Fall 2012

My my my. Where do the days go? Here we are on September 22, the first day of Fall, and it seems like it should still be Springtime. The picture to the right was taken Wednesday morning and the tree is across the street from my sister’s condo in Manchester, NH. Soon all of New England will look very similar. It has been a number of years since I’ve spent a fall in New England so this will be a refreshing change of pace. The news will be giving the nightly report on where “Peak Foliage” can be viewed so that the tourists can go look at the colors and sightsee

Later today I will be going up to the cottage of one of my sister’s friends and former co-workers for a “CISSYfest” where folks will be trading stories and memories of my sister. The cottage is on Squam Lake (the film “On Golden Pond” was filmed there.) It will be fitting as my sister did love the outdoors, though she and her friends were usually camping on Lake Umbagog.

There really is nothing like a fall day in New England. So much of the country’s heritage began in this area. One of the things I like is just driving around and seeing what I can see. Much of the southern New Hampshire area has built up tremendously from when I first came here in 1975. And I know that was built up from earlier in this century. Just down the road in Derry, NH you can still stop and visit the Robert Frost Farm. Even with the “progress” around it, you can still get a sense of the New England of Frost’s time and how it came to influence much of his poetry.

So on this first day of Fall 2012, pull up a chair and let’s talk about fall days.