into Israel. The vast majority of Palestinians are barred from using Israel’s airport.

Two German airlines, flagship carrier Lufthansa and Air Berlin, said on Thursday they received lists of people from Israel who are not allowed into the country.

“[Lufthansa] is obliged not to transport any passengers who do not hold valid entry permits or whose entry into the respective state has been denied by local authorities beforehand as in this case,” Patrick Meschenmoser, a company spokesman, said on Thursday.

Yigal Palmor, spokesman for Israel’s foreign ministry, confirmed that the list had been made available to carriers, who are liable to repatriate at their own expense passengers refused entry at their destination.

“The organisers did not come with any intention of demonstrating at the airport or doing anything like that,” Mazin Qumsiyeh, a Palestinian-American professor, said.

“Israeli authorities made the mistake of mobilising security on people who are obviously not a security threat.”

As Ha’aretz reported today…

Israel instructs foreign airlines to prevent departure of 300 pro-Palestinian activists

Transportation Ministry hands foreign airlines blacklist of 300 passengers who will be refused entry to Israel; move may prevent activists from reaching Israel.

…In effect, Israel’s instructions mean that the foreign airlines will not allow those passengers to board their flights in airports abroad, so they would not need to fly them back to their countries of origin after being deported by Israel.

So assured they are by those extralegal actions…

Israel Police decrease presence at airport after pro-Palestinian activists stopped abroad

Police believe most of the 300 pro-Palestinian activists blacklisted by Israel to be prevented from flying at airports abroad; Israel security forces lower state of alert.

We shall see…!

God Bless and God Speed…!

UPDATE: Israel keeps out bulk of ‘flytilla’ activists

Pro-Palestinian activists barred from entering, with hundreds blacklisted and dozens deported or detained at airport.

Officials at Israel’s international airport have refused entry to 69 pro-Palestinian activists and said most would be repatriated on the first available flights.

Sabine Hadad, an immigration spokeswoman, said that four people had already flown out of Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv, and the remainder were in custody waiting to travel.

“They are from Spain, the Netherlands, many from France, Bulgaria, the United States, Germany,” she said. “Legally they have been refused entry. They are not in Israel.”

Organisers of the “Welcome to Palestine” campaign, which some have called the “flytilla”, had said up to 800 activists were to fly in to Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv in a peaceful mission to visit Palestinian families.

More than 200 activists whose names are on a blacklist provided by Israeli authorities have been turned away by airlines at European airports.

Only two activists have reportedly managed to enter Israel so far, but more arrivals are expected later on Friday and Saturday…