Excited to be Aboard

10:09 am in Uncategorized by Danny Postel

Hello, Firedoglakers! I’m positively giddy to be joining FDL as Deputy Editor and Editor of MyFDL. This is my first day on the job and my brain is like a pinball machine as I get my bearings and plunge into in this exciting work.

It’s a real honor for me to join FDL’s hugely impressive team and participate in the passionate FDL community. Let me say upfront that while I come to this work with a background as an editor and writer and campaigner for social change, I enter FDL’s doors with a profound respect for the identity this publication has built and the impact it’s made since its emergence.

A few words about my background, though.

I spent the last four years as Communications Coordinator for Interfaith Worker Justice, an organization that campaigns for the rights of low-wage workers. I had the pleasure of working with a real visionary in Kim Bobo, the organization’s founder, whose book Wage Theft in America: Why Millions of Working Americans Are Not Getting Paid—And What We Can Do About It put the scandal of wage theft on the national agenda and whose manual Organizing for Social Change is an essential text for movement organizers and trainers.

How cool to go from working with one visionary woman to working with another in Jane Hamsher, whose warm welcome to the FDL team I appreciate a lot.

I’ve also been Editor of The Common Review, the Chicago-based magazine of the Great Books Foundation, Senior Editor of openDemocracy, a London-based online magazine of global politics and ideas, and a staff writer for the DC-based Chronicle of Higher Education, where I wrote about philosophers, historians, political scientists, scholars of the Middle East and Africa, among other things. Read the rest of this entry →