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Turkish Tempest – Day 5

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Woman in red dress, sprayed with tear gas by masked policeman, becomes symbol for Turkish protesters

…In her red cotton summer dress, necklace and white bag slung over her shoulder she might have been floating across the lawn at a garden party; but before her crouches a masked policeman firing tear gas spray that sends her long hair billowing upwards.

Taken in Taksim Square in central Istanbul, the image has been endlessly shared on social media.

The woman in red has even been replicated as a cartoon on posters and stickers and has become a symbol for female protesters during days of violent anti-government demonstrations in Istanbul.

Some posters show the woman towering over a police officer and say “the more they spray, the bigger we get.”

Turkey’s deputy prime minister offered an apology Tuesday for the government’s violent crackdown on the protests, a calculated bid to ease days of anti-government rallies in the country’s major cities.

The message was a bit mixed, however, as hundreds of riot police deployed with water cannons around the prime minister’s office in the capital of Ankara.

Bulent Arinc, who is standing in for the prime minister while he is out of the country, said the crackdown was “wrong and unjust.”

“In that first (protest) action, the excessive violence exerted on people who were acting out of environmental concerns was wrong and unjust,” Arinc said. “I apologize to those citizens.”

Yet the impact of his statement was unclear. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is visiting Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, has undermined previous statements by his ministers and has dismissed the protesters as a fringe minority stirred up by the opposition

To wit: Turkish PM: Protesters in League With Terrorists – Insists ‘Turkish Spring’ Would Be Impossible…

Now, just whom is ‘arm-in-arm’ with the terrorists…? Who are the men in civilian clothing attacking Turkish protesters?

From the Der Spiegel: Revolt in Turkey: Erdogan’s Grip on Power Is Rapidly Weakening… And, even ‘b’ at MOA thinks Erdogan is Toast

Here’s a great feed of the Turkish Spring, and, on Twitter at #OccupyGezi, #OccupyTurkey, and, #OccupyTeksim…!

My favorite tweet…

Turkey’s Islamist President says “Whoever drinks alcohol is alcoholic.” By that logic whoever holds power is autocratic. #occupygezi

In closing… USA, USA, USA…! *gah*

Update: List of Demands

Occupy Gezi Demands by Taksim Dayanismasi [Taksim Solidarity]

1. Gezi Park will be preserved as it is. It will not be exposed to any further works under the name of a barracks, mall, residential area, or museum, etc.

2. Unarmed and non-violent citizens who are congregating to exercise their constitutional rights will not be exposed to police violence. Those arrested for exercising these rights will be set free. All political, bureaucratic or public staff who have given the order to attack demonstrators exercising their right to assembly, those directing the attacks, and those individuals applying the violence, should be prosecuted in line with relevant legislation.

3. The main aim of the government’s privatisation and environmental policies is to monitor public profit. So that they may benefit the citizens of Turkey equally, the transfer, sale and renting out of public spaces, beaches, waters, forests, streams, parks and urban symbols to private companies, large holdings and investors will end.

4. Democracy does not consist only of going to the ballot box to cast a vote. Democracy guarantees the state itself as every group among the people expresses its needs and complaints without experiencing fear, arrest or torture. This resistance is a struggle for freedom of expression and freedom of thought. Those who want to save the park today have received the same treatment as those who advocated the headscarf yesterday. The Gezi Park resistance refuses every type of oppression.

5. We have seen the television channels, newspapers and news websites whose professional duty is to protect the public good and relay correct information have neglected for days this country’s citizens, youth and elderly who have been coming to Taksim’s Gezi Park to exercise their constitutional rights in a peaceful manner. For the media to have announced our resistance to the people on its fourth day is to disregard their professional duty. In this we call on the media—and especially the media patrons who owe their wealth to the people—to act in an ethical and professional way.

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Global March Against Monsanto(#MAM) – Big Island Style

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(At the 1:55 mark you can see me flash my Occupy Monsanto sign)

Yesterday, in Kailua-Kona, over 500 people came together to support the Global March against Monsanto…! We had members of: Idle No More, GMO~Free Big Island, Occupy Hilo and Kona, Veterans For Peace, and, various other local community groups, all coming together…! We all enjoyed the live entertainment, free food(all organic and vegan), the excellent lecturers, the Seed Bank swaps(w/many starters), the Poi pounders, and, the Kava…!

As the AP reported, which also seems to be the only nation-wide MSM story written to date…

Millions march against Monsanto in over 400 cities

…Two million people marched in protest against seed giant Monsanto in hundreds of rallies across the U.S. and in over 50 other countries on Saturday.

“March Against Monsanto” protesters say they wanted to call attention to the dangers posed by genetically modified food and the food giants that produce it. Founder and organizer Tami Canal said protests were held in 436 cities in 52 countries…

“It was empowering and inspiring to see so many people, from different walks of life, put aside their differences and come together today,” she said. The group plans to harness the success of the event to continue its anti-GMO cause. “We will continue until Monsanto complies with consumer demand. They are poisoning our children, poisoning our planet,” she said. “If we don’t act, who’s going to?”

Occupy Everywhere…!

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Spaniards Occupy Congress: #25A Madrid

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Today in Madrid… Spaniards Surround Congress in “Day of Liberation” Against Austerity…

As country’s unemployment reaches record highs, demonstrators call for a government in which “the majority decides”

As Spanish unemployment reached record highs Thursday, thousands of Spaniards will march on Congress to denounce the government’s crippling austerity policies and to call for a new government in which “the majority decides.”

Thursday’s demonstration is the latest in a string of demonstrations fueled by mounting anger towards the politics which have prolonged the country’s ongoing recession and unemployment, which the Spanish National Institute of Statistics announced Thursday reached a record high of 27.2 percent.

The action was organized by the platform “En Pie”—translating to “on your feet” —which also was behind the national mobilization against austerity last September 25…

…Their declared goal is “asedio y liberacion definitiva del Congreso de los Diputados”, which roughly translates to “a siege and final liberation of Congress,” calling ultimately for the dissolution of both houses, followed by “a constituent process in which the majority will decide on a political, economic and social model” for the country.

“Our premise is the peaceful nature of the popular movement,” they add.

Ahead of the demonstration, Madrid police announced the deployment of 1,400 officers and early reports indicate that a number of arrests have already been made…

Here’s their Game Plan and Manifesto…


Main Action: Siege and final release of the Congress of Deputies.

Secondary Actions: Actions affecting dispersion free to established power (always within the framework of human rights).

Objective: The fall of the regime (government resignation, dissolution of the Parliament and the Head of State), and the opening of a transition to a new model of political, economic and social justice and solidarity truly.

…As announced last December [], from the Platform In Pie!, original organizers of the action ” Ranked Congress “and therefore 25S initiators of the movement, we again appeal to society to a call for popular rebellion, which will continue the movement began last 25S.

A small group of ordinary people can propose an action like this, and one person can create the event from a computer, but this proposal can only be realized if each and all we want to. When last June we expose the call “Occupy Congress,” the proposal was met with unprecedented support. We hope that the fighting spirit fade away, has grown stronger, and that this time we are still more to involve us in it. For our part, believing that this time the action can be a definitive turning point in the history of this country, and with the commitment and a firm commitment to do everything in our power to make this happen, we call people from all over the Spanish territory to move en masse to Madrid on April 25, and surround the perimeter of the Congress of Deputies conducted a major action of * constant siege, to force the resignation of the government, the dissolution of the Cortes and the Head of State, and the beginning of a transition to a new model of political, economic and social justice and solidarity truly led by the people…


We, ordinary people are sick of suffering the consequences of living under the dictatorship of the capitalist and patriarchal system, which takes shape in a clearly undemocratic regime, in which people are not only buying merchandise serving a minority powerful, and tired of supporting our country an economic, social political and unsustainable, which is dragging us as a society to live in a state of poverty completely unjustified and a degree of suffering and lack of freedom absolutely intolerable, we join to write this manifesto and invited everyone to join the claims we claim him.

We believe that we live under an illegitimate regime from the beginning, which is very far from being called a democracy, that the situation has gone beyond all tolerable limits, and that we are victims of a large-scale scam manifested through an unprecedented attack by the economic power that using the crisis as a pretext is ruining our lives, and whose perpetrators are those who have been configured as an untouchable oligarchy, with the complicity of the political forces represented in parliament, manipulating all the powers of the state to maintain their privileges and excessive profiteering and illegal, and that they have the obedience of the security forces that should be at the service of the people.

There is no way to hide that we live in a gigantic social fraud, with governments routinely betray us doing exactly the opposite of its election commitments, and that there is no justice in the courts for bankers, politicians and businessmen blame for the situation.Just see how this power structure implanted flawed and immoral policies which finishes with our rights and destroys our lives and how we are victims of unjustifiable repression when we demand a change in the situation.

We believe that the problem is of such magnitude and so deep rooted that your solution is not to make reforms based on the current political system mechanisms, if not a complete break with the existing system, we consider it as illegitimate from the outset.

Therefore, we demand:

- The resignation of the entire government and the dissolution of the Parliament and the Head of State, to shape an illegitimate regime and betray the whole premeditated citizenship, leading to disaster.

- The cancellation of the current Constitution (1978), because we do not recognize any of the current democratic Constitution, drafted by a cabal behind the people under the pressure of the previous regime, which enshrined the dominance of the heirs of Franco and who made a pact with them.

- Opening a transparent process and democratic transition, through which the people can determine the pattern of organization where you want to live and the bases remain to be carried into effect, so that the people can feel the result of this process as their own. In this regard, we clarify that in no case will comply with a transition controlled by a government imposed by the Troika, as we have seen recently in a neighboring country.

- The immediate activation of the following measures for the survival of the population during the transition process:

1. The immediate repeal of the laws that have been covered, with the excuse of the crisis, to impose cuts clearly unaffordable because directly affect people’s fundamental rights.Also, to remedy the situation created, we consider necessary to take emergency measures, including the immediate cessation of all evictions, and the provision of the population, social rental price, of homes owned by banks and boxes that have been helped by public funds.

Two. Cessation of payment of the public debt to perform an audit in which adjudicate what items are legitimate, and which items should be considered illegitimate because it was contracted for private benefit, and therefore should not be paid by the population.Also we require the processing of all those who show suspected of involvement in the contraction of these debt items, and to respond with their property if found guilty.

Three. The creation of new jobs, the first premise is sustainability, and whose purpose is the development of humanity and consistent management of jobs available, so that all people can work for a living, but not forced to live to work. It’s a huge fallacy that has to work increasingly fallacy supported by the greed of the big interests and contrary to the common people.

April. Nationalization and public control of strategic sectors and necessities for society: banking, energy, water, health, education, environmental management …

Basically, during the transition process should articulate appropriate measures to enable people to express their views, participate in the decision process on the new model of social organization that you want, and always ensure full transparency of the process .

A village is no less a slave for apparent freedom in choosing their oppressor, therefore the decision of the new model should be subject to principles that guarantee not only freedom of the people to choose this, but the freedom of future generations.

For these reasons, we call on the public April 25, 2013 to surround the Congress indefinitely until the fall of the regime and the institutions that sustain, making it the rallying call of all struggles for a fairer society.

Arriba ándale ándale, mi amigos…!

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AIPAC, Bibi, Biden And Occupy

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At today’s AIPAC conference…

Biden, Netanyahu set tone on Iran for Obama visit to Israel

…Joe Biden insisted on Monday that President Barack Obama was not bluffing about using force to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions if all else fails, even as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for a “credible military threat” against Tehran.

Seeking to reassure Israel and its U.S. supporters just weeks before Obama visits the Jewish state, Biden cautioned that all options, including sanctions and diplomacy, must be exhausted to ensure that the international community will be supportive if military action is deemed necessary.

But Netanyahu, speaking moments later via satellite from Jerusalem, used his address to America’s largest pro-Israel lobby to underscore Israeli impatience with U.S. strategy on Iran, a message that could foreshadow his talks with Obama.

“Words alone will not stop Iran. Sanctions alone will not stop Iran. Sanctions must be coupled with a clear and credible military threat if diplomacy and sanctions fail,” Netanyahu said to loud cheers at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference in Washington…

After his speech, Biden met with DM Ehud Barak…!

Now, in today’s Guardian, Glennzilla had this most excellent guest posting…

Why we must resist Netanyahu and the hawks’ reckless push for war on Iran

Now, just as diplomacy is yielding results, has never been a better time to ignore the lobbying of Israel’s prime minister for war

“If Iran were to acquire nuclear weapons, this could presage catastrophic consequences, not only for my country, and not only for the Middle East, but for all mankind … the deadline for attaining this goal is getting extremely close.”

The above quote – from a speech given by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to a joint session of the United States Congress – is notable not only for its sense of urgency and dire threat, but also for the date on which the speech was given: 10 July 1996. That was far from the first time Netanyahu had sounded the alarm for the need to take drastic action against a purportedly imminent Iranian nuclear weapon: in a 1992 address to the Israeli Knesset, he declared, “within three to five years, we can assume that Iran will become autonomous in its ability to develop and produce a nuclear bomb” – an assertion he repeated without irony in 1995, when, in his book Fighting Terrorism, he again predicted full Iranian nuclear weapons capability within “three to five years”.

This past Sunday, Prime Minister Netanyahu declared his belief that ongoing nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 nations were futile and represented merely an effort by Iran to “buy time” to develop a nuclear weapon. Coming from an individual with nearly 20 years of public statements consistently citing the purported imminence of such a weapon, this is a questionable statement to say the least. But given the present atmosphere of heightened tension surrounding this issue, such comments are particularly dangerous and revealing…

MJ Rosenberg had penned another must-read today…

Hebron Is The Occupation

I wonder if all these Democratic politicians who attend the AIPAC pander-fest ever think about the occupation. Has any of them ever been to Hebron?

They should go to Hebron, a major city on the occupied West Bank — one that successive Israeli governments have said Israel will hold on to no matter what. It won’t change their political calculations. They kiss up to AIPAC to for campaign contributions but at least they will know what they are defending in the name of political expediency.

No, I don’t urge Republicans like Ted Cruz, John McCain or Lindsey Graham to go. They wouldn’t see anything wrong with it anyway. In fact, they would love it. Nor the likes of New York Democrats like Chuck Schumer or Kristen Gillibrand who never give the Middle East a thought; they are on AAP, AIPAC Automatic Pilot. I’m talking about the Dick Durbins, Carl Levins, Al Frankens, Tammy Baldwins and the Elizabeth Warrens who actually allow themselves to feel compassion and, if they were honest, rage.

I have visited Hebron a half-dozen times, once as part of an official U.S. government to monitor Palestinian elections. Much of what follows comes from a report I wrote back in 2006 but, note, the situation has only deteriorated…

And to further punctuate the point, just today… “You cannot come on this bus.”

Now, this just blew me away, today, like a tsunami…

Colonizer as Lender: Free Palestine, Occupy Wall Street, Strike Debt
By Folks in Strike Debt and Occupy Wall St.

Right in the place where empire was scheming to do its worst, a tent went up—and then another, and then a village. A new community was born there, an act of resistance as well as a nurturing space for eating and sleeping and living. People talked and prayed together. There was an explosion of hope in the midst of hopelessness. But before long the empire had enough. It sent in its army of militarized police, and the village was destroyed.

This is the story of Occupy Wall Street’s Liberty Square in the fall of 2011, yes. But it is also what happened earlier this year in the West Bank. The village of Bab al-Shams, whose name means “Gate of the Sun,” appeared early in the morning on January 11. Two days later, in the dark of night, Israeli soldiers tore it down…

Occupy Everywhere…!

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‘The Shit is About to Hit the Fan’

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That, folks, is exactly why I Occupy…! And blog…!

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Occupy Hilo’s Latest Actions

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That clip has some snippets from Aloha Uprising’s Friday evening soirée at Uncle Billy’s Hilo Bay Restaurant, and then from yesterday’s marathon 7th session of Hawai’i County Council’s Committee on Agriculture, Water, and Energy Sustainability. The committee meeting was gavelled into session at 8:30 am and didn’t end until 7 pm, there were several 15 min. recesses, with a 1 hour lunch.

The Committee members had asked for presentations from 1) Mr. Kaleikini of Puna Geothermal Ventures(PGV), which is owned by the Israeli-based Ormat Industries, 2) Dr. Mililani Trask of Innovations Development Group, Inc., and, 3) For the State to have a Dept. of Health representative available to answer any questions the County Council might have. (More on that later!)

It was a packed house with about 100 attendees in Hilo’s County Council chambers alone, I’d arrived a little late and had to stand outside because there were no chairs available inside(there are speakers mounted outside), with more attending the session, through the three satellite county offices, in Pahoa, Waimea, and Kona. Hawai’i County is one of the largest counties (a total area of 5,086.70 square miles) in the country! There were about 40 public testifiers in Hilo town, with a dozen or so from the satellite offices.

Typically, the first item on the Agenda is when all public testimony is accepted, then that’s it for the public, and the Council/Committee will move on, reserving the right to call a party back for clarification, etc., but, no more public input! However, this go-around, we’d approached most of the members early on, and at several recent events we’d hosted, asked them specifically to take the Public Testimony after these presentations! I’d noticed today in chambers, they had reverted back to their norm, but I digress…

So, Puna Geothermal Venture started off with a brief, half hour or so spiel, on how awesome they are and are only utilizing the ‘Best and Safest’ technologies available, blah, blah, blah… Then, up steps, Mililani Trask, armed with a hour, Power Point Presentation, which quickly made sashimi of Ormat’s noise; ‘there’s ten different technologies, and Ormat uses the oldest and cheapest’ was a notable zinger, amongst others. But, I’m no fan of Mililani, in that, she’s working hand and glove with the Neo-Lib PTBs interests, particularly, with her closing remarks that ‘we’ need to match the ‘right technology to the earth.’ Not when you’re promoting a $1 Billion undersea cable, the Big Wind project, and the continued drilling into Madame Pele…!

Not cool at all, the wrong technology is being utilized in the entire schemata, to start with! She gives lip service to ‘microgrids,’ ‘smart metering,’ and all, but fails to grasp the centrality of the thesis! What’s lacking is the decoupling from the entire antiquated system, into localized production and usage, not pumping it into a single cable just to feed Oahu’s voracious appetite, of which takes a constant load of 100 Megawatts just to push the juice through it…! How many PV panels and compact windmills, or even tidal power OWC’s(pdf!), could that $1 billion buy…?

It was notable that Mililani and her stoolies soon departed after her powerful PPP…! Unlike the Ormat/PGV crew, much to their chagrin, for after all the public testimony was over, they were raked over the coals by all the Council members, for the last hour and a half, with several public testifiers called back for rebuttal…! Tsk, tsk…!

Anyways, getting back to the noticeable lack of attendance by any State DoH representative, and, their lack of response to any written questions by County Council members, submitted well beforehand, was palpable…!

Hmmm… I wonder why…?

From the prepared text of Occupy Hilo, and other Community orgs…
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Occupy Lei Day

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On May Day, which is known as Lei Day here in the Isles, Occupy Hilo hosted a potluck picnic/signwaving event in solidarity with OWS’s May Day effort. At the height of our festivities, we had fielded about 20 enthusiastic sign wavers.

We did score some political points when we had to compete with Mufi Hannemann’s (Hawaii’s 2nd CD, Mazie’s current seat) campaign crew on our left (the small group of red shirts in the last segment of my YouTube), and then Mazie Hirono’s campaign crew (US Senate, Akaka’s seat) on our right (you can barely discern them in my clip), Occupy Hilo blew them both out of the water with the sheer number of honks and shakas we were receiving! After about 45 mins, the Mufi crew packed it in! I think they were also miffed that we’d already Occupied the prime Real Estate, we did get some honks and shakas from the departing Mufi supporters…! It was awesome…!

Now, I’ve been somewhat derelict in my reporting of Occupy Hilo’s numerous recent activities, that have been garnering a lot of headline-grabbing reporting from our local press, which is surprising, since both our local rags(Hilo and Kona) are owned wholly by the overt right wing Stephens Media Group. For instance, April 25′s headline was Geothermal concerns vented, followed up the next day, with another frontpage article; Geothermal safety mulled. Now, imagine my surprise when I saw this pic of me, yesterday morning… Occupy HELCO protest… I’m infamous now, literally, (with my name listed first) with that 1/4 page sized pic being posted right next to the daily ‘Citizens Arrested and Charged’ listing, on page A8…!

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Occupy Hilo Raises Some Hell With HELCO

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My humble apologies for not being more prolific in my updates of Occupy Hilo’s activities! Basically, it’s been a slowly developing tsunami, that is starting to lap at the 1%’s heels…! We won some battles, and we lost some, we did lose our first Occupy Foreclosure action…

Today, when I’d walked into the County’s Research and Development Energy Advisory Commission meeting with my ‘Stop Geothermal‘ t-shirt, I’d noticed some visible squirming from about half the ‘Commissioners’, most of the lot are interlocking Commission members…! Also, where half of the Commission does have direct ties with either; HELCO, Puna Geothermal Venture(PGV), ORMAT’s Drilling Crew(akin to Halliburton, and a Firm that is wholly owned by a private Israeli corporation), and, Family members thereof…! Proving once again, the age-old axiom in County/State hiring, that it’s not ‘What ya know, It’s Who ya know’…!

What we’re looking at is the fanciful notion that the Puna district can suddenly leap from 30 Megawatts of Geothermal production, to 1,000 Megawatts of production, delivered to Oahu(Honolulu), via an estimated $10 Billion undersea cable…! It should also be noted that currently, a particularly odious bill, is wending it’s way through the State Legislature, establishing a No/Low interest rate Bank/Funds for any ‘self sufficient’ Energy source(s), which would also happen to enjoy Hawai’i statutory exemptions from the State’s strict Evironmental Review process…! How convienent, eh…? It’s a ‘gut and replace’ bill that is being promoted by the ‘dirty dozen’ of State Legislators, mostly Dims, most are Dinos, and bought and paid for by HEI and their subsidiaries (HELCO, MECO, American Savings Bank, etc.)…!

Just as a refresher, HELCO (Big Isle) customers pay 47 cents a kwh, the national avg. is 14 cents, and, the 30 Mw Puna Geothermal Venture is paid only 11 cents per kwh, which purportedly, provides 37% of our local Big Isle needs, where’s the ‘aloha‘ for us local Big Islanders…?

Anyhoots, we’re finally hitting the front page, and above the fold, in our own local right wing rag(Stephens Media propaganda)… HELCO president in hot seat over rates…

…Hawaii Electric Light Co. President Jay Ignacio came before a County Council committee Tuesday to clear the air on what he said were misperceptions about the effects of solar and geothermal energy on electric rates.

Our present challenge is being dependent on the price of oil. We are aggressively pursuing renewable energy options that will reduce that burden,” Ignacio said. “We feel the pain of our customers. … It’s really that dependence on oil that we have to attack.

But rather than calming worried residents, Ignacio’s slide presentation brought out a packed house of testifiers, most of them skeptical that HELCO has their best interests in mind. Most members of the council Committee on Agriculture, Water & Energy Sustainability didn’t seem convinced, either.
Concerns about the risks of geothermal and HELCO’s apparent resistance to allowing homeowners to hook up their own photovoltaic systems topped the list. Most of the 30 or so testifiers were Puna residents with many of them opposed to geothermal energy for health reasons.

“There was nothing in their presentation that any of their plans would reduce electric rates,” said James Weatherford, a County Council candidate in the Puna district that’s home to Puna Geothermal Venture, the state’s only geothermal producer, which has a 30-megawatt plant. “No commitment there whatsoever.”

Ignacio said HELCO is looking to increase geothermal power as a way to bring a stable source of energy into the Big Island grid. The company has recently announced it will be seeking proposals for a contractor to produce up to 50 megawatts more at a location in West Hawaii.

Will taxpayers be left holding the bag to bail out geothermal profiteers when things go wrong, just like the Wall Street bankers scammed the taxpayers?” said longtime geothermal opponent Jim Albertini. “Same ol’ same ol’ — privatize the profits, socialize the costs.

I’m sure Jay Ignacio, as chairman of Helco, is a 1%er, especially when his Boss, HEI’s Chairwoman ‘earns’ $6.5 million a year…! I’m sure they do ‘feel our pain’…!

Now, Hilo, signed a ‘Sister City’ compact with Leyte Island’s Ormoc City, during the massive APEC conference on Oahu…!

In which, Ormoc City, being roughly the same size and all… The city enjoys economic growth because it supplies the whole country of its power needs due to the abundant geothermal power resources in Tongonan and neighbouring Kananga town.

What’s lost in the discourse is that Letye’s Geothermal efforts are located on geologically ‘dormant‘ volcanic sites, not, on active volcanic rifts…!

Now, if one suddenly should notice a sudden uptick in Seismic activity, in a ‘stable’ region of the nation, say Oklahoma, due solely to drilling and injection processes, what sort of Seismic activity do you suppose might be created from drilling 150+ wells, on an active Volcano rift zone…? Hmmm…? The South-West Puna lava ridge, created mostly from all the recent flows(1983, onwards), hundreds(thousands, even) of acres could ‘slip’ into the ocean and create a serious tsunami that would ‘wrap’ around the entire Isle and potentially hit the West Coast, and, South America…! Estimates do vary on the potential height…!

Now, don’t you think that the estimated $10 Billion for the ‘undersea cable’ alone, could buy a whole lot of PV systems, for all of the available roof-tops on the Big Isle…? Inquiring minds would like to know…!

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Occupy Hilo Occupies Helco

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I would like to think that if we hadn’t had such a deluge on Wednesday, we would’ve had an even larger turnout…! I shot that video during the lulls in the storm…!

Now, I would like to point out what prompted Occupy Hilo to occupy Helco…

…Occupy HELCO is a peaceful non-violent protest sponsored by Occupy Hilo to draw attention to local changes needed to provide abundant clean, affordable, reliable, renewable energy to our community at the lowest cost, and to show support and solidarity for a national day of action, #F29.

You might think HELCO is in the business of providing energy, but a closer look would inform you that its primary function is to provide PROFITS to its parent company, Hawaii Electric Industries, (HEI) and its shareholders. Selling electricity, charging fees for connections to the grid, and charging customers for expansions to the grid are the MEANS by which HELCO generates profits for its owners. HELCO recently complained that too many people were connecting solar electric panels to the grid and reducing its profits below levels it had planned, so it was going to have to raise rates, (HELCO Customers already pay the highest utility rates in the US, at 4x the average US cost for electricity.) Read the rest of this entry →

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‘We rebuilt in 10 mins flat F**k HPD!’

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(De)Occupy Honolulu is still hanging in there, folks…! Here’s some footage of their latest ‘raid’…

Literally, whatever they weren’t holding was trashed…!

Shortly after the Parks and Recreation crew had power-washed the sidewalks…


Rawk on my Compadres in Arms …!

Btw, if anybody wants to send them some Aloha…!

Mahalo Nui Loa…!