How has the world changed in your life?

A couple of days ago I saw something, I think on someone’s Facebook although it may just have been a comment on a blog post or a tweet, where the person was ruminating a bit on how things have changed in the world over their lifetime. This got me to thinking a bit (which of course is always a dangerous activity.) I am 60 years old and in my lifetime have seen mankind go out into space and land on the moon. We have gone from Jim Crow laws (I recall being told I could not use a specific water fountain in the county courthouse when I was a kid) to at least some levels of legal equality, if not actual equality for racial and ethnic minorities, women, and LGBT.

Technology has gone from early computers requiring massive power structures and heating and cooling systems to care for the vacuum tubes to today’s super computers that can be carried around.

I remember thinking many times about what my grandmother saw in her lifetime. She was born in 1886 and died in 1979 at age 92. In her life she saw the world go from horse and buggy days to landing on the moon. Technology went from early radios to color television. Telephones become a social tool available in all homes.

Beloit College has produced a “mindset” list each year since 1998, listing the world as it has been known for each class of incoming freshmen if you would like a little refresher on some of the ways the world has changed.

So what are the changes in the world that you have seen? Which are the most meaningful, for good or ill? Pull up a chair and let’s talk about the changes in the world.

And because I can: