Once upon a time in a far away land of make believe: Isn’t that how all good fairy tales should begin? This particular fairy tale is about an American President seeking reelection to a second term. His first term was built upon the ethereal “Hope and Change”, but this American President has dashed the hopes of the American populace and his brand of change has been corporate. He smiles real pretty, but acts in an inscrutable make believe sort of way.

He runs for reelection against a host of Republicans who are all losing an election amongst themselves. It is a sad and laughable comedy where the pat lines and campaign promises no longer bite into the public’s imagination. The public is turning from the Republican Party and turning away from the Democratic Party as well.

Unable to generate the “Hope and Change” meme this time around the Obama team has reverted to the use of fantasy and the make believe. Ripped from today’s headlines: “Payroll Employment Rises 227,000 in February; Unemployment Rate is Unchanged at 8.3%.” Not ripped from today’s headlines: “In January 1,424 Mass Layoff Actions Affected 129,920 Workers.”[1] With that those wonderful monthly job numbers are turned into a steaming pile of goat pucky.


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