Easter dinner 2007

Easter Dinner

Today is Palm Sunday; tomorrow is the opening of Passover (until the evening of April 2;) and next Sunday is Easter. Now, a quick check of der Google doesn’t show any real specific dinners for Palm Sunday but checking for Passover and Easter meals brings up a fairly broad selection of special links so I’m going to bring a few for each to us here.

First off, for Passover we can start with this group from AllRecipes.com.

About.com has this group in their HomeCooking section.

Chabad.org offers these recipes for Passover.

For Easter, we can start with these recipes for Breakfast, Dinner, and Desserts from the FoodNetwork.

Southern Living offers up 10 Easter Dinner main dishes.

AllRecipes.com offers up these recipes.

CookingLight.com offers up this fare for Easter as a possibly more healthful option.

I have not tried any of these so can offer and make no recommendations. But take a look through them and find the choices that work best for you and ENJOY!

And because I can:

Photo from kimberlykv licensed under Creative Commons