Taylor Family, Christmas 1973

And a good Saturday morning to all as we come to you once again from hard along the banks of the mighty Little Manatee River. I arrived back in Florida last Saturday afternoon after having spent the last seven months in New Hampshire dealing with my sister’s estate. I still have a number of big tasks to do with the estate and her trust but I can do them from down here rather than staying in New Hampshire. Plus, I was finally able to sell her condo and no longer had a rent-free place to stay.

Through everything these last few months, one of the more surprising tasks I’ve found has been identifying people in pictures and passing the pictures on to the appropriate individuals. Some, like this first picture, are easy. This first picture to the right is my family from a Christmas Open House we had in 1973. That’s me at the left in a fairly standard pose from those days with both cigarette in one hand and beer in another.

Dub Taylor looking at his great-great nieces circa 1983

I’ve been able to do reasonably well at identifying pictures of family members. Even when it is a picture like this next one, to the right, of my father looking down at three of his great-great nieces when they were young. All three of these little girls look enough like they do today that I was able to identify them.

The problems start with pictures like the one of my sister and her high school classmates showing off their tattoos they had all gotten during one of their Halloween party trips to New Orleans. Even though I’m sure I know most of the classmates, I don’t know them all as adults.

Then we come to the pictures of her friends and acquaintances that might have been neighbors or co-workers at one time. Some are folks I do recognize but damned if I can come up with names. Others are people I have no clue who they are and where they fit in Cissy’s universe.

Since I have been back in Florida, I’ve been looking at all the family pictures I brought with me, as well as all the ones I already had, after the folks had died. Sometimes I can identify everyone in a picture (especially when it was a long- time family friend who I could see their later years) but often it is someone I do not recognize at all.

I’m as guilty of this problem as anyone. I have found pictures from my high school and college years where I have no idea who everyone in the picture is. And I know that I am in pictures taken at parties from college, USAF years, work parties, and so on where someone has picked up the picture(s), looked at me and wondered “Now, who the feck is THAT.”

So pull up a chair and let’s talk about getting those pictures labeled so that you and your family aren’t totally confused.