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by CTuttle

Occupy Hilo Gets Busy…

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Occupy Hilo in solidarity for the West Coast Port action

As an active participant in my small, local Occupy, I would like to opine on some of the trials and tribulations experienced in trying to get an actual Occupy off the ground, and, also highlight the amazing efforts being exerted by even such a small entity, both on the National level and at the Local level…!

At the local level, we’re tackling two immediate problems that have arisen lately, the first is stopping the shenanigans being played out in the latest gerrymandering efforts by two County Council incumbents, and then in stopping a draconian bill to impose criminal and/or hefty financial fines to local home builders for deviating from the County Code! Fines of up to a $1,000 a day, for each day of non-compliance…! Read the rest of this entry →

by CTuttle

Occupy Hilo’s 3rd General Assembly

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The third time is always the charm…!

Occupy Hilo has finally set a hard date and site, to truly Occupy the public space…!

Despite a slightly smaller crowd than the prior GA’s, and, absent a few key leaders, Occupy Hilo still accomplished a whole lot last night. It was fascinating to participate in such an open and democratic process that truly does listen to all comers. Being a small Occupy, we’ve adopted the more informal ‘Social Circle’ methodology, rather than the traditional #ows pattern…! Read the rest of this entry →