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Hawaii’s Historic 2014 Primary Election

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With an unprecented two hurricanes taking aim at the Isles, yesterday’s Primary election was threatened, but, after the Big Isle shredded Iselle, the election happened with minimal impact. Two precincts in the Puna district, here on the windward side of the Big Isle, were forced to close due to the destruction from Iselle. And, their absentee votes will ultimately decide the Schatz-Hanabusa feud.

Now, let’s delve into the results… (PDF!)

Meet David Ige, the Democrat who defeated Hawaii’s governor

Who is David Ige, the Hawaii state senator who defeated Gov. Neil Abercrombie by a whopping 35 percentage points in a Democratic primary?

History maker

A sitting Hawaii governor had not lost a campaign for re-election since 1962, so Ige’s defeat Saturday of Abercrombie is one for the history books. Abercrombie, who served in Congress for more than 20 years before his 2010 election as governor, is the first Hawaii governor to be defeated in a primary and only the second not to win a second term. William Francis Quinn, a Republican who was governor from 1957 to 1962, also lost his re-election bid. Quinn’s tenure included two years when Hawaii was still a territory and not yet a state.

Longtime legislator

Ige, 57, has served in Hawaii’s Legislature for 29 years — 21 in the state Senate and eight in the state House. An electrical engineer by training, Ige has focused on information and telecommunications policy as a legislator. He was chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee for three years. During his legislative career, Ige served as chairman of nine different Senate and House committees.

Underfunded challenger

Ige was outspent 1o to 1 in the Democratic primary. Abercrombie had spent $4.9 million vs. $447,000 for Ige, according to Hawaii’s Campaign Spending Commission. Ige also lacked Abercrombie’s endorsements, including the backing of President Obama. ‘The voters of Hawaii have said loud and clear that it’s not money that wins elections,’ Ige said in a statement after his primary victory. ‘It’s about grass-roots campaigning, meeting voters face-to-face, and above all, listening to what they have to say.’

Here’s a great synopsis on Abercrombie’s crummy record…

Former Gov. Ben Cayetano said he believes Gov. Neil Abercrombie stunning defeat happened because Abercrombie lost touch with his base.

Abercrombie has also lost favor with his supporters in part because he reversed his positions on key issues with explaining why, Cayetano said.

For example Abercrombie’s backers believed he was anti-development and pro environment when they cast their vote in the governor’s race in 2010.

However, Abercrombie has become one of the most pro-development governor’s in Hawaii’s history, allowing Koa Ridge and Hoopili development projects to move forward.

Abercrombie told supporters he would protect the ag land in Hoopili.

Environmentalists tried to stop these developments for years, but in the end, it was Abercrombie who pushed them through.

The Hoopili housing and shopping center projects will be built on some of Oahu’s only remaining rich soil land where farms have been growing produce for Hawaii’s stores.

During Abercrombie’s term, construction in Kakaako is also booming like never before with plans for up to 29 buildings in the waterfront area.

While the governor claims Hawaii residents need housing, –the condos range from $600,000 to $50 million, Cayetano said, not prices many Hawaii families can afford.

Cayetano said in addition, Abercrombie’s personality is abrasive and that contrasts sharply with Sen. David Ige’s quiet mannerisms.

I was one of the participants of a protest that Abercrummy went off at…!

Good riddance…!

Moving along to the Hanabusa-Schatz showdown…

Neither U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz nor his Democratic primary challenger, U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa, went to bed after Saturday’s primary election knowing who won their party’s nomination.

In one of the closest races in state history, Schatz and Hanabusa were separated by a mere 1,635 votes with all but two precincts accounted for and potentially as many as 8,000 votes from Hawaii island still to be tallied.

Election officials still need to tabulate votes from two Puna polling sites that were closed as a result of roads damaged by Tropical Storm Iselle, affecting about 8,000 registered voters. Chief Elections Officer Scott Nago said ballots would be mailed to those who did not vote prior to Saturday by mail or walk-in and voters would have several days to return them.

Neither camp conceded Saturday night.

‘We’ve got some more votes to be counted and we’ll see what happens there,’ Schatz said in an interview with Hawaii News Now. ‘We came from behind and we like where we’re at.’

Schatz said he would wait until Sunday morning to start strategizing on the extended voting period.

Roland Casamina, a Schatz campaign co-chairman, said personal calls to Puna voters will be critical.

‘We really have to go and contact the people we know on that island,’ he said.

Former Gov. John Waihee said it’s going to be an ‘on the ground’ campaign with lots of hand-shaking.

‘I think the senator will do very well there,’ he said.

Hanabusa had led since the results first started coming in, but Schatz closed the margin as more and more precincts reported.

‘This election is not over,’ Hanabusa told a crowd of enthusiastic supporters at her primary night rally at the Hawaii Laborers’ Union Local 368 hall in Kalihi. ‘It is far from over. Anything can happen.’

Seriously, Hanabusa should concede to Schatz, since the Punatics are largely DFH’s and highly unlikely to vote for the DLC tool that Hanabusa is. Her current congressional seat went to the more progressive Mike Takai, who beat another long-time DLC tool, Donna Mercado Kim.

Meanwhile, it was a mixed bag for progressives with some key victories and losses for local and state offices.

One of the key victories was St. Senator Malama Solomon’s loss to Lorraine Rodero-Inouye…

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Syria: Chemical Hypocrisy, InterOccupy, and Zogby

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I must say that the Grey Lady really spelled it out…

Kerry Becomes Chief Advocate for U.S. Attack

Jabbing his finger at the lectern, his voice forceful, his words brimming with indignation, John Kerry laid out the case like the prosecutor he once was, making a closing argument to a skeptical jury.

Again and again, some 24 times in all, he used the phrase “we know” as he described the intelligence that Syria’s government massacred more than 1,400 people with chemical weapons. And then, while saying no decision had been made, he left no doubt that the United States would respond with military power.

“We know that after a decade of conflict, the American people are tired of war — believe me, I am, too,” said Mr. Kerry, who opposed the Iraq war in his failed presidential bid in 2004. “But fatigue does not absolve us of our responsibility. Just longing for peace does not necessarily bring it about. And history would judge us all extraordinarily harshly if we turned a blind eye to a dictator’s wanton use of weapons of mass destruction against all warnings, against all common understanding of decency.”

Let’s be clear here… Chemical Hypocrisy: Lies and Disinformation on the Road to War!

Seriously, pups, the Intel is mighty shoddy, as Col. Lang, amongst numerous other IC critters, enumerate…

US government claim as to what happened

Well, the USIC should be considered a bordello with Clapper as madam.

This is entirely a reiteration of the assertions made by the BHO government concerning what happened on the 21st. The social media are believed? The claim that SIGINT concerning Syrian government culpability is too sensitive to be disclosed is absurd. This was likely an intercept of plain voice, unencrypted Arabic conversation. A short wave radio tuned to the right frequency would have collected this text. If the Israelis were the source they should publish the text to avoid condemnation when the truth of this matter becomes clear. History will judge GW Obama. pl

Quelle surprise…?

Let me reiterate a fundamental factoid… Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack…!

So, I really do applaud Putin for calling out Obama on his blatant bluff… Putin: US should present Syria evidence to Security Council…!

Now, I must say that Zogby was most generous with his grade on Obama’s misguided foreign follies…

Zogby’s Report Card: Abandoned by Britain, public, Obama loses Syria options

Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama, deserted by the public and Britain on Syria, has lost the kind of presidential power previous presidents had in international affairs.

“Do you remember a much simpler time not so long ago when the president of the United States was the ‘leader of the free world’ and the ‘most powerful man in the world’? That president could launch a war (by any other name) by declaring it a ‘police action’ or even fabricate evidence and present it to Congress (Gulf of Tonkin 1964, ‘weapons of mass destruction’ 2003).

“Not any more. We are in the middle of so many tectonic changes. President Obama promised that if the Syrian regime actually used chemical weapons, thus crossing a red line, there would be military reprisals. Earlier in the week, it looked like he would build a national and international consensus, get his way and launch a surgical action by the time of this writing.

“But something happened: the Arab League and Saudi Arabia refused to give him a green light, the British Parliament has rejected Prime Minister David Cameron’s case to support action, and there is opposition by both leading Democrats and Republicans in Congress. And only 7 percent of the American public have a stomach for U.S. involvement in Syria.

“Watching the videos of Syrian victims is very difficult, but sometimes being president is not all it is cracked up to be. Air strikes will most likely still happen, but under much different circumstances than appeared likely at the beginning of the week.”

Grade: C-

Now, interestingly, even Hollande is succumbing to popular public pressure…

France to follow US lead before deciding on strike

President says he will wait for French parliament, US Congress, to approve move before weighing hitting Syria.

France will wait for its parliament and the US Congress to consider possible military action on Syria before making a decision about whether to launch strikes against Bashar Assad’s regime, President Francois Hollande’s office said Saturday. The comments from an official in the French president’s office came as the world reacted to word from President Barack Obama that he believes the United States should respond with force over an alleged chemical weapons attack by the Syrian regime, but that he has decided to put the issue before the American legislature first.

France, under Hollande and his Socialist government, has been the most vocal and visible country to show willingness to join the United States in military action against Syria’s regime following the suspected chemical weapons attack in rebel-held or contested areas last week. The U.S. claims it killed 1,429 people, including more than 400 children, marking a grave and intolerable escalation in Syria’s two-year civil war that has left 100,000 dead.

Before his speech about Syria outside the White House on Saturday, Obama explained his decision to Hollande in a phone call, the official in the French presidency said on condition of anonymity because she wasn’t authorized to be publicly named according to presidential policy. Hollande told Obama that he already had decided to convene France’s parliament on Wednesday to take up a debate about Syria.

The two presidents “reaffirmed their joint willingness to act,” and have an “absolute and shared conviction” that Assad’s regime was behind the chemical weapons attack, the official said.

To be sure…

Most French oppose attack on Syria and don’t trust Hollande to do it – poll

Most French people do not want France to take part in military action on Syria and most do not trust French President Francois Hollande to do so, a poll showed on Saturday.

The United States said on Friday it would punish Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government for a chemical attack that it says killed more than 1,400 people in Damascus last week, and Hollande said Britain’s parliamentary vote against military strikes would not affect France’s own actions.

The BVA poll released by Le Parisien-Aujourd’hui en France, showed 64 percent of respondents opposed military action, 58 percent did not trust Hollande to conduct it, and 35 percent feared it could “set the entire region (Middle East) ablaze”.

It will actually set the region ablaze, too…

Iran warns of spillover of possible war on Syria

– Chairman of the Iranian Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said here Saturday that any war on Syria would have repercussions on the entire region.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, heading a delegation of Iranian parliamentarians on a visit to Syria, said in a short statement to reporters that the visit aims to emphasize his country’s support for Syria and Tehran’s rejection to any war or aggression against it.

He said any possible war on Syria would not stay limited inside Syria but stretch out of the Syrian borders.

In summing up, this looming Syrian clusterf*ck is exactly why I spent two hours protesting in Solidarity with the InterOccupy Global Push…! Some InterOccupy pics…!

Now, I was disappointed to see such a dismal turnout, according to the AP, at least…

Possible US-led attack on Syria sparks rallies

Protesters around the world took to the streets Saturday to protest for and against a possible U.S.-led attack on Syria, as President Barack Obama announced he would seek congressional approval for such a move.

Obama said the U.S. should take action against Syria to punish it for what the U.S. believes was a deadly chemical attack launched by Syrian President Bashar Assad this month that killed more than 1,400 people. But Obama said he wants Congress to debate and vote on whether to use force, and has said any possible strike would be limited.

In Houston, which has a large Syrian-American population, about 100 people lined up on opposite sides of a street in an upscale neighborhood to express opposing views on a possible U.S. attack. {…}

In Boston, more than 200 protesters demonstrated in the Boston Commons against the possible use of force against Syria by the U.S. They waved signs and chanted “Don’t Bomb Syria!” over and over again, and at least one speaker said congressional authorization wouldn’t make an attack acceptable.

More than two dozen protesters gathered at the Arkansas Capitol to oppose a possible U.S. attack. Some wore T-shirts proclaiming “NO U.S. INTERVENTION IN SYRIA.”

“I had friends that died in Iraq, and I don’t want more people to die for nothing,” said Dominic Box, 23, expressing some of the fears of a war-weary public.

In downtown Chicago, about 40 people walked quietly in the rain, circling a sculpture in Daley Plaza. Some carried signs that read “No War In Syria” and “Shut It Down.”

“I don’t believe in spreading democracy the way they’re doing it,” said Tyke Conrady, 44, who attended the protest with three friends.

In London, more than 1,000 protesters carrying Syrian flags and placards marched to Downing Street and rallied in Trafalgar Square. Some hailed the parliament’s vote Thursday against British participation as a victory.

And about 700 people turned out for an anti-war demonstration in Frankfurt, Germany, police said. Organizers said only a “sovereign, independent Syria free of foreign interference” would make it possible for the Syrian people to shape the country’s future.

Damn, Chi-town, even sleepy old Hilo town could muster up 40 peeps today on short notice(48 hrs)…!


Update: We do Occupy with Aloha..! ;-)

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Global March Against Monsanto(#MAM) – Big Island Style

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(At the 1:55 mark you can see me flash my Occupy Monsanto sign)

Yesterday, in Kailua-Kona, over 500 people came together to support the Global March against Monsanto…! We had members of: Idle No More, GMO~Free Big Island, Occupy Hilo and Kona, Veterans For Peace, and, various other local community groups, all coming together…! We all enjoyed the live entertainment, free food(all organic and vegan), the excellent lecturers, the Seed Bank swaps(w/many starters), the Poi pounders, and, the Kava…!

As the AP reported, which also seems to be the only nation-wide MSM story written to date…

Millions march against Monsanto in over 400 cities

…Two million people marched in protest against seed giant Monsanto in hundreds of rallies across the U.S. and in over 50 other countries on Saturday.

“March Against Monsanto” protesters say they wanted to call attention to the dangers posed by genetically modified food and the food giants that produce it. Founder and organizer Tami Canal said protests were held in 436 cities in 52 countries…

“It was empowering and inspiring to see so many people, from different walks of life, put aside their differences and come together today,” she said. The group plans to harness the success of the event to continue its anti-GMO cause. “We will continue until Monsanto complies with consumer demand. They are poisoning our children, poisoning our planet,” she said. “If we don’t act, who’s going to?”

Occupy Everywhere…!

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Hilo’s Anti-GMO March in March

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(Part 1) (Part 3)

With the largest protest in Hilo, over the past decade, my local MSM rag, merely ran this blurb and pic on the frontpage, with no follow-on story…! Here’s a pic of the flyer that went up around town promoting it…March in March! One remarkable feature of this protest, that surprised me, besides the sheer numbers, over a thousand! Was the fact it was largely, organized and promoted, solely on Social Media, with very little radio and/or media play…!

Basically, it all started with this sordid episode, which prompted the entire inter-isle protest marches…

Why Is A Monsanto Lobbyist Serving On A Water Resource Panel?

Hawaii Senate President Donna Mercado Kim has chosen a Monsanto lobbyist to be on the group that recommends candidates for the state water commission.

The choice is a controversial one because the Commission on Water Resource Management controls the allocation of state water resources, and Monsanto, a huge agri-business company, has a major stake in how water rights are granted. The commission has been at the center of fights among developers, large plantation owners, environmentalists, the military and Native Hawaiian groups…

…Last week, Kim appointed Alan Takemoto, the community affairs manager at Monsanto, to the nominating committee.

The company, which tests genetically modified organisms on seed crops in Hawaii, recently applied to the water commission for a permit to use 2.6 million gallons of water a day from a new well in Waipahu-Waiawa. The permit was denied

But Kim, who records show also got $500 in campaign donations from Monsanto, defended the decision. As Senate president it’s ultimately her choice, but she said that she deferred to Solomon because she is chair of the Senate Water and Land Committee. Kim said that she reviewed Takemoto’s experience and that she believes he is qualified.

“He has this broad experience, and I thought it would be important that someone be representative of the agricultural community,” said Kim.

But Kim noted that his experience goes far beyond working for Monsanto. Takemoto has also served as director of the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation and is on the board of the Agribusiness Development Corporation.

“Being one of four people, it’s hard for me to imagine that all three names will be all Monsanto people,” said Kim. “So I think there is a balance.”

As for Monsanto’s campaign contributions, she said that isn’t a concern…

Anti-GMO groups such as Occupy Monsanto and Babes Against Biotech immediately criticized the appointment on Facebook, circulating petitions and posters with such slogans as, “Hands Off Our Water!!!”

“Our major concern is that the lines between corporations and government are blurring right in front of us,” said Nomi Carmona, president of Babes Against Biotech. “And it’s an absolute conflict of interest for our Senate president to appoint a registered Monsanto lobbyist to a position where he would be appointing water commissioners.”

Ironically, I can personally attest to the fact that most of our county/state commissions and/or boards, are already stacked with corporate stooges…! Many of them serve on multiple commissions…!

Now, as one of the event organizers, Kea Kapahua, wrote about why she got directly involved…

March in March to Evict Monsanto

“As a Hawaiian, I am very concerned about our ‘aina, the land that feeds and sustains us, and the legacy we leave to our children and their children. When our ‘aina is repeatedly bombed with a cocktail of pesticides, this creates an unsuitable environment to grow healthy, life giving food. We are not able to care for our land and food properly and in return the land cannot care for us. This is important. I not only take issue with the devastation of our land, water and air, by these agrochemical corporations, but with the very act of crossing boundaries or barriers that nature has set up. It is unnatural to place the gene of a bacteria into the DNA of corn so it survives the repeated heavy spraying of herbicides. These corporations create an unwanted and uninvited prison for us; we live on an island, where are we going to go? What are we going to do when our water is too contaminated to drink or grow food? What about our limu and the fish we eat from the ocean? Just last year an estimated 50,000 sea urchins died off of Kaua’i’s west shore where a lot of the experimental GMO crops are grown. What about genetic pollution? The GMO papaya is the perfect example of the inability to contain life. Today, over 50 percent of the papayas on Hawai’i island have been found to be GMO contaminated. And what about the freedom to breathe clean air? On Moloka’i they are dealing with fugitive chemical laden dust storms. How can I not care?”

From the Oahu march…

Finally, here’s a response from the GMO industry…

Hawaii Crop Improvement Association Statement on Anti-GMO Marches Across the State

“Organizers of these anti-GMO and evict Monsanto marches are creating a hostile environment in our communities by using scare tactics and spreading misinformation. It is not pono to rally support for an agenda by repeating myths and exaggerations to our Hawaii communities. It is also unfortunate that misleading and false claims made by these activist groups are often repeated by mainstream media without verification of their accuracy.

“We value the concerns of the public and work to address these concerns through informative and respectful dialogue based on facts and proven studies. We also respect freedom of speech; however, we believe the community would be better served if they were provided facts instead of myths and false accusations.”

Btw, many of the protestors were ‘rewarded’ for their efforts, by Hilo’s Finest …!


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Occupy Hilo Rains on The Democratic Revolution’s Grand Rally

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After a year in existence, Occupy Hilo was finally afforded a golden opportunity to shine here in sleepy Hilo town…! First off, it was the Fifth of November, Remember the 5th of November, then, it was the traditional ‘Democratic Revolution‘ election eve rally, which has occured every two years ever since ’54, when the Dems first swept into power, supplanting the Sugar Plantation GOP stranglehold on the Territory’s Legislature…!

Anyways, so all the Dimwitted critters were in attendance and even our Honolulu Lamestream Media…! In a sidenote, several of the 10 pm Honolulu News shows led with the Hilo story…! But, I was pissed at Free Hawaii’s Gene Tamashiro actions, he totally stomped on Occupy Hilo’s “Abolish the PLDC” message…! Occupy Hilo has supported Gene and his ‘Aloha Uprising’ and ‘Free Hawaii’ efforts, in fact, several of us, myself included, had attended the Ho’oponopono with Uncle Abel, that the above clip featured…! But, what Gene did at the Rally, has soured OH from further participation in his efforts…!

Having studied Hawaiian history, I know that the Hawaiians were robbed, but, one can only turn back the clock so far…! The PLDC is the one true lightning rod that has united so many disparate entities across the Isles…! Gene’s selfish antics truly diminished our message…!

Now, allow me to highlight the Legislative History of the PLDC, as penned by a former, HI Senate Majority Leader, Gary Hooser…

Birth Of The Public Land Development Corporation – A travesty of the legislative process

…How did this happen. How did it slip through the checks and balances of our legislative process?

A better question is how did it sneak through the process because that is what happened. IMHO

A cursory look at the legislative history show clearly there were 4 hearings held on what started out as SB1555 and ended up as Act 55 and the creation of the PLDC. On the surface it looks like there were 4 opportunities for the public to testify and engage in the democratic process. On the surface that is…but the truth is below the surface and deserves a good look. It may even deserve some sunshine.

Let’s take a look at those 4 opportunities for public input.

1) SB1555 was introduced on January 26, 2011 and a public hearing in the Senate Water/Land/Housing Committee was held on 2/8/11 (public notice given on 2/2/11). At this time SB1555 among other things did not contain any provisions for exempting projects from “all statutes, ordinances, charter provisions, and rules of any government agency…” and it also provided for an 11 member Board of Directors and required neighbor island representation. Much of the language of SB1555 focused on the Ala Wai and Keehi Harbor issues. There was minimal public testimony. A SD1 version was approved by the committee containing only minor technical amendments.

2) On 3/01/11 the Senate Ways and Means Committee held a “public decision making” (public notice given on 2/25/11). While written “comments” may be offered, no public testimony is accepted at this meeting. A SD2 version was approved by the committee containing only minor technical amendments.

3) On 3/18/11 the House Water/Land/Ocean affairs Committee held a public hearing (public notice given on 3/15/11) and at the end of the hearing passed out SB1555HD1 that was dramatically different from the prior version. The House version now included exemptions from County permitting and zoning requirements. The House version also stripped out the requirement for Neighbor-Island representation. Other significant changes were also made to this version, dramatically changing it from the prior SB1555SD2.


4) On 4/07/11 the House Finance Committee held a public hearing (PUBLIC NOTICE GIVEN LESS THAN 2 HOURS PRIOR TO THE HEARING – see actual hearing notice here ING_FIN_04-07-11_1_.pdf ). At the end of this hearing the House Finance Committee passed out SB1555HD2 after making further changes.

The measure then went to Conference Committee where there is NO PUBLIC TESTIMONY ALLOWED and additional very significant changes were made.

Quick and dirty (very dirty) summary: THE PUBLIC HAD ONLY ONE OPPORTUNITY TO TESTIFY ON THE SUBSTANCE OF ACT 55 AS WE KNOW IT TODAY AND THAT WAS AT THE HOUSE FINANCE COMMITTEE WHICH PROVIDED LESS THAN 2 HOURS PUBLIC NOTICE. Unless you were in the building and checking your smart phone during the 2 hour period preceding this hearing…you had no way of knowing it was even on the agenda. The original version did not exempt any projects from zoning or permitting. This was first added in the House and then dramatically expanded in Conference Committee. There are many other changes that happened during this process and explains why many/most environmental watchdog groups did not engage this issue early.

Disgusting is too kind a word to use to describe the process used to give birth to Act 55 and the Public Land Development Corporation.

Please don’t take my word for it. It’s all here in the legislative history that is available at:

To be clear, I offer these comments purely from a personal and individual perspective and not in any official capacity whatsoever.

Ain’t it amusing that Abercrombie had the temerity to bellow at us: “Then join the Democratic Party and you get the faith and trust of people.”

As a commenter had quippedGotta love a town where the protesters are to the left of the Democrats!


Here’s exactly what Occupy Hilo did last nite…

Btw, the Guv was ‘irked’ long before Gene upstaged us…!

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Occupy Hilo Greets The Guv…

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From Occupy Hilo’s Facebook page…

People standing peacefully and holding signs at the Hawaii Democratic Rally were assaulted by the private security guards last night in Hilo. The guy standing by the door in the black “security” shirt with the leg wrap and the keys on a lanyard is the perpetrator. At 2:10 he pushes a girl out of the way and tells another protester to go back to where he came from. The protester says he is EXACTLY where he came from. Charges were filed at the East Hawaii Police station after the event was over.

That specific protestor just happens to be half Hawaiian, but, what unfolded inside of Aunt Sally’s Luau House was worse…! That ILWU union thug (Francis!) hired as ‘Security’ went off inside, ripping signs out of people’s hands, and even body-checking several women, and, a few males…! Five people had filed police reports soon afterwards, and, one brave wahine is even pressing charges…!

I personally was carrying the P & L in this FB clip… Bus arrives in Hilo for the Hawaii Democrat Rally 10/26/12…

Now, for some history on the Abolish The PLDC movement, and Gov. Abercrombie’s noxious participation…

Top Abercrombie Advisor Enlisted to Help Beleaguered PLDC.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie has asked one of his closest political advisors to head a working group created to fend off attacks on the controversial Public Land Development Corporation.

William Kaneko, Abercrombie’s former campaign manager, has been leading the group, according to Sen. Malama Solomon, a PLDC supporter who has been helping the governor devise a strategy to appease mounting public antagonism toward the new state agency.

The fledgling government division is supposed to enlist private companies to develop public lands and shore up dilapidated state facilities. But it’s become a political lightning rod. A growing chorus of lawmakers, including Senate President Shan Tsutsui, are calling for its repeal or at least a sharp curtailment of its powers.

The PLDC was created last year but has been widely criticized by groups such as the Sierra Club, the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation and The Outdoor Circle, who say it bypasses important environmental protections. Native Hawaiian groups have also opposed fast-tracking development on lands supposed to be held in trust for Hawaiians.

In August, nearly 700 people showed up at a series of contentious public meetings throughout the islands to register their opposition to the PLDC. And the Kauai County Council and the Hawaii County Council have unanimously passed resolutions calling for the PLDC to be abolished.

Abercrombie has been unflinching in his support of the PLDC despite public animosity aimed at him. He was booed at a public meeting on Kauai when he tried to talk about the PLDC. But in recent weeks, he’s pushed back critics, calling them the “usual suspects” and accusing them of creating a climate of hysteria.

After so many people opposed the PLDC at the public meetings, Abercrombie and Solomon last month announced a strategic plan aimed at calming concerns. The working group appears to be a continuation of that plan to make it an easier sell to the public…

And, ‘We the Aina’, aren’t buying it, anywhere in the Isles…! Today, Occupy Maui and other concerned Maui citizens, greeted them on their Maui leg of their grandiose statewide ‘Bus Tour’…!

We’re mighty pissed and we’re determined…!

by CTuttle

Occupy Hilo’s Latest Actions

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That clip has some snippets from Aloha Uprising’s Friday evening soirée at Uncle Billy’s Hilo Bay Restaurant, and then from yesterday’s marathon 7th session of Hawai’i County Council’s Committee on Agriculture, Water, and Energy Sustainability. The committee meeting was gavelled into session at 8:30 am and didn’t end until 7 pm, there were several 15 min. recesses, with a 1 hour lunch.

The Committee members had asked for presentations from 1) Mr. Kaleikini of Puna Geothermal Ventures(PGV), which is owned by the Israeli-based Ormat Industries, 2) Dr. Mililani Trask of Innovations Development Group, Inc., and, 3) For the State to have a Dept. of Health representative available to answer any questions the County Council might have. (More on that later!)

It was a packed house with about 100 attendees in Hilo’s County Council chambers alone, I’d arrived a little late and had to stand outside because there were no chairs available inside(there are speakers mounted outside), with more attending the session, through the three satellite county offices, in Pahoa, Waimea, and Kona. Hawai’i County is one of the largest counties (a total area of 5,086.70 square miles) in the country! There were about 40 public testifiers in Hilo town, with a dozen or so from the satellite offices.

Typically, the first item on the Agenda is when all public testimony is accepted, then that’s it for the public, and the Council/Committee will move on, reserving the right to call a party back for clarification, etc., but, no more public input! However, this go-around, we’d approached most of the members early on, and at several recent events we’d hosted, asked them specifically to take the Public Testimony after these presentations! I’d noticed today in chambers, they had reverted back to their norm, but I digress…

So, Puna Geothermal Venture started off with a brief, half hour or so spiel, on how awesome they are and are only utilizing the ‘Best and Safest’ technologies available, blah, blah, blah… Then, up steps, Mililani Trask, armed with a hour, Power Point Presentation, which quickly made sashimi of Ormat’s noise; ‘there’s ten different technologies, and Ormat uses the oldest and cheapest’ was a notable zinger, amongst others. But, I’m no fan of Mililani, in that, she’s working hand and glove with the Neo-Lib PTBs interests, particularly, with her closing remarks that ‘we’ need to match the ‘right technology to the earth.’ Not when you’re promoting a $1 Billion undersea cable, the Big Wind project, and the continued drilling into Madame Pele…!

Not cool at all, the wrong technology is being utilized in the entire schemata, to start with! She gives lip service to ‘microgrids,’ ‘smart metering,’ and all, but fails to grasp the centrality of the thesis! What’s lacking is the decoupling from the entire antiquated system, into localized production and usage, not pumping it into a single cable just to feed Oahu’s voracious appetite, of which takes a constant load of 100 Megawatts just to push the juice through it…! How many PV panels and compact windmills, or even tidal power OWC’s(pdf!), could that $1 billion buy…?

It was notable that Mililani and her stoolies soon departed after her powerful PPP…! Unlike the Ormat/PGV crew, much to their chagrin, for after all the public testimony was over, they were raked over the coals by all the Council members, for the last hour and a half, with several public testifiers called back for rebuttal…! Tsk, tsk…!

Anyways, getting back to the noticeable lack of attendance by any State DoH representative, and, their lack of response to any written questions by County Council members, submitted well beforehand, was palpable…!

Hmmm… I wonder why…?

From the prepared text of Occupy Hilo, and other Community orgs…
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Occupy Lei Day

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On May Day, which is known as Lei Day here in the Isles, Occupy Hilo hosted a potluck picnic/signwaving event in solidarity with OWS’s May Day effort. At the height of our festivities, we had fielded about 20 enthusiastic sign wavers.

We did score some political points when we had to compete with Mufi Hannemann’s (Hawaii’s 2nd CD, Mazie’s current seat) campaign crew on our left (the small group of red shirts in the last segment of my YouTube), and then Mazie Hirono’s campaign crew (US Senate, Akaka’s seat) on our right (you can barely discern them in my clip), Occupy Hilo blew them both out of the water with the sheer number of honks and shakas we were receiving! After about 45 mins, the Mufi crew packed it in! I think they were also miffed that we’d already Occupied the prime Real Estate, we did get some honks and shakas from the departing Mufi supporters…! It was awesome…!

Now, I’ve been somewhat derelict in my reporting of Occupy Hilo’s numerous recent activities, that have been garnering a lot of headline-grabbing reporting from our local press, which is surprising, since both our local rags(Hilo and Kona) are owned wholly by the overt right wing Stephens Media Group. For instance, April 25′s headline was Geothermal concerns vented, followed up the next day, with another frontpage article; Geothermal safety mulled. Now, imagine my surprise when I saw this pic of me, yesterday morning… Occupy HELCO protest… I’m infamous now, literally, (with my name listed first) with that 1/4 page sized pic being posted right next to the daily ‘Citizens Arrested and Charged’ listing, on page A8…!

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Occupy Hilo Raises Some Hell With HELCO

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My humble apologies for not being more prolific in my updates of Occupy Hilo’s activities! Basically, it’s been a slowly developing tsunami, that is starting to lap at the 1%’s heels…! We won some battles, and we lost some, we did lose our first Occupy Foreclosure action…

Today, when I’d walked into the County’s Research and Development Energy Advisory Commission meeting with my ‘Stop Geothermal‘ t-shirt, I’d noticed some visible squirming from about half the ‘Commissioners’, most of the lot are interlocking Commission members…! Also, where half of the Commission does have direct ties with either; HELCO, Puna Geothermal Venture(PGV), ORMAT’s Drilling Crew(akin to Halliburton, and a Firm that is wholly owned by a private Israeli corporation), and, Family members thereof…! Proving once again, the age-old axiom in County/State hiring, that it’s not ‘What ya know, It’s Who ya know’…!

What we’re looking at is the fanciful notion that the Puna district can suddenly leap from 30 Megawatts of Geothermal production, to 1,000 Megawatts of production, delivered to Oahu(Honolulu), via an estimated $10 Billion undersea cable…! It should also be noted that currently, a particularly odious bill, is wending it’s way through the State Legislature, establishing a No/Low interest rate Bank/Funds for any ‘self sufficient’ Energy source(s), which would also happen to enjoy Hawai’i statutory exemptions from the State’s strict Evironmental Review process…! How convienent, eh…? It’s a ‘gut and replace’ bill that is being promoted by the ‘dirty dozen’ of State Legislators, mostly Dims, most are Dinos, and bought and paid for by HEI and their subsidiaries (HELCO, MECO, American Savings Bank, etc.)…!

Just as a refresher, HELCO (Big Isle) customers pay 47 cents a kwh, the national avg. is 14 cents, and, the 30 Mw Puna Geothermal Venture is paid only 11 cents per kwh, which purportedly, provides 37% of our local Big Isle needs, where’s the ‘aloha‘ for us local Big Islanders…?

Anyhoots, we’re finally hitting the front page, and above the fold, in our own local right wing rag(Stephens Media propaganda)… HELCO president in hot seat over rates…

…Hawaii Electric Light Co. President Jay Ignacio came before a County Council committee Tuesday to clear the air on what he said were misperceptions about the effects of solar and geothermal energy on electric rates.

Our present challenge is being dependent on the price of oil. We are aggressively pursuing renewable energy options that will reduce that burden,” Ignacio said. “We feel the pain of our customers. … It’s really that dependence on oil that we have to attack.

But rather than calming worried residents, Ignacio’s slide presentation brought out a packed house of testifiers, most of them skeptical that HELCO has their best interests in mind. Most members of the council Committee on Agriculture, Water & Energy Sustainability didn’t seem convinced, either.
Concerns about the risks of geothermal and HELCO’s apparent resistance to allowing homeowners to hook up their own photovoltaic systems topped the list. Most of the 30 or so testifiers were Puna residents with many of them opposed to geothermal energy for health reasons.

“There was nothing in their presentation that any of their plans would reduce electric rates,” said James Weatherford, a County Council candidate in the Puna district that’s home to Puna Geothermal Venture, the state’s only geothermal producer, which has a 30-megawatt plant. “No commitment there whatsoever.”

Ignacio said HELCO is looking to increase geothermal power as a way to bring a stable source of energy into the Big Island grid. The company has recently announced it will be seeking proposals for a contractor to produce up to 50 megawatts more at a location in West Hawaii.

Will taxpayers be left holding the bag to bail out geothermal profiteers when things go wrong, just like the Wall Street bankers scammed the taxpayers?” said longtime geothermal opponent Jim Albertini. “Same ol’ same ol’ — privatize the profits, socialize the costs.

I’m sure Jay Ignacio, as chairman of Helco, is a 1%er, especially when his Boss, HEI’s Chairwoman ‘earns’ $6.5 million a year…! I’m sure they do ‘feel our pain’…!

Now, Hilo, signed a ‘Sister City’ compact with Leyte Island’s Ormoc City, during the massive APEC conference on Oahu…!

In which, Ormoc City, being roughly the same size and all… The city enjoys economic growth because it supplies the whole country of its power needs due to the abundant geothermal power resources in Tongonan and neighbouring Kananga town.

What’s lost in the discourse is that Letye’s Geothermal efforts are located on geologically ‘dormant‘ volcanic sites, not, on active volcanic rifts…!

Now, if one suddenly should notice a sudden uptick in Seismic activity, in a ‘stable’ region of the nation, say Oklahoma, due solely to drilling and injection processes, what sort of Seismic activity do you suppose might be created from drilling 150+ wells, on an active Volcano rift zone…? Hmmm…? The South-West Puna lava ridge, created mostly from all the recent flows(1983, onwards), hundreds(thousands, even) of acres could ‘slip’ into the ocean and create a serious tsunami that would ‘wrap’ around the entire Isle and potentially hit the West Coast, and, South America…! Estimates do vary on the potential height…!

Now, don’t you think that the estimated $10 Billion for the ‘undersea cable’ alone, could buy a whole lot of PV systems, for all of the available roof-tops on the Big Isle…? Inquiring minds would like to know…!

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Occupy Hilo Occupies Helco

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I would like to think that if we hadn’t had such a deluge on Wednesday, we would’ve had an even larger turnout…! I shot that video during the lulls in the storm…!

Now, I would like to point out what prompted Occupy Hilo to occupy Helco…

…Occupy HELCO is a peaceful non-violent protest sponsored by Occupy Hilo to draw attention to local changes needed to provide abundant clean, affordable, reliable, renewable energy to our community at the lowest cost, and to show support and solidarity for a national day of action, #F29.

You might think HELCO is in the business of providing energy, but a closer look would inform you that its primary function is to provide PROFITS to its parent company, Hawaii Electric Industries, (HEI) and its shareholders. Selling electricity, charging fees for connections to the grid, and charging customers for expansions to the grid are the MEANS by which HELCO generates profits for its owners. HELCO recently complained that too many people were connecting solar electric panels to the grid and reducing its profits below levels it had planned, so it was going to have to raise rates, (HELCO Customers already pay the highest utility rates in the US, at 4x the average US cost for electricity.) Read the rest of this entry →