I can tell you a secret...

I can tell you a secret... by Aleera*

Breaking down the GOP strategy to cut Social Security in a way that any woman can understand.

The biggest threat to the future of Social Security is misinformation.  Even at 20-something, every woman should know about the realities of  potential cuts in Social Security, like the ones currently demanded in debt-ceiling negotiations by Republican leadership.

Money is tight right now, and difficult decisions to cut spending do need to be made, but Social Security should not be one of those areas.  There are two parts to understand about the Republican proposal to gut the system.  The first, the GOP wants to cut federal funding to the program. The second, the GOP wants to replace that funding with options from the private sector.

Cutting Social Security to save money in the massive federal budget, is like forgoing the purchase of tampons at the grocery store, citing the  need to cut back on spending, but are still planning to go out to bar on Friday night,  to dinner and a movie Saturday night, and to brunch on Sunday.

Social Security (and Medicare) did not cause this federal debt crisis.  They are actually widely successful programs that are paid for and support themselves.  They’re like tampons–every month they are essential.  Women can’t live with out them because they make our quality of life better. If a woman, in dire financial makes the decision to not buy tampons in an effort to save money, but still makes a trip to the bar on the weekend–that’s the first part of the Republican plan.

The decision to cut Social Security, to not buy your tampons has been made. Now you’re out at the bar, that one expense you couldn’t justify cutting, but like clockwork a tampon is now needed.  There are now two choices, first: ask the other girl in the bathroom. In this scenario, she doesn’t have a tampon, because she was subjected to the same budget cutting decision as you. The second option is that out-dated paid tampon machine (the private market).