We’ve received some excellent Occupy related diaries these last few days that are a joy to read. They span the country, including some of the more conservative areas, and even up into Canada.

First up, we have this diary (with video) from tobiasfox on Occupy Newark.

From the other side of the country we have this diary (with video) from djvjgrrl and Occupy Tacoma:

A $100 grocery gift card from Fire Dog Lake’s occupy supply arrived just in time for the end of the holiday season at Occupy Tacoma. The camp, which is now the only full time occupation in western Washington State, was delighted to stock up on sorely needed staples…coffee, creamer, sugar and instant soup topping the list.

Despite raids on other large occupations throughout the state, Occupy Tacoma continues to have a positive relationship with local law officials and has been free to focus on community building, organization, and supporting local and state wide actions.

A short tour of the camp taken this week can be found below. (warning, audio recorded very loudly – i suggest turning down volume significantly before starting video)

John Sherman let us know about the Occupy the Indiana State House and Occupy Bloomington problems. From the Occupy the Indiana State House diary:

Last week, Indiana governor Mitch Daniels introduced a comprehensive list of new ‘security rules’ for the Indiana Statehouse for the 2012 state legislative session, including a measure which requires that no more than 3,000 people be inside the statehouse at any one time. The new rule, which was to be enforced by the Fire Marshall and the Indiana State Police, includes in the total number allowed the 1,700 statehouse employees and lobbyists typically present in the statehouse on any given day. The cap appeared to be in direct violation of Article 1, Section 31 of the Indiana State Constitution: “No law shall restrain any of the inhabitants of the State from assembling together in a peaceable manner, to consult for their common good; nor from instructing their representatives; nor from applying to the General Assembly for redress of grievances.”


I arrived at 8:30 AM today, the first day of the 2012 legislative session. As the morning wore on, several hundred protesters (including some already inside the statehouse) grew into the thousands, as union members and activists from local Occupy groups (Indianapolis, Bloomington and others) arrived in buses and on foot. At around 10:45 it was announced that Daniels had rescinded the cap of 3,000 inside the statehouse, though all of the other ‘rules’ remained in effect. The protesters moved into the statehouse and entered the Senate chamber, and were threatened with eviction on at least one occasion for disrupting the proceedings.

And from the Occupy Bloomington diary:

Occupiers Charis and Walker were forcibly removed from Peoples Park early this morning. Both were arrested and charged with criminal trespassing. The BPD seems determined to enforce the 11pm-6am curfew in the park.

EdwardTeller lets us know about conditions at Occupy Anchorage.

The setting for Occupy Anchorage is very central. It is located right next to the Anchorage Center for the Performing Arts, in what is known as Town Square Park. Right now, there is an ice skating rink and a series of ice sculptures in-the-making, within 20 feet of the Occupy Anchorage space. Here’s one of the ice sculptures. It is located right where Occupy Anchorage had tables with free food, educational material and warm items back in September and October.

Finally for today, we have this wonderful diary/history lesson from sagesse and Occupy Boise:

There is a great big old tent on the west side of the Occupy Boise encampment.

Occupy Boise Pic 28 from Katie F
On one of my first visits to Occupy Boise, I wandered by an old tent that had just been set up as a dank gray November dusk settled in. The vintage canvas had an intense musty smell. Skylight came through ragged-edged holes in the roof that looked like a giant moth had been chomping away. The intrepid Boise Occupiers draped plastic and covered the holes –making do nicely amid the symbols of power and prosperity in the heart of the Capital.

It seems Idaho has a long history of support and standing up against the 1%. Hoocoudanode?

If you miss anything Occupy related, please check the Occupy Supply Headquarters page where you can find links to the most recent top Occupy related posts and diaries from the last few days, the links to the slideshow of pictures we’ve received, videos on Occupy Wall Street from around the web and the FDL Occupy Wall Street archives.

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