I was thinking this morning about Mother’s Day. My mother passed away about five days before Mother’s Day in 1987 when she was 66 years old. My maternal grandmother had died just eight years earlier at the age of ninety-two.

Blanton Collier Osborne and Peggy Taylor circa 1940

Mother’s Day was one of those “holidays” where we tended to not fix a special meal at home, instead going out for dinner after church to one of the local restaurants in my small hometown. There were two or three options in those days but most likely we would go to Biancke’s Restaurant. We attended the Christian (Disciples of Christ) Church most times and this church seemed to let out a little earlier than some of the other churches. It wasn’t the closest church to Biancke’s but it was only about a block away. (The Presbyterian and Catholic churches were both within that block – the Baptist and Methodist churches were all of two and three blocks respectively.)

It still didn’t matter though if we were there early, Mother’s Day was one where you knew there would be a line at the door to get seated, even after the restaurant would open the back rooms for service. These rooms were not available all the time.

We would go out for Mother’s Day as it allowed my father to honor both my mother and grandmother (his mother-in-law.)

Other families I know use Mother’s Day as the day for the kids to prepare a special meal for Mom. Sometimes Dad will kick in and help the kids. As I said, my dad took the easy way although he would often fix Sunday dinner of fired chicken or pot roast. I guess it was just easier all the way around for us to go to Biancke’s so there was no extra stress on having to do the cooking and cleaning up plus get Gran and her sister home.

So what was your Mother’s Day special? Did you go out for dinner to a special restaurant or was it home cookin’ all the way? What are your special memories?