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First, lets look at some first hand accounts of what happened…

From Syria Comment…

This report was just sent by a reader (6:30 p.m. central time, Sunday):

Joshua and all,

I just spoke on the phone with a doctor in ABou Kamal- He confirmed that the attack happened around sunset. The 4 helicopters came from the East of the township, he saw them coming. The soldiers debarked and shot people who were working in a building under construction on the periphery of the township.

9 people were pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital- Two more are severely wounded and are being operated on right now [he does not expect them to survive]- He has not read the papers (there are none to read at this time of the night) nor listened to the news and there is no internet there….His report was completely spontaneous-

I was not able to get the details on the ages of the injured but he described them as poor simple people (Masakeen)from the town. If the matter were otherwise, he would have let me know.

From the BBC…

Syrian witness reacts to US raid

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“No Definitive Proof…”

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Once again we throw mud at Iran hoping some will stick… Staying true to form, Odierno alleges Iranian interference in Iraq, this time it’s over the SOFA…

US commander says Iran trying to bribe Iraqis

…Odierno said Iran was working publicly and covertly to undermine the status-of-forces agreement that the US and Iraq are about to conclude and that must be ratified by the Iraqi parliament, the paper said.

"Clearly, this is one they’re having a ‘full court press’ on to try to ensure there’s never any bilateral agreement between the United States and Iraq," it quoted him as saying, using a basketball expression. [...]

Odierno said, however, he had no definitive proof of the bribes, but added that "there are many intelligence reports" that suggest Iranians are "coming in to pay off people to vote against it," The Post reported.

It is ironic that Odierno may actually be right about the allegations of bribery, but, so what? As he is also quoted saying…

"We know that there are many relationships with people here for many years going back to when Saddam was in charge, and I think they’re utilizing those contacts to attempt to influence the outcome of the potential vote in the Read the rest of this entry →