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By David Glenn Cox

Call it salvation or redemption, call it what you will. I have reemerged from a dark tunnel, from the streets of a faraway place once called home, once called the United States of America. I am alive, relatively sane, sure and uncertain. I’m no longer who I once was and so, I wonder, what about you? Who are you now in this world turned upside down? Who are we all, in this burgeoning Fascist state?

In a catalog of strange memories, my file folder is bulging. I’m walking the trendy streets of uptown Minneapolis in December. It’s dark and cold, but without a single flake of snow. Young couples pass by me arm in arm, segregated by love and a million miles away from me. Too distracted by their youth and affection to see either me or you; a sidewalk ad board offers a roast beef sandwich for just $12.95. I calculate my finances and estimate that I have almost enough cash in my pocket to buy one third of a sandwich.

The cafés are full this night; these people seem to have plenty of money and they are so young. It is not so much class envy, as class curiousness. Are the times really so good, to drop a hundred bucks on a date for dinner and drinks? Are they affluent or reckless? Are they careless or care free?

For nearly four years, I have been wandering the streets of America and I can fully inventory all of the possessions which I have lost. Yet now, I must now inventory the missing pieces of who I once was, leaving me uncertain about who I am now. I am unsure if these losses are permanent or if these skills can ever be reacquired. Asked, which spaghetti sauce I preferred, I answered, “I don’t know…anything.” Tacos, hamburgers, crinkle cut, home fries, pancakes or waffles I have no preference. Sometimes, it may seem my attitude is just easy to get along with, but it isn’t. My mind simply reads the problem as food, yes or no?

I have developed a near phobia about spending money. The majority of my purchases are from dollar stores or from second hand stores. There is a rationalizing of all purchases, no matter how small, armed with the implicit number of every coin in my pocket. The idea of a thirteen dollar roast beef sandwich with beverage and sides makes me laugh, openly. I was on a bus on the Pennsylvania turnpike and we’d just had our rest stop. The guy sitting on the diagonal from me didn’t get anything to eat, so I gave him my bag of potato chips. He wolfed them down hungrily and I wished I’d had more to give.


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By David Glenn Cox


It is an easy enough exercise to point and laugh at the deficiencies of capitalism, but still, always remembering that it is impolite to make fun of cripples and the lame. Socialism has gotten really terrible publicity; most likely from hanging around in some bad neighborhoods. The American idea of socialism is of some dogmatic commissar standing over us as we inventory our underwear, making sure we don’t have too many pairs of drawers. Or, that Socialism is some subversive foreign plot, hatched by enemy agents designed to break down the moral fiber of America, to weaken us, for conquest through either rock and roll or through comic books, video games or both.

If you would want to demonize something in the United States of America, simply tie it together with socialism and before long, you too could raise an angry torch-carrying mob or small army of ministers on phone-trees calling up the faithful to fight back the Red Menace.

Do you want to know what socialism is about? I mean, do you really want to know what socialism is about Charlie Brown? Socialism is a traffic light; it says the traffic stops for three minutes going this way and for three minutes going the other way. It doesn’t care what kind of car you drive or where you live. It divides the usage of the intersection fairly without standing or class. It is really a very simple solution to some very complex problems. Of course to conservatives, I suppose it does carve into that blessed freedom of theirs, which they are always so concerned about.

I imagine to a libertarian traffic lights must appear to be an abomination. Do they lay awake at night wondering, why can’t entrepreneurs and job creators like me, just run those pesky traffic lights? They have places to be and important work to do; while you, you’re just running to the grocery store for milk and Cheetos. Why can’t the rich purchase a sticker from the state which allows them to run traffic signals and stop signs? Think of the revenue a state might earn from a program like that! What, you don’t think that is a good idea? Or do you mean some things are more import than money? Like public safety. Are you coming around to our way of thinking, comrade?


The Employment Wall

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The Employment Wall
By David Glenn Cox

This year 1,750,000 students will graduate from colleges within the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, last year the economy created only 172,000 jobs requiring college degrees. Or since the collapse of the economy in 2008, US colleges have graduated six million and using 2011 as a bell weather less than 20 percent of those graduates have found a job in their chosen discipline. Fortunately, for government none of these people are counted or even considered as unemployed in this American wasteland.

You must have a job before you can be considered unemployed and likewise once you use up your unemployment benefits you are no longer unemployed having become a discouraged worker. Think about that for a moment, the difference between unemployed and discouraged. It gives the clear implication that it is the worker who has given up rather than the system having failed the worker.

Everyday we hear the media use the word, “recovery” as every germ of economic good news is trumpeted as an indicator of great news. The rest of the “not so” good information is simply discounted or ignored altogether. There is no recovery, there is only a languishing, this from last months Bureau of Labor Statistics report

Civilian noninstitutional population – up 180,000
Civilian labor Force- down 342,000
Participation rate – down 0.02
Employed – down 169,000
Employment – population ratio – down 0.01
Unemployed – down 173,000
Unemployment rate – down 0.01
Not in labor force – up 522,000

See the recovery? The largest single factor in the falling unemployment rate isn’t people finding employment it is Americans penciled out of the system. These numbers don’t include the tens of thousands of young people graduating from colleges, trades schools and high schools. What is the official government policy towards these suffering millions; well there it is right before your eyes, a policy of ignorism. Ignore them and maybe they will go away.

Job seekers also face a rising corporate bureaucracy; thirty years ago I filled out a two sides of a page job application and was hired. Today, a background check is required, a credit check and a drug test because deep down inside they really don’t trust you. I’ve known professionals who could not get hired for a menial job because they had defaulted on a credit card. Students with college loan debt that can’t get hired because their college loan debt is considered too high. You have no rights when it comes to corporate America, they can check your finances, your personal history and even your urine.

Sometimes though, they tell on themselves, I found this on Craigslist the other day. “If you are not fully qualified for this job, please do not apply, we’ve been inundated with desperate jobs seekers.” You mean to say they aren’t actually discouraged, but only desperate? Recently, I have seen new additional requirements added. A driver’s license and valid automobile insurance for a job as a part time store clerk. Then there are employers who won’t hire anyone with a gap in there employment history. The average (mean) duration on unemployment this month is 42.1 weeks up from 41.4 weeks last April. The highest category of unemployment counted by government is 27 weeks and over. It’s like standing by a highway and only counting the cars going 0-10 miles per hour and 10-20 miles per hour giving a totally inaccurate picture of the labor force.

What Corporate America is doing is building themselves an employment wall, a sieve to punish the disobedient. Failure to make payments on your CITI bank card makes you unemployable at the Gap. A DUI in college makes you unreliable, too much risk involved. I’ve written before about a guy I met who had a felony counterfeiting conviction because when we was twenty years old he photocopied dollar bills and fed them into change machines, now he’s fifty. The theft of a few hundred dollars as a kid has placed him in employment purgatory. Only the ring is closing, now it’s become merely missing a credit card payment or a DUI. “Hello, Big Brother?”

I went to the grocery store the other day and just to the right of the big sign informing me I was under hidden camera surveillance was a brand new sign. “It is a crime to remove a shopping cart from these premises!”

Why thank you, it’s nice to be here after making me feel so welcome and all! First off, anyone who is going to steal a shopping cart isn’t going to be deterred by hanging up a paper sign, anyone not planning on stealing a shopping cart should be offended. This is their corporate greeting, “We’re watching you! Don’t steal nothing!” I understand that all businesses must try to stop theft and this was after all a grocery store that sells…food. People steal food because,

A. thrills / kicks
B. social pressure / look cool
C. frat / gang initiation
D. hungry

Either these are the reasons or maybe, they just don’t think much of us as a people. But let’s look over the horizon, after Obama is re-coronated in January will he turn to the left or to the right politically? This coming January 2nd President Obama will face sequestration budget cuts. Across the board deep cuts in Federal funding unless Congress acts, but why should Congress Act? Deep budget cuts to social programs while Congressman and Senators can all claim that their hands were tied, “oh it was terrible, I really hated to see it come to that, but the other side was unreasonable and intractable.”

Will the Congress be filled with remorse when those who fund their campaigns approve of that outcome? And Barack Obama, that friend of the working man will do exactly what for us? This administration which has so famously said, “Fuck the UAW as it sold retirees down the river while sending aid to GM. That’s not to say they haven’t suddenly become very socially conscious lately. But is that an indicator of future performance or is it that other Obama, the election year Obama? If you were disappointed with Obama’s first term just wait and see what his second term has in store.

“As of early last week, nearly 20,000 people have applied for the 877 new jobs that Montgomery’s Hyundai plant created to add a new production shift. And the applications are still coming. The deadline to apply is June 2, but Hyundai was so overwhelmed by the initial response that they suspended the application process on May 18 because of the high volume. Last week, HMMA issued a statement saying that it would reopen the application procedure through June 2 but warned that anyone who applies after May 18 may not have time to be processed.” – The Montgomery Advertiser


My name is Rev. XXXXX and I am attempting to find a place for a small family with a 4 year old daughter. The husband was laid off and they lost their house and the wife was a homemaker, the daughter is very respectful. I am aware the father is seeking full-time employment. If you’re able to provide a room for them and they can surely repay you as soon as he finds work, which will be soon as he is 50 and has a strong warehousing history, it would be a blessing. Family is quiet and respectful. Also, if you have something like a project he is able to do or own a company I’m certain he’d work for you to pay some of the money until steady work is acquired.


Their eviction date is 5/28/2012 at midnight. – Craigslist

A government which ignores the problem and its people while planning a, look Ma, no hands approach to cutting social programs. Austerity is telling the starving they need to go on a diet. A government which ignores the people telling the poor that you must be poorer still to help keep the taxes down for the wealthy, to preserve missile systems or bases in Kazakhstan. It isn’t a government at all, it is a corporate front. You versus the corporation and the only friend in this world you’ve got in this whole damn world to stand beside you and against said corporation is government, which means you ain’t got no damn friends. It is the textbook definition of Corporate Fascism, in the dawn of the security state.

Part time for economic reasons – up 181,000
Slack work or business conditions – up 106,000
Could only find part time work – up 26,000

“Don’t fight it son. Confess quickly! If you hold out too long you could jeopardize your credit rating.” From the film “Brazil” -1985

“And this I believe: that the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world. And this I would fight for: the freedom of the mind to take any direction it wishes, undirected. And this I must fight against: any idea, religion, or government which limits or destroys the individual. This is what I am and what I am about.” – John Steinbeck

Fleecing the Poor

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Fleecing the Poor
By David Glenn Cox

“You load sixteen tons what do you get, another day older and deeper in debt.” Such is Capitalism, taking opportunity and advantage of others, by exploiting their needs, the feudal English land barons created tenant farms out of land which had once been held in common. Coal mining companies around the world have literally worked their employees to death. Nineteenth and twentieth century coalminers lived lives without the sun. They toiled, going to work in the dark of the early morning and returning home in the late evening dusk, just to eek out a living.

This is Capitalism; this is the glorious system which exploits all human frailty and all human need. It is the system which forces Ethiopian children to pack palm seedlings six days a week for starvation wages and forces the elderly to pour out their life savings on insurance policies which, may or my not protect them from the vultures awaiting them in the branches of every tree. Something will get them eventually, I suppose, just as all of these policies have exclusion clauses.

This is the world we leave to our children, a world which is predatory and heinous, a world where every offer is not what it appears to be, where every promise has either a hook or an escape hidden inside. They cloak these things in euphemistic frostings and sugar coatings; they are job creators and entrepreneurs! While you, you are the unemployed, dragging the system down.

They maintain that because they are so benevolent and kindly as to provide jobs for you slobs, slugs and shit kickers, that why should they pay forty nine percent of all of the taxes? Is it because they own fifty one percent of all of the assets or because they earn ninety percent of all the Capital Gains?

Verizon recently tried to impose a $2.00 “Convenience Fee” on its customers who paid their bill online monthly. Now imagine, a clerk in a store adding $2.00 to your bill for the convenience of wringing you up. It is only because they have their customers locked up tightly in legalese and with early termination charges or fees which will brutally punish any consumer who might attempt to escape from their clutches. What Verizon was after was direct access to your bank account, the fee didn’t apply to those customers who had signed up automatic withdrawal.

Everyday, we face a growing labyrinth of scams and corporate rip offs. Back before Christmas, I read an article in Bloomberg about lay away shoppers and it was explained, that merchants did this as a service for less affluent customers and so it should be understandable, if a merchant wished to charge a fee for this fine service. Nothing could have been further from the truth, the purpose for a lay away program is to encourage the shopper to purchase more and at one location rather than shopping all around town. The merchant risks nothing, and it costs them nothing, all risk is incurred by the purchaser who might not be able to pay off the lay away on time.

We have seen major banks offering credit cards to the working poor at interest rates which would make a mobster blush. The banks innocently maintain, “We are only offering a service, we don’t make them use it.” It is only the vultures other talon, by which, it offers opportunity like the cheese in a mouse trap and then says, “I didn’t make him eat it!” Then after being buried under interest rates and late fees the sucker defaults, the bank then sells the account and takes the appropriate deduction on its tax return.

Say the sucker owes $1,000 at 21% interest which is calculated monthly, in less than a year the bank has been paid in full and the outstanding balance, and all the rest, is nothing but interest and late charges. When the sucker can no longer pay the bank takes a paper loss and sells the account to companies which will harass the sucker with legal threats of garnishment and attachments enforced by agencies of your own local government.

This is Capitalism, a buy here, pay here system, by which, a poor mass transit system means more auto sales even from those who really can’t afford it. It means more congestion and greater fuel consumption and so Capitalist’s are against improved mass transit funding. They are opposed to national health insurance and public schools because in the words of W.C Fields, “Never give a sucker an even break.” They are the pushers and you are the junkie, they’ve got the comfort and you’ve got the need.

Capitalism says, this is their world and they only just let you play along in their private game of Monopoly. We struggle to succeed in life, not against life itself ,which is hard enough, but against the Capitalist System. A system which says not the best and the brightest will succeed, but only the most affluent may advance. Some do escape however, either through scholarship or dumb luck yet, even that is only an illusion, some locked out and under privileged must be anointed as winners or the system can no longer say to the rest of you locked out and under privileged bastards, “See! He made it, why can’t you?”

I once applied for a writing job and the employer said that he liked my writing samples and then went on to explain, that this was a conservative web site and he was a regular Fox News contributor, and if I could write the same caliber of material from a conservative perspective, I was hired. Capitalism, this paragon of moral virtue must try to buy you and sell you eventually, needless to say, I passed on the job and I remembered well, what Tim Russert once said, “Integrity is for paupers.” Russert was unaware, but he was damning not only his own personal integrity, but Capitalism’s as well.

Imagine a system which controls education and health care, a system which controls all of the assets and buys and sells political offices. It creates scapegoats like Blagojevich or Bernie Madoff to protect the illusion of the integrity of the system. Was Rod Blagojevich an isolated incident? Was Bernie Madoff the only crook on Wall Street?

Eugene Debs said over a hundred years ago, “There is no relief in our courts, we have tried them all from top to bottom, and they are all against labor. So far as I am concerned, we will appeal no more. We will now appeal to the American people.

Judges, the creatures of the plutocracy, rule the country by injunction. From justice of the peace to justice of the Supreme Court, the injunction holds full sway. American citizens are forbidden to open their lips or to walk on the public highway.”

What would Debs think of this modern America? What would he say about the “Citizen’s United” decision? What would he think about the Department of Homeland Security or the Transportation Safety administration? What would Debs think of a nation filled with predatory banks and corporations? A nation which has the unmitigated gall to call its people, of all the most ridiculous things, “free” when Egyptians protested peacefully in Tahrir Square they were met with truncheons and brutal suppression. When Americans tried to peacefully protest in their own town squares were they not meted out the same suppression?

We begin a fourth year of economic misery directed solely at working people. They take it on the chin, they struggle, they lose their homes and their lives and what assistance has been forthcoming from their benevolent Capitalist government? Billions for banks and billions for bailouts, while you get food stamps, maybe, millionaires get tax cuts. The approval rating for Congress has reached an all time low of nine percent. It means, if you took one hundred Americans at random, only nine of those Americans think the Congress is doing a good job. A better example of a vote of no confidence, I’ve never heard of.

The only true purpose of government for is your protection, only today, you need protection from your government, what does that tell you? The President of the United States was once considered the leader of the free world. Today the leader of the free world can have you jailed indefinitely, without charge, or can have you murdered by executive fiat. What does this tell you about your freedom? It makes a mockery of the word “free” just as this government makes a mockery of its self.

“You get your freedom by letting your enemy know that you’ll do anything to get it. Then you’ll get it. It’s the only way you’ll get it.” – Malcolm X

“Be realistic, demand the impossible!” – Che Guevara


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By David Glenn Cox

Only occasionally do we get catch a glimpse of this nation as it truly is, only occasionally can we smell it, but only when we get close enough to have our noses rubbed in what this country is actually about. We are buried and immersed, indoctrinated, infotained and immolated in this collective candy wrapper called the United States of America. A Disney ride, a sitcom with patriotic music played over the noise of a slaughter house.

A Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm image of America, but Rebecca is packing heat. She loves slasher flicks and violence; she craves more pictures of a bloody Qaddafi or Saddam on the scaffold. She loves and craves blood and violence and on Sunday she stops to kneel and to pray because Jesus, the prince of peace loves America. He loves our violence and our blood, our gushing gore and bonehewing.

Barack Obama is quick to claim credit for our troop withdrawal in Iraq; his administration has a kinder gentler machine gun hand. The truth is we were thrown out, can you believe it? After all we’ve done for those ungrateful wretches, after we’ve bombed and strafed their country with depleted uranium and killed over 150,000 Iraqi’s civilians we are being shown the door, all that we Americans ever asked for was immunity from criminal prosecution, and the Iraqi’s for some strange reason said no.

So we will leave behind one freshly purchased squadron of F-16 fighter jets in Iraq with another on order because the only thing we love in America more than blood, carnage and tears is high tech weaponry. We also plan through an American broker plan to sell the Afghan air force a fleet of Russian made helicopters. New helicopters would sell for $19 million per copy but because we really love democracy and Capitalism we are selling the Afghans used Russian helicopters for $21 million per copy. The argument is that the new helicopters were just too complicated for the untrained Afghan pilots; pilots who plan to start flight school just as soon as they are taught how to read.

This is who we are and this is what we do, we kill people and break things and cheat people for money. All is for profit, we love money, it is our God, our golden calf. Jesus said, “Blessed are the peace makers: for they shall be called the children of God.” In America, the short answer to that statement would be, fuck you hippie. That is who we really are; America would nail his hippie ass to a tree faster than you could say Dick Cheney. If you love America, then you are in love some absurd abstract concept which doesn’t really exist, some Madison Avenue slogan like Crest toothpaste, Pizza Hut or Mickey Mouse.

I know a woman who is sick and will probably die, not because there isn’t a treatment for her illness but because her job has been outsourced overseas. Her health insurance company is shouting, “Yippee Skippee” and dancing a jig because at the end of the month they are off the hook for her medical bills and because she is sick, no other insurance company will cover her at any price. Makes you proud to be an American, doesn’t it? Let’s let people die for money, everyone is doing it! Well, third world back water countries are doing it, there aren’t any countries the world considers civilized doing these things but then, we consider ourselves separate from the rest of the world.

This is your bullshit freedom; your vulnerability is sold to you as John Wayne style freedom. 45,000 American men, women and children die each year because they lack health insurance. I don’t care what your political affiliation is, that is shameful, that is a disgrace. While you chant your political slogans and invectives tell it to the mother of a dying child or tell it to a child with a dying parent, that this is all about your freedom little Bobby.

I am a Socialist, let me tell you what that means, it means the day Socialists take power in this country, Americans will stop dying because they lack health insurance. Socialism says that all peoples are equal, money; status and station don’t mean anything. It means that your child’s education won’t be dependant on your wealth. It means freedom from fear, freedom from fear of providing for your children’s education and freedom from fear of providing for your old age. Capitalism says people are tools by which to obtain wealth and only the money really matters, while Socialism says that money is but a tool and that it is only the people that really matter.

Students with good grades go to college because an educated population creates a more vibrant society and creates more than an uneducated population. Most of Europe offers their young people a free education but here in America education is a profit center. A billion dollars in student loans go to Internet Universities. “Learn ballpoint pen repair” or “join the fast paced world of Homeland Security” or even become a NASCAR mechanic. Their goal isn’t to educate but to profit from education because what else matters?

Ten million jobs outsourced with no end in sight, twelve million homes foreclosed with no end in sight. Isn’t the profit motive wonderful? WWJD? He’d tell America to fuck off; that’s what he’d do, he cast the money changers from their temples because he had this outrageous notion that God doesn’t need or want our money. Jesus believed in the separation of church and state. So this precious Jesus, that the Bible thumpers so idolize, would tell them to their faces, point blank, to eat shit and die.

Jesus would be found today at occupy Wall Street or more than likely in a New York City jail cell. He had overturned the tables of the money changers and thrown down their goods once before and there is no doubt, that he’d do it again today on Wall Street.

Yet there is then a third leg to this insidious iniquitous triad, included with our murder and larcenies are our lies. I found this the other day quite by accident.

“MR. STEPHANOPOULOS: Here are the latest developments on this eleventh day of war. Another night of intense bombing in Baghdad hit key Republican Guard targets. And U.S. Central Command says the presidential palace used by Saddam Hussein’s son Qusay, along with Fedayeen paramilitary barracks, were also struck.”

“ MR. STEPHANOPOULOS: I want to play now, show now, an editorial from the “Wall Street Journal” that basically says the United States has been too scrupulously. It says “These allied scruples have had important military costs. The decision not to bomb Iraqi TV avoided civilian deaths, but also gave Saddam an opening to show he was still in control. The sprint to Baghdad to end the war quickly opened allied supply lines to Fedayeen raids and the original decision to by-pass Basra denied to Iraq’s suppressed Shiite majority any immediate motivation to revolt.” Do you think this effort to save lives may actually be prolonging the war?”

So after an unprovoked invasion of a sovereign nation with reasons built entirely out of hot air and manufactured lies the US military then bombs the capital of this nation repeatedly. We bombed their electrical grid and we bombed their water and sanitation facilities and in the end we even bombed Iraqi television. All of these events are war crimes but what question does the media ask?

Do you think that we are being too nice, too restrained in our murderous assault? Do you think those bludgeoned battered and bombed in Iraq were let off too easy?

There is contemptuousness which has caused a welling of anger that can no longer be suppressed. This anger, this rage goes meandering in the streets and is misunderstood by the politicians, the media and the commercial sector. They try to frame this rage through the lens of traditional party labels and what they get is a fuzzy image. They don’t see, they don’t understand, their credit card still works and they wonder, “What’s their problem?”

The other day in an interview Hillary Clinton laughed with glee and rubbed her hands together in self satisfaction at the death of Moammar Qaddafi. “We came, we saw and he died,” she said as she laughed at the wonderful murder. In America murder is good, murder is about smiles and laughter, trials and justice are passé’. The President issues death warrants in Murderland.

“I see America through the eyes of the victim. I don’t see any American dream–I see an American nightmare.”- Malcolm X

American Prophet- Eugene Debs

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In the United States of America, our history is recorded not so much for what deeds were accomplished, but rather for whom those deeds were accomplished. George Washington is remembered as a kindly and benevolent father figure with wooden teeth. Forgotten, passed over and put away is the history of George Washington advocating genocide against peaceful Native American tribes. These actions don’t fit the agenda of myth making for American school children and so are easily erased from their pages.

Andrew Jackson, Old Hickory, the fierce and independent back woodsmen turned statesmen, sentenced hundreds of men women and children to their deaths on the Trail of Tears; stripped of their rights primarily because of their race and because white people wanted to steal their lands. The Cherokee people were called the civilized tribe as they had adopted the ways of the whites. They farmed and wore suits and ties and their women wore petticoats and hoopskirts but they learned too late that adopting white ways in America won’t make you white.

Huey Long dragged the state of Louisiana kicking and screaming out of the eighteenth century and into the twentieth century. He ended the poll tax, cut taxes for the poor, and paved seven thousand miles of highway in a state with less than a thousand miles of paved roads. He provided free textbooks for school children. He built two free public hospitals and built the medical school at Louisiana State University. He is remembered in America’s textbooks as a demagogue — a tyrant who ran roughshod over the law. What he ran roughshod over was a good-ole boy network that divvied up the spoils of Louisiana power like a pie; good-ole boys who denied the right to vote to anyone black or white who couldn’t pay and didn’t have the foresight to register to vote a year in advance of the election.