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Somewhere Between Yesterday and Tomorrow

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Somewhere Between Yesterday and Tomorrow
By David Glenn Cox

The French aristocracy was not executed during the blood terror simply for the crime of being rich; they were executed for ignoring the plight of the poor. In their defense, yes their defense, let me offer up the observations of a poor man. When you have nothing or very little, you share that environment with all those around you who also have little or nothing. Since that number in this American society is huge and growing, that lifestyle and those opinions, appear to be the opinions to us, of the population as a whole.

Now, take your average golden lunchbox millionaire earning around $ 400,000 annually. He or she gets that paycheck every week and glances at their gross weekly earnings of $ 7,692.30; they look quickly at their deductions and are outraged. But what they don’t ever have to think about is “Oh, my god, how am I going to pay my bills!” With a monthly income of $33,000, what’s a $5,000 a month house payment or a $ 900 per month car payment, or even two of each?

Very quickly, in a matter of a few years, they’ve run out of things to spend money on. You own all the houses and cars you can handle, you’ve got a Rolex or three and you’ve gone everywhere and done everything; well… almost everything. But that damn money keeps piling up by the door, another $33,000 every 30 days, so there’s nothing left to do but to invest.

Let’s suppose for the sake of argument that our golden lunchbox millionaire likes the wild life and spends heavily. Even after deducting any potential tax liability, our millionaire still has around $320,000 to try and live on. So let’s suppose they spend $10,000 per month on a David Crosby size cocaine addiction, or a Bill Bennett sized gambling compulsion. Even after squandering 12 grand a year or even 50, they’re left with only $ 270,000 to live on, with the point being, their lives have nothing to do with ours.

Where Do They Go?

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Where Do They Go?
By David Glenn Cox

All along the watchtower princes kept the view of strange days and of self-same nights.

This month’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report expresses the symptoms of a lingering stagnation that smells. Actual new job hires were 17,000 in a labor population of nearly 157 million; two million more working compared to last year, with another two million more “no longer in the labor force.” Either way, split the difference as the number of officially unemployed grew for a third consecutive month to 12,332,000.

Wages rose at the ridiculously paltry rate of 0.5 percent, seasonally adjusted for three months and for the year; compensation rose only 1.9%. A desert sheik should run such a frugal household. At 1.9% wage growth, any plans for an economic recovery should be placed well off into the far distant future. It’s true you know, you can’t stand still. You’re either getting better or you’re getting worse. The numbers all meander around so, up one month and down the next, but never improving outside of a narrow range.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics report says: “Employer costs for health benefits increased 2.8 percent over the year. In December 2011 the increase was 3.5 percent.” Who paid that increase? So the averages for Americans of all stations are falling backwards. Take heart ye of the class struggle, wages for the higher-ups are doing only proportionally better. Retail workers’ wages increased an average of ten dollars a week, while their boss made twenty. But either way it’s only McDonald’s money.

Weekly hours worked are down in every employment category year after year, save for business services and healthcare. It’s not just a slowdown in this industry or in that, it is a widespread malaise. In its January report the BLS is careful to mention in the footnotes: “Note: Updated population controls are introduced annually with the release of the January data.”

Median unemployment duration in weeks:

October – 19.6

November – 18.9

December – 18.00

January – 16.00

I never would have guessed that they adjusted the population controls, would you? Such adjustments make it difficult to assess changes over time through data comparisons and what they’re saying numerically doesn’t truly express the meaning existentially. It means if you were to lose your job today, on average, in a best case scenario, you won’t find a new job until June.

Now take a look at the average length of stay on unemployment.

Hobo’s Lullaby

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Hobo’s Lullaby
By David Glenn Cox


“Go to sleep you weary hobo
Let the towns drift slowly by
Can’t you hear the steel rails hummin’
That’s the hobo’s lullaby”

The red sled has been put away; the wrapping paper has gone into the trash along with the experts and their post -Thanksgiving forecasts of vibrant Christmas sales. Warm candle lit predictions of three to four percent in sales increases have been extinguished by the cold wind of a mere 0.7% sales increase. Now, factor in three percent annual inflation and you have the worst Christmas sales since, well, last year. Actually, it has been the worst Christmas sales season since 2008, when the New Great Depression first began.

The wizards and chambermaids of prognostication have already stripped the bedding and the bed clothes to autopsy the fetid corpse of Christmas past on. Well, the reason is obvious, isn’t it? Come on; think about it, what could be the cause of such sluggish sales? Why, what else, the prognosticators tell us it was Hurricane Sandy and the budget negotiations in Washington. Shoppers in Alabama, Michigan and Montana must have said to themselves, “Well, little Jimmy wants an official NFL football and little Cindy Lou wants a new bike. But you know what? I ain’t a gonna do it, no sir, not until them lazy good for nothing politicians do something in them budget negotiations.”

Or maybe, collectively, the American public has decided that out of respect for a global climate change inspired hurricanes, they should forgo annual gift giving ritual. Of course, I’m being absurd but if; if only, I could become even more absurd, if I could perfect the craft of cultural absurdity, then maybe, I could possibly write for the main stream media. The actual reason for the slow seasonal sales is a clear as spinach between the front teeth of a runway model. It isn’t just that they lie about Christmas sales to affect a bandwagon approach, hoping the mobs of the great unwashed will go out and shop unreservedly, before all the good stuff is gone which they do. It is that, after lie is piled upon lie for so long, the absurdities either make sense or they’re simply not plausible and you sometimes get the feeling they aren’t even trying that hard anymore.

Last month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that jobs and wage losses from Hurricane Sandy were negligible and therefore would not be included in job or wage loss statistics. See, if the building you worked in was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, your job loss doesn’t count. It can, however, be included as a legitimate reason for slow Christmas sales. So as the hurricane victims sat in the darkened wreckage of their homes they thought to themselves, “I’d go Christmas shopping but for those bastards in Washington.”

The truth just ain’t in them, Harry Truman once said about Richard Nixon; “Richard Nixon is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the truth, he’d lie just to keep his hand in.”

Absolutely and in totality, we are buried in the massive corporate defecation’s, recommendations, free associations, declarations, coupons, group ons, code words, buzz word bullshit. So what could be the real reason for lackluster (war on Xmas) holiday sales, could it be the demise of the traditional family? Or maybe we just don’t love our families that much, the way we once did. But you already know the truth, don’t you? You’re probably saying to yourself right now, get to it man! We all know the economy sucks!”

If today’s unemployment statistics were complied by the same formula which was used in the last Great Depression, our current unemployment rate would be at 22% the same unemployment rate as in the worst year of the last Great Depression.

NBC – New Home sales jump to two-year high

“New single-family home sales surged in September to the highest level in nearly 2-1/2 years, further evidence the housing market recovery is gaining steam.

The Commerce Department said on Wednesday that new home sales increased 5.7 percent to a seasonally adjusted 389,000-unit annual rate — the fastest pace since April 2010, when sales were boosted by a tax credit for first-time homebuyers.”

The story is factually the truth, but actually a lie. A new home sale number of 389,000 is one of the worst in fifty years, but remember; the last time they sold those low numbers was in 1967 when there were only two hundred million Americans. This story is repeated ad nausea all over the media as are all stories of positive economic numbers.

Auto Sales Are Highest in 4 Years

New York Times, DETROIT — “Unemployment is still high and the so-called fiscal cliff is looming, but those worries didn’t slow down the nation’s car and truck buyers in September.

Autos flew off the lot at the highest sales rate in four years, adjusted for seasonal variations, according to the research firm Autodata.”

Highest sales rate in four years, otherwise known as the year the New Great Depression began. Rosy forecasts of 14.9 million new cars, Hazzah! Except, that annually, the US crushes 14 million cars, factor in the past three years with sales of 10 million new cars or 12 million new cars sold and you see a society less mobile. The shortage in the sales of new cars also drives up the price of used cars.

But because they lie about everything they sometimes find themselves tied up in their own ribbons. Why was General Patraeus fired again? It was because he had an affair, right? For myself, I doubted that. It’s almost traditional for generals to have a mistress, hell, Eisenhower had one and he didn’t get fired. I thought to myself, it sure was mighty lucky for President Obama that a story like that didn’t break before the election, convenient huh? Then I read the Bob Woodward story about Rupert Murdoch sending Roger Ailes to Afghanistan trying to encourage the good General to run for the Presidency in a Fox News funded and stage managed campaign. The reasons for the Patraeus firing become obvious, with only the details still shrouded in mystery.

The truth is cold dead, stone dead, it is a condition which cannot be altered, but still they try. Poor people don’t buy much for Christmas, some cannot even afford the day off from their pay. This is the ugly baby in the manger which none come to see, what millions of American families got for Christmas this year was poverty, same as last year.

You cannot “good news” the poor into thinking they aren’t poor. No amount of talk radio can ever argue with the daily fear and precariousness with which they daily live their lives. The sad truth is the government / media are one and the same, they can no longer hide the truth and so they must bury it. Burying ain’t a craft skill, it is a volume business and so, they’re working overtime with extra flights of misdirection.

“Now don’t you worry ’bout tomorrow
Let tomorrow come and go
Tonight you’re in a nice warm boxcar
Safe from all that wind and snow

I know the police cause you trouble
They cause trouble everywhere
But when you die and go to Heaven
You’ll find no policemen there

So go to sleep you weary hobo
Let the towns drift slowly by
Listen to the steel rails hummin’
That’s a hobo’s lullaby”
~ Goebel Reeves

Rockets Red Glare

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Rockets Red Glare
By David Glenn Cox


It would seem we are a nation stumbling from tragedy to bloody tragedy; we are a nation of hurts. How can these things keep happening like this? Some of us shout about gun control, while others argue for more mental health treatment. Strangely, few point the finger at a third actor upon the stage.

There was a time when drunken nit wits would barge out on the field during a baseball game, to show their penis or their ass. Broadcasters decided not to show the nit wit dancing out on to the field and you know what, it stopped happening.

No telling, if even now, some mental case, some ersatz Travis Bickle isn’t trying on body armor in some cheap room. His heart filled with a lifetime of sorrow and hurt, his head formulating a plot to go out in a blaze of bloody glory. Each gunman dreaming of prime time gore and instant fame, as each, plots an even deeper outrage.

This is after all America; we love our violence, and can’t ever seem to get enough gore. Murder, death and violence becomes us, with the invasion of Iraq the cable news network ratings soared. It’s fun to watch people die on a high resolution big screen TV. It’s so interesting watching ghoulish reporters shoving a microphone into the face of a grieving relative asking, “How does it feel?”

CBS, Sunday “Revenge” a woman seeks revenge against the people who framed her father for a crime he didn’t commit. Fox Monday, “Bones” soon to air for its eight season centers around Temperance “Bones” Brennan, a forensic anthropologist who attempts to solve gory crimes through forensic anthropology. Monday ABC’s “Castle” pairs a best – selling mystery novelist, and NYPD detective Kate Beckett centering on the unsolved homicide of Beckett’s mother. CBS Monday, “Hawaii Five O” an elite police crime unit, fights evil doers in beautiful Hawaii.

Then there is this charmer from NBC, “Revolution.” A post- apocalyptic dystopian action- adventure series, “We lived in an electric world. We relied on it for everything. And then the power went out. Everything stopped working. We weren’t prepared. Fear and confusion led to panic. The lucky ones made it out of the cities. The government collapsed. Militias took over, controlling the food supply and stockpiling weapons.” Lovely, simply lovely, Americans just have to have their violence quotient; it makes me proud not to own a television.

NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, Body of Proof, Person of Interest, Criminal Minds, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Law & Order – Special Victims Unit, Chicago Fire, CSI: New York and “Grimm” because fantasy violence is fun and desensitizing. For the weekend, there is what is called by the industry insiders, “Crime Time Saturday” ninety minutes of America’s favorites, CSI and Criminal Minds in reruns.

Then there are the programs like Cops, Dateline NBC, 60 Minutes which disguised as investigative journalism, promote a point of view based on slanted and biased interviews designed to tug at our emotional heart strings. This programming along with all the others focus on crime, murder and mayhem and it doesn’t cause our problems or these bloody events but it is, our reflection, it is our alter ego as Americans. This is what we enjoy; this is what many Americans consider entertainment.

The Lancet is one of the oldest peer- reviewed medical journals in the world. In 2004, The Lancet released its first study concerning the estimated number of excess deaths in Iraq. The first study estimated 98,000 excess Iraqi deaths with a 95% level of certainty. A second study, released in 2006, raised that number to 654,965 or 2.5% of the population. From the Lancet report, “Violence accounted for most of the excess deaths and air strikes from coalition forces accounted for most violent deaths.”

This is us, we in the United States of America allowed this massacre to happen. These fatalities didn’t bother us in the slightest and for many Americans it doesn’t bother us still. They asked for it, good guys and bad guys, cops and robbers. Saddam had weapons of mass destruction – no, he didn’t, but what he did have was lots and lots of oil, which hungry and unscrupulous men wanted. They turned on a propaganda machine as the opening act of the war machine.

On May 15th of 2003, President Bush made his famous “Bring them on” remark, with the message being that war is so good, we can’t get enough murder and mayhem and want more. On October 11, 2011 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was informed of Muammar Gaddafi’s death in Libya, Clinton smiled and rubbed her hands together in satisfaction and remarked, “We came, we saw and he died.” Ain’t it great? Ain’t we special?

Operation Neptune Spear was carried out last May in what was described as a Central Intelligence led operation including Navy seals and the Army’s Special Operations Aviation Regiment and CIA operatives. Excuse me, but when did the CIA become a branch of the US military?

Daily Mail, May 2, 2012 – “President Obama has revealed that he felt a ‘deep-seated satisfaction’ when he saw a photo of Osama bin Laden’s dead body for the first time.

The President said that the sight of the bullet ridden corpse made him think of the families of those who died on 9/11 – but denied that he did a high five in his mind.”

Strange the President should think such a thing, especially since Osama Bin Laden was never charged in connection with the events of 9/11. Bin Laden was charged in connection with a series of US embassy attacks in 1998 in North Africa. We the American public were never allowed to see those photos or the DNA evidence proving that it was, in fact, Osama Bin Laden.

An unnamed U.S. senior defense official stated that only one of the five people killed in the attack were armed. The interior of the house was pitch dark, because CIA operatives had cut the power to the neighborhood. Matt Bissonnette, who participated in the raid, described it this way, “when bin Laden peered out at the Americans advancing on his third-floor room, the SEAL who fired upon him hit him on the right side of the head. Bin Laden stumbled into his bedroom, where the SEALs found him crumpled and twitching on the floor in a pool of body matter, with two women crying over his body. The other SEALs allegedly grabbed the women, moved them away and shot bin Laden repeatedly in the chest until he was dead.”

“So Americans understand the costs of war. Yet as a country, we will never tolerate our security being threatened, nor stand idly by when our people have been killed. We will be relentless in defense of our citizens and our friends and allies. We will be true to the values that make us who we are. And on nights like this one, we can say to those families who have lost loved ones to al Qaeda’s terror: justice has been done.” ~ Barack Obama

Indeed, “We will be true to the values that make us who we are.” We will kill the wounded and the unarmed, we will violate accepted codes of international behavior and then when asked to provide proof of what they’ve done will answer, that’s none of your business. On April 26, 2012 in response to Freedom of Information requests from the news media, Judge James E. Boasberg ruled that the defense department was not required to release any of the evidence to the public.

This is who we are; this country of ours coolly operates concentration camps beyond our shores. We hold people indefinitely, without any charges of wrong doing. These prisoners have been as young as age 15 years of age and have been tortured, beaten and abused for years on end, before receiving long sentences at the hands of military tribunals.

Since 2004, the US military has been launching unmanned aerial drone missile attacks against the people of Pakistan. In 2008, Pakistan’s interior minister said, “A few militants are killed, but the majority of the victims are innocent citizens” A 2009, article by David Byman of the Brookings Institution reported, “drone strikes may have killed “10 or so civilians” for every “mid- and high-ranking [al Qaeda and Taliban] leader.”

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reported that between 391 to 780 civilians had been killed in these attacks and of that number 160 of the victims were children. It was also reported that since President Obama took office, at least 50 civilians were killed in follow up attacks when neighbors had gone to the aid of the victims. On June 12th of this year, Navi Pillay the UN high commissioner for human rights called for an investigation of the drone missile attacks repeatedly referring to the attacks as “indiscriminate.” Christof Heyns, U.N. special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, called on the Obama administration to justify its use of targeted assassinations rather than attempting to capture al Qaeda or Taliban suspects.

But wait – we are not at war with the people of Pakistan, we don’t have the right to launch even one missile, not one. Those murdered are not members of any government. At worst, they are aledged to be members of a criminal organization. At worst they are criminals, while at best, we ourselves are the criminals.

We live in a nation with a perverse and pervasive preoccupation with violence, then we act so surprised when we must face violence ourselves. Especially violence against the innocents, which can neither be justified nor put away in any case. We are a monster factory, and while taking away guns might seem like the obvious solution, especially since that program has worked so wonderfully with drugs and alcohol. The problem is much deeper than that “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

It is a slippery slope and we have already lost our footing,

Cleveland Plain Dealer, December 3, 2012 – 13 Cleveland police officers who fired 137 rounds into car, killing 2, expected to be interviewed by investigators today.

ALBUQUERQUE (AP) Updated, November 27, 2012 – Andrew Lopez was lying on his back, wounded and unarmed when an Albuquerque police officer delivered the shot that killed him early one February morning in 2009. Alan Gomez was carrying a plastic spoon and reportedly walking away from officers when he was killed by police earlier this month. And an unarmed Christopher Torres was shot in the back three times at point blank range in April after police say he tried to grab his gun.

The Brick Wall

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The Brick Wall
By David Glenn Cox

Brick Wall

“Everyone who wants to know what will happen ought to examine what has happened: everything in this world in any epoch has their replicas in antiquity.” — Niccolo Machiavelli

So, are you awake yet? Has the gentle coat of slumber slipped from your shoulders? Are you awake to this reality — as it really is and what it really is? Have you done your Christmas shopping yet, a time for celebrating saviors and by god, ours is long overdue. Have you hugged your kids today?

The august and esteemed members of our elected government have created a financial incident, for the purpose of debasing you, as a person, as a mother or as a father, as an individual and as a human being.

“Before I draw nearer to that stone to which you point, answer me one question. Are these the shadows of the things that Will be, or are they shadows of things that May be, only? Men’s courses will foreshadow certain ends, to which, if persevered in, they must lead, but if the courses be departed from, the ends will change. Say it is thus with what you show me!” — Charles Dickens

Screw the numbers they talk about, they mean nothing. Screw the political parties they mean nothing. If you are a member of a major political party quit today, start new ones. If you would belong to a political party which would not only allow but oversee not only your own deconstruction and debasement, but that of your parents while snatching the future from your children all in one fell swoop, excuse me, but I have to ask, what is wrong with you?

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The Security State

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By David Glenn Cox

Coat of Arms of the Third Reich

Does the Third Reich live on in American foreign policy?

As Russian artillery shells were raining down on Berlin, even after the German Fuehrer had committed suicide, the security state continued on. Through the ruins of the Berlin streets, roving bands of S.S. officers roamed, hunting down and executing on the spot anyone suspected of desertion or cowardess. The third Reich had less than forty eight hours to live; yet, the security state was alive and well and lives on with us today.

Many people fail to understand that though the third Reich was pounded into dust long ago, many of its tenets of government live on. As the Red army rolled into Poland, the Polish underground began to rise up against the German invaders in Warsaw. It was at that moment that Joseph Stalin called a halt to the Russian push towards Warsaw. It was in Stalin we see the afterbirth of modern politics and of the security state. Flash forward to Libya and Syria; American policy has a light touch. Let the combatants bloody and eliminate the strongest and most popular and who do you suppose will be waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces?

It is much safer to be feared than loved when, of the two, one must be dispensed with. Because … love is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness of men, is broken at every opportunity for their advantage; but fear preserves you by a dread of punishment which never fails. – Niccolo Machiavelli

No man of prestige is without ambition. It is quaint to think of George Washington as a backwoodsman surveyor, but Washington was a blindly ambitious man. He married one of the wealthiest widows in Virginia and through those marriage vows became a wealthy man himself. Yes, it is entertaining to think of the founding fathers by their popular historical images. The French and Indian War cleared Colonial America’s borders of potential adversaries. Ambitious men asked, “What do we need a British crown for, when we might have our own?”

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Guns or Butter

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By David Glenn Cox

A F-35 Joint Strike Fighter on display

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Today is Thanksgiving, a day to celebrate and to be thankful for all that we have been given; but it is not a memory wipe. It is a year which finds me living in my fourth state in a year but I am in a good place, I now have a home.

We are a good people, badly led and badly misled. We live in a beautiful and bounteous land in which millions upon millions of our own citizens can no longer earn enough to survive in it and yet, that is not considered a national crisis.

It has been 365 days which have seen no improvement in employment or in wages only a continued manipulation of the numbers. A year which has seen Barack Obama re-selected for a second term of office, but only because the alternative was so heinous as to be unthinkable. This is America’s twelfth thanksgiving at war, tens of thousands of our service people will spend this holiday overseas protecting Europe from a Soviet Union which no longer exists. Protecting corporate interests in Colombia, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates and dozens of other countries, protecting America from the blow back we ourselves cause.

The United States of America has decided to build 183 F- 22 Raptor fighter planes at a projected cost of $66.7 billion. Originally, the plan was to build 750 of these state of the art aircraft which was scaled back to 381 copies in 2006 and now down to 183 aircraft. The Air Force warned that cutting back the number of aircraft produced increased the per unit cost. I suppose that is so, only, there aren’t any potential adversaries which would demand its capabilities, nor can the plane be exported like the B-2 bomber, it is a 21st century dreadnaught.

Meanwhile, funding continues of the F35 Joint Strike fighter which is expected to be the workhorse of the fighter command. Despite a down economy, despite twenty millions of Americans out of work Congress continued to allocate nearly half a billion dollars until 2010 for a second source engine program for this aircraft. How many times have you been down at the old used car lot and asked the salesman, “She’s a nice Ford pick up truck alright, but what if I need a new engine and Ford can’t supply one? Is there another engine available, from another manufacturer, off the shelf?”

Initial cost estimates of the F-35 Joint Strike fighter began at $89 million per copy in 2006 escalating to $207.6 million per copy in 2011. When the R&D is included the cost rise to $304.15 million for the 32 aircraft delivered. The Air Force estimates over the programs lifetime to cost the American tax payer to be over one trillion dollars. The old expression goes, “a camel is a horse designed by a committee” and the F-35 is an aircraft designed by a Pentagon committee. It does everything, for everybody and costs be damned, this is Buck Rogers stuff:

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True Definitions

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True Definitions
By David Glenn Cox

I’ve been reading Conservative websites for the last day or so, curious as to how the Republicans viewed the outcome of the Presidential election. Probably the funniest or the most curious statements were made by Donald Trump. “This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!” quickly followed by “More votes equals a loss…revolution!” To me at least, it is a clear sign that America needs to be more careful about to whom it gives a reality television series.

Many of Trump’s minions quickly aped their leader bringing up the whole birther scenario and even Obama’s college transcript gate. Of course, the usual racist remarks were woven into the subtext along with claims of Obama being a Socialist. I guess, that is what I find most appalling in this maelstrom, the inability of millions of otherwise sane and normal individuals to discern one political philosophy from another.

Cap•i•tal•ism, from
an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, especially as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth.

So•cial•ism, from
1. A theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

2. Procedure or practice in accordance with this theory.

These are general descriptions, but good enough for our purposes. Under these guidelines, is Barack Obama a Socialist? Obama care is called Socialist, but Obama care mandates were backed up by the Supreme Court of the United States. The decided legitimacy of a mandate on the general public declaring they must purchase a product from a private corporation under penalty of law. It doesn’t sound very Socialist to me, millions of government tax dollars being filtered from public coffers to private hands?

What’s more, Obama care places insurance corporations in full control. Provided the insurance companies stay inside the law, there is no appeal. Under Medicare, the US government is charge and private insurance companies must conform to Medicare in order to participate. So Obama care then becomes the antithesis of Socialism; maybe it was Obama’s bailout of GM and Chrysler which convinced the multitudes of Republican voters that this President was a Socialist.

During the GM bankruptcy, General Motors was allowed to pick and choose which assets to keep and which to discard. Among the discarded assets was an aluminum casting plant along the banks of the Hudson River. The State of New York and the Environmental Protection Agency had listed the plant as a superfund clean up site and estimated the minimum cost of cleaning the site was between $900 million to a billion dollars.

When the auto executives came to Capital hill hat in hand, they were excoriated by our representatives for flying to Washington on board a private jet. They received a very severe tongue lashing, then they given everything which they had asked for. Not one word was uttered during the process, about General Motors being the second largest auto manufacturer in China. Nor were GM’s profits in China exceeding $3 billion annually considered. Over ten thousand white collar employees were let go at Chrysler and GM, their pensions and benefits vanished like a mirage at the hands of these… Socialists?

Thousands of pensioners woke to find their pensions had disappeared as well, GM’s pension obligations were largely eliminated, pushing seniors over to the public trough of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation = (You & I). There were no strings attached to this agreement, GM was free to take the money and if they so chose, to lock the door on every domestic manufacturing plant and laugh about it all the way home. Clearly, if this is Socialism, Obama is not very good at it, but likewise, this isn’t really Capitalism either.

“GM now has about a $2,000-per-car manufacturing advantage over its Japanese and European rivals, a swing from a similar-sized disadvantage before the restructuring,” said David Cole, chairman emeritus of the Center for Automotive Research. I guess that’s why GM has reduced prices to reflect their more competitive stance in the market place … not! An August 2012 report to Congress from the White House stated if the US government were to sell its remaining stake in GM, it would result in a loss to tax payers of $25.1 billion dollars. This was a government beat down of workers, young, old and retired.

In Obama’s $787 billion dollar stimulus, one third of that total went in the form of tax cuts to private corporations. With approximately 30,000 firms in the US that works out to an average benefit of 8,743,000 per firm. You and I, well, let’s see, we received an estimated benefit each from the stimulus of $1,668. No one is arguing over the need for a stimulus, what I’m saying is that this was neither Socialism nor Capitalism. The original idea was to stimulate the economy, but a disproportionate amount of the money went to the top of the economy instead of where people were hurting at the bottom, kind of like fighting a forest fire by hosing down the tops of trees.

This was the same path begun by Herbert Hoover when he initiated a program with $2 billion to refinance the debts of banks and railroads. Was Hoover also a Socialist or is Obama a Republican? Cash for Clunkers was a program designed to help the big three automakers facing 30,000 leased vehicles being returned per month. With a crumbling economy this spelled disaster for all automakers, foreign and domestic. Disproportionately, the domestic lots saw returning Denali’s and Escalades, Explorers and Ram Trucks with Hemi’s, yeah cool; Hemi’s with $4.00 a gallon gasoline. The same program had been tried by Henry Ford back in the last Great Depression.

Ford’s program, bought back Model T’s and crushed them when the customer bough a new Model A. Only, there were already so many Model T’s out there and only a few people who could afford a new Model that the program was a failure. This time around, the program worked by stabilizing the price of new cars by eliminating the supply of used cars. Arguably, government intervention in an industry could be considered a sort of left handed Socialism. Except that, in Socialism the government moves to create the greatest good for the greatest number, while with this program, it did the opposite, giving tax breaks to those able to afford a new car, while punishing those who could not afford a new car by raising the price of used cars, a sort of Socialism in reverse.

Was Obama acting as a Socialist? Was Henry Ford acting as a Socialist?

Many on the political left were also greatly disenchanted by the performance of Barack Obama in his first term. To me, I fall back on the takes one to know one rule. The attacks on Obama from the left were as loud as the attacks from the right; it was Rahm Emanuel who said “Fuck the UAW” he did not say, “Fuck the UAW, comrade.” Asked in anger by Obama’s press secretary if we, (the professional Left) wanted a Canadian style health care the left answered resoundingly “Yes!” the right answered, “Oh heavens, no!”

There is a disconnection here, a jumble of political philosophies and of political rhetoric. The political right seems obsessed with chasing non-issues or serving up tired political bromides of Socialist, Communist or foreign born alien. On Election Day, I even saw NRA ads claiming Barack Obama was going to take your guns away, despite the fact that Obama couldn’t be lured into a gun debate even in the wake of the Batman massacre. The political right has attempted to paint Barack Obama’s first term as a failure and speaking as a Socialist, I have to agree. It was a failure, so much so, that Michael Moore posted an election day plea to forgive and forget Obama’s Right wing transgressions or else the sky would fall.

The left was pleading to the faithful to forgive Obama’s Right wing policies, while the Right was pleading to elect Romney. To return America to the traditional Republican values of smaller government except, Obama cut the size of government more than any president in recent history. It doesn’t seem to make sense, does it? Obama isn’t a Socialist but he isn’t a Capitalist either, he is something else entirely. A Right wing Democrat, corporate plutocrat with a license to kill in his finger tips.

We’ve see a continuation of the Bush war policies and a continuation of Bush Tax policies. We see our rights extinguished as the Supreme Court becomes openly politicized and criminalized as well. Two major political parties which agree on most matters of war and of rescue, of free trade and of monetary policy, as an insane black curtain of world turned upside down madness descends upon us. It is now a one party state, where disputes are settled along the margins.

“The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism — ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power…. Among us today a concentration of private power without equal in history is growing.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

“Still another danger is represented by those who, paying lip service to democracy and the common welfare, in their insatiable greed for money and the power which money gives, do not hesitate surreptitiously to evade the laws designed to safeguard the public from monopolistic extortion.

Their final objective toward which all their deceit is directed is to capture political power so that, using the power of the state and the power of the market simultaneously, they may keep the common man in eternal subjection.

They claim to be super-patriots, but they would destroy every liberty guaranteed by the Constitution.

They are patriotic in time of war because it is to their interest to be so, but in time of peace they follow power and the dollar wherever they may lead.” – Henry A. Wallace

So, what does it all mean? It means Donald Trump is correct, but for all of the wrong reasons. This country does need a revolution; there is no other means of rectification. Your taxes will continue to increase; if you have wages, they won’t keep up with inflation. The public school systems will continue to deteriorate and your children will fight endless wars of aggrandizement until the eventual collapse comes, which by the way, will be blamed upon you.

The Song Remains the Same

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The Song Remains the Same
By David Glenn Cox

Bamboo Bridge

Soon we shall hold the non-election, to decide between the two major non-candidates based on their positions on the non-issues. Lots and lots of amorphous talk, little about reality and none about sequestration. Hard talk is for after the election, looking at Greece and what austerity has done to her people; one can only hold our heads and weep for the future.

Another thirty days has passed and the BLS this morning released its monthly jobs report. It’s almost lost its thrill, settling into a monthly rehash of filtered numbers, take for instance, Total non-farm payroll employment increased by 171,000 this month, while the numbers of workers entering the workforce increased by 578,000 so from the get go, we’re down 400,000 jobs. In a calendar year the number of Americans employed, rose by just over three million while at the same time the number of Americans entering the workforce seeking a job increased by 3,714,000.

Each month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes its jobs report and you can’t blame them, really, for trying to put the best face on it. Each month, the report lists the number of new jobs created without supplying context. The unemployment rate ticked up 0.1 this month which is referred to as;

“Total non-farm payroll employment increased by 171,000 in October, and the unemployment rate was essentially unchanged at 7.9 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment rose in professional and business services, health care, and retail trade.”

But unemployment was changed, it went up 0.1 percent, if the number had gone down 0.1 percent the administration would jolly well be shouting it from the rooftops, as proof positive, their economic policies were working. Most of this months job gains came as follows,

Professional and business service – 51,000
Health Care – 31,000
Services to buildings and dwellings – 13,000 (what a strange category)
Computers systems design – 7000
Retail trade – 36,000
Construction – 17,000

From the BLS report – “Mining lost 9,000 jobs in October, with most of the decline occurring in support activities for mining. Since May of this year, employment in mining has decreased by 17,000.

Employment in other major industries, including wholesale trade, transportation and warehousing, information, financial activities, and government, showed little change over the month.”

“Little change,” four years of little change, but there is some change.

Self employed workers, unincorporated – October 2011, 873,000 and this October, 758,000

Part time for economic reasons – October 2011, 8,258,000 and this October, 8,344,000.

Could only find Part time work – October 2011, 2,488,000 and this October, 2,614,000.

The U-6 unemployment rate dropped from 16% last October to 14.6% this October.

Officially, the shiny official polished number of unemployed stands at 12,258,000 this month, officially this month, a population larger than every man, women and child in Los Angeles, Miami and Dallas / Fort Worth combined, are seeking a job in the United States, but that is not all, it couldn’t be? You see there is another sub set (read that, untermunchin) another population not counted as unemployed.
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Playing with Numbers

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Playing with Numbers
By David Glenn Cox


I only watched the first of the three Presidential debates and after the media declared Willard (Mitt) Romney the winner of the first debate, I didn’t see much point in watching any further. I had mistakenly thought this was an audience participation event, when it was merely a spectacle to be observed by us weed benders. The thundering media herd declares for us the winner and we are expected to sit there, over awed and clap when the applause sign lights up.

I don’t have a dog in this fight; I could easily do fifteen hundred words on the deficiencies of either candidate. In the words of George Wallace, “There ain’t a dimes worth of difference between them. “Two candidates, both, unknown quantities, Barack Obama has been in the public spotlight through two Presidential campaigns plus, four years as President and yet all we know of him is a public image.

We know that when push comes to shove Obama will side with Republicans over his own party. We know Obama will never, ever, ever side with the American people over Corporate America. We know American foreign policy under Barack Obama is no different than it was under Bush / Cheney. The American Imperialist Juggernaut continues unimpeded and will continue unimpeded regardless of who wins this stage show election.

The only thing we really know with any certainty about Willard (Mitt) Romney is that he is insanely rich. He was born insanely rich, attended all the best schools and he took his top drawer education and proceeded to use it to milk the American economy, like a cow. He is a leveraged buy out specialist, he buys up companies to loot them of their assets and once the process is complete, throws the husk and the workers away.

Personally, I thought Obama won the first debate, though Romney certainly looked Presidential enough with his professionally frosted side burns. But when put on the defensive Romney’s voice pitch began to rise, it was a clear sign of rising tension and a failure of debate 101. Despite this, the media claimed Romney won the first debate and then the media declares Obama won the second debate and then the third.

The media claimed Romney earned a huge bump in popularity because of his debate performance, really? While 67 million people watched the first debate, how many of them were undecided voters? Let’s say, for the sake of argument, 10% were undecided voters or 6.7 million voters. So let’s say, that every last one of those undecided viewers decided right then and there, “You know what Margaret, I think that Mitt Romney is on to something, I’m kicking Barack Obama to the curb and voting for Mitt Romney.” There are 236 million people of voting age in this country and almost half of them vote, so if half of those undecided voters turn up at the polls and vote for Willard (Mitt) Romney were looking at 3.4 million votes. Not bad, but certainly not a game changer in an election of 91 million votes.

Ten days ago, every national poll listed Barack Obama as way out in front in the contest. Even Fox News had Obama out in front and now… the contest is deadlocked despite Barack Obama being declared the winner of the last two debates. How can that be? How can a sitting President with adequate approval numbers lose his dominating lead in ten days to a candidate who basically calls 47 percent of the electorate unnecessary untermunchin.

It is a game called swing state, Ohio is the swing states of all swing states and is leaning toward Obama with a 6 percent undecided. How much is 6 % of the Ohio electorate, 83,000 votes.

Time – Obama 49-44 with 3% undecided
Rasmussen – Tied 48 – 48 with 6% undecided
Quinnipiac / CBS – Obama 50 -48 with 3% undecided
Fox – Obama 46 – 43 with 10% undecided

Total Number of registered voters in Ohio, 7,722,180
Combined number of voters polled in the four national polls above; 4,171

Four national polls ask less than one than one tenth of the voters in Erie county Ohio their preference and then proclaim this number as a valid indicator.

The next toss up state, is Florida, hmmm, Florida. What do we know about Florida, orange juice, beaches, Mickey Mouse and senior citizens, lots and lots of senior citizens. So, hypothetically, if a campaign were to talk about privatizing Social Security in Florida it would be suicidal, right?

Rasmussen – Romney 51- 46 with 2% undecided
Fox – Romney 48- 45 with 6% undecided
CNN – Romney 49- 48 with 2% undecided
Survey USA – Obama 47- 46 with 5% undecided

Total number of registered voters in Florida, 11,778,140
Number of voters identifying themselves as Democrats, 4,715,684
Number of voters identifying themselves as Republicans, 4,214,241
No party affiliation, 2,516,757
Combined number of Florida voters polled in the four national polls above, 3,246

So hypothetically, Obama should have a 500,000 vote party advantage. If we split the “no affiliation” category between the two candidates Obama still leads. There are 4.2 million seniors in Florida over 60 years of age. It comprises the states largest voting block, in a state which technically, at least, leans Democratic and the national polls have Romney in the lead over a sitting President by asking one third of one percent of likely Florida voters.

Out West, Colorado is also listed as a “swing state” most of the national polls show Romney with a slight lead. Some of the national polls used a few as 500 likely voters to determine that outcome, the outcome they (the media) wanted.
Colorado has just a few variables which don’t show up in telephone polls of 500 likely voters. First, since 2000, the state’s population has increased by 15% mainly in the urban areas of Denver and Boulder. Secondly, these numbers are younger and better educated, both poor indicators for Republican candidates.

Colorado’s Hispanic population surged by 41 percent since 2000 and Hispanics represent 21 % of the population in Colorado. This combined with the fact that Obama carried a vast majority of Hispanic voters in 2008 carrying the state by nine percentage points over John McCain. What swing state, is Willard (Mitt) Romney really that good of a candidate?

Iowa where the campaign began so long ago and yet is still to decide on a candidate. The state has 607,936 registered Republicans versus 595,423 registered Democrats. In 2008, Barack Obama carried the state with 54% of the vote, what could have changed? Iowa’s economy has fared better than most places in the United States, so why the change?

Rasmussen, Tied, 48- 48 with 2% undecided.
PPP – Romney, 48-49 with 4% undecided
NBC/WSJ/Marist – Obama, 51- 43 with 4% undecided
We Ask America – Obama, 49 – 46 with 4% undecided

Registered Iowa voters – 2,090,309
Total number of Iowa voters polled above- 4,005

Now it all gets very interesting when we look at these amazing number shifts which have closed a once lop sided race and turned it into a nail biter. Did the rescue helicopters crash in Iran; was Obama filmed while driving a tank? Was Willard (Mitt) Romney’s debate performance so magnificently strong, that overnight, millions upon millions of Americans just up and changed their minds?

“In religion and politics people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue but have taken them at second-hand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing.” – Mark Twain

Polling data from thirty days ago;

NBC/ WSJ, Obama 49 – 46 with 3.4% undecided
NPR, Obama 51 – 44 with 4% undecided
ABC/ Wash Post, Obama 49 – 47 with 4% undecided
Quinnipiac, Obama 49 – 45 with 6% undecided
Wash Times, Obama 50 – 41 with 7% undecided
Politico, Obama 49 – 47 with 5% undecided
FOX, Obama 48 – 43 with 4% undecided
Bloomberg, Obama 49 – 43 with 4% undecided
National Journal, Obama 50 – 43 with 3% undecided

Either a sitting President with no major gaffs in his campaign has suddenly become unpopular for no particular reason, what so ever as to prompt tens of millions of voters to change their minds about him in a scant thirty days. These millions are suddenly willing to do a complete 180 degree about face in their political preferences, swayed by the person, persona and politics of Willard (Mitt) Romney. Either it is so, or the numbers are jimmied. It is an impossibility outside of the domain of heaven.

“A statistician is a person who draws a mathematically precise line from an unwarranted assumption to a foregone conclusion.” – Unknown

“In earlier times, they had no statistics, and so they had to fall back on lies.” – Stephan Leacock