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Howie Hawkins Money Bloom Today: Support a Green New Deal for NY!

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Grassroots supporters of Howie Hawkins’ Green Party campaign for Governor of New York are holding an online "money bloom" today, Friday 22 October, with the goal of raising $10,000 for outreach and advertising.

We are trying to find 1000 people who will give $10 to help Howie Hawkins reach as many voters as possible with his message of a Green New Deal for New York.

Check out the Howie Hawkins Money Bloom and spread the word!

As anyone who watched Monday night’s NY gubernatorial debate knows, Howie Hawkins is the true progressive candidate in the race, with detailed plans to enact progressive taxation, single-payer health care, green public works jobs with living wages, free SUNY/CUNY tuition, a ban on hydrofracking, marriage equality, legalizing marijuana, and electoral reforms such as proportional representation, instant runoff voting and public campaign financing.

In contrast, Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic-Independence-Working Families candidate who leads Republican Carl Paladino by 23 points in the latest Marist poll, presented himself as a socially liberal corporate Democrat who will slash public services and fight unions more effectively than Paladino.

As Hawkins explained in his closing statement at the debate, his goal is to build a movement and establish the Green Party as New York’s 3rd major party. If Hawkins gets at least 50,000 votes for Governor, the Green Party will win a ballot line in New York for the next 4 years, making it much easier to run Green candidates on the local level where Greens have had their greatest success in New York. 200,000 votes would firmly establish the Green Party as New York’s 3rd major party.

On board yet? Check out the Howie Hawkins Green New Deal Money Bloom.

While Cuomo and Paladino presented harsh budget cuts and union-busting as the only solution to New York’s $9 billion deficit, Hawkins pointed out an inconvenient truth: last year NYS collected $16 billion in stock transfer tax revenues from Wall Street – then rebated it in full. Hawkins proposed to keep the stock transfer tax, impose a 50% windfall profits tax on $20 billion in taxpayer-subsidized bankers’ bonuses, and restore NY’s income tax to the more progressive structure it had in the 1970s (which would increase revenue while lowering taxes for 95% of New Yorkers).

Hawkins’ plan would allow NYS to close the budget gap and leave $25 billion left over for a state-owned Bank of New York and a green economic stimulus. Hawkins proposed "employment offices" where the unemployed could find jobs in fields such as renewable energy, weatherization, and mass transit. The Bank of New York would spur economic recovery by extending credit to small businesses, worker cooperatives, and New Yorkers who are unable to get loans from Wall Street.

On the issue of hydrofracking, the Green candidate also offered a clear alternative. Hawkins pointed out that the reliance of Cuomo’s energy plan on natural gas belied the Democrat’s "wait and see" rhetoric, while the Green Party supports a ban on hydrofracking, a natural gas mining procedure in which a toxic cocktail of chemicals are injected into groundwater.

Cuomo is virtually guaranteed to win this election. So the choice for progressives has become: do you want to give away your vote to a corporate Democrat who wants to balance the budget on the backs of working people? Are you so scared by a ranting Republican with no chance that you’ll surrender your vote to an entrenched insider who will shaft students, labor, the working poor and the middle class to protect his Wall Street funders… the ones who broke the economy in the first place?

Or do you want to use your vote to build a people-powered party that shares your values and doesn’t take corporate money, to show both establishment parties that you’re fed up with their corrupt shenanigans in Albany, and to win a ballot line for the Green Party so Greens can build independent progressive power from the grassroots up?

Head to the Howie Hawkins Money Bloom and pitch in $10 or whatever you can afford to give progressive independents in New York a voice. Then spread the word – post it to your facebook wall, invite your friends, retweet (Howie Hawkins is on twitter as @HowieHawkins), blog, send emails, make calls, and shout it from the rooftops:

Howie Hawkins for Governor of New York! It’s time for a Green New Deal!

Help Rich Whitney, Green for IL Governor, Get in the Debates

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Illinois Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney is asking supporters to take action to get him into two debates that debate sponsors are threatening to exclude him from. Whitney received over 10% of the vote for governor in 2006, establishing the Green Party as a major party in Illinois. He is an excellent, well-spoken candidate with a comprehensive platform to fix the Illinois budget and ensure that everyone in Illinois has access to quality jobs, education, and healthcare.

Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn wrote that Whitney has “the best command of the facts” and “the most sensible ideas for moving Illinois forward”, and Illinois Issues columnist Charles Wheeler wrote “only one candidate for governor has a comprehensive plan to solve the state’s budget crisis, one in which the numbers actually work: the Green Party’s Rich Whitney.” However, the Illinois League of Women Voters and PBS station WTTW are trying to exclude Whitney from upcoming debates. Whitney, who does not accept corporate campaign money, can’t afford to blanket the airwaves with ads. Locking him out of the debates would stymie his best opportunity to reach Illinois voters who haven’t yet heard of Whitney or his ideas.

The Illinois Green Party needs to get 5% of the vote for governor to retain ballot status. Since Whitney’s strong 2006 performance qualified the IL Greens as a major party, they’ve run scores of candidates at all levels. This year almost 50 Greens are running, mostly at the state legislature and local levels. Candidates like Jeremy Karpen have strong chances of winning and bringing independent progressive voices to Illinois politics. In a state with a Republican ex-governor in jail and a Democratic ex-governor on trial, voters want more choices, and the Greens are providing a progressive alternative. Yet if Whitney is pushed out of the debates and gets less than 5%, the Illinois Green Party will be dealt a major setback.

Take action today to ensure that Rich Whitney is included in the Illinois gubernatorial debates. Here’s a message from Whitney’s campaign explaining how you can make a difference:

Help Get Rich Whitney Into the Debates!

Rich Whitney will participate in a debate at Southern Illinois University on Thursday, October 14, at 8 PM, joined by Republican candidate Bill Brady and Democrat incumbent Pat Quinn. This event marks the only debate that will include candidates from all three of the legally established parties in Illinois. We invite you to tune in to listen and watch the debate at 8 PM. The event will be broadcast on most PBS stations and several NPR affiliates.

The League of Women Voters of Illinois is hosting a gubernatorial debate, to be televised on WLS (ABC 7) on Wednesday, October 20th. WTTW (PBS 11) is hosting a gubernatorial forum on their news program Chicago Tonight on Thursday, October 28th. As of now, only Pat Quinn and Bill Brady have been invited to take part in these debates, in spite of the fact that the Illinois Green Party is a legally established political party and that Whitney garnered over 360,000 votes in the 2006 gubernatorial election.

The debate sponsors need to DO THE RIGHT THING and include Rich Whitney in these debates!


• In 2006, Rich Whitney received over 360,000 votes in 2006 – more than 10% of the vote.

• The Green Party is one of three major parties under Illinois law – just like the Democrats and Republicans.

Here’s How You Can Help!

1.) For the League of Women Voters of Illinois:

Call them at 312-939-5935 and ask them to DO THE RIGHT THING!

Or Email LWVIL President Nancy Marcus – and Executive Director Jan Czarnik –

When you email or call, be sure to tell them your name, and what city and/or neighborhood you live in.

2.) For WTTW Channel 11:

Call their main switchboard at 773-583-5000. Say that you want to leave a message that WTTW needs to DO THE RIGHT THING and invite Rich Whitney and other Green Party candidates to their Chicago Tonight forums.

Make sure to leave your name and city/neighborhood as WTTW will be logging who has called and left messages.

You can also email them with the same message at

3.) Please help us spread the word by sharing Rich’s new YouTube ad on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail lists, and beyond!

Don’t let anyone believe that they’re forced to choose between Quinn and Brady. They have a real choice – a candidate with real plans and real support. Let people everywhere know they can vote for Rich Whitney – and that people are trying to keep them from knowing!

Hawkins, Green for NY Gov, Challenges Cuomo to Debate, Discusses Green New Deal, War, and Progressive Movement

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New York Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins put out a release Sept. 28th that covered the NY governor’s race and his Green New Deal proposal as well as the Middle East resource wars, the FBI raids on peace activists, and the One Nation Working Together rally. The whole thing is so incisive that I’m posting it here in its entirety to provoke discussion and raise awareness of a valiant New York progressive leader:

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, challenged Andrew Cuomo to stop hiding from NY voters and agree to debate his opponents for Governor.

“After the primary, Andy Cuomo told the media that he has the same Tea Party agenda as Paladino but he would be more effective than ‘Crazy Carl’ by cutting public spending without offensive remarks. How is it that in one of the most liberal states in the country, the media wants to pretend that only two economic conservatives are running for office, ignoring the rest of the Gubernatorial candidates on the ballot? Cuomo and Paladino are so conservative that Lazio as the Conservative Party nominee didn’t see any point in running,” Hawkins pointed out.

Hawkins also said the Green Party was mobilizing with other grassroots activists for the One Nation Working Together Rally in DC to challenge both the Tea Party Republicans and the Wall Street Democrats on their corporate agenda, starting with the need for a WPA-style job programs for all unemployed Americans.

Hawkins joined local peace activists outside the Hancock National Guard Airbase in opposing it as a site to remotely control reaper killer drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The NY Times today reported that the CIA has greatly increased the use of the drones in Pakistan in recent weeks.The unmanned drones fly at 50,000ft, are virtually invisible and carry a deadly payload of missiles and bombs. Costing about $13 million each, and up to $100,000 for each of its four Hellfire missiles, drones are an extraordinary amount of cash that is routinely being spent to try to kill a single individual.

Hawkins condemned the FBI raids on antiwar groups conducted in six states last Friday. “The FBI is criminalizing antiwar activism while failing to address the corporate crime wave at the root of the banking crisis that has caused the worst crisis of unemployment and home foreclosures since the Great Depression,” Hawkins said.
Hawkins said that as Governor he will push to bring all National Guard troops home to New York. Hawkins also called for ending the wars, bringing all American troops home, and cutting the federal military budget 50 to 75% to create a peace dividend to rebuild America, pay for a WPA style jobs programs for the unemployed, and finance a rapid transition to a carbon free economy.

“The two major parties are always so willing to send our young men and women to die in foreign lands to protect the oil and gas companies under the guise of creating democracy, but they fight as hard as they can to prevent a real multi-party democracy here in America,” asked Hawkins, a former Marine who organized opposition to the Vietnam War.

Hawkins said that as Governor he will rally other states to demand large cuts in the military budget to provide fiscal relief to state and local governments, support the conversion to a green energy system, and to create jobs through increased investments in housing, child care, anti-hunger programs, mass transit, schools and environmental initiatives. Hawkins supports direct government employment in public works and services on the model of the 1930s Works Progress Administration (WPA).

Hawkins urged NYS congressional members to sign on to a letter by Cong. Frank and Paul to the Deficit Reduction Commission urging them to include cuts in military spending in their recommendations. So far the only Congressmember from NY that has joined with 30 plus members is Maloney. Congress will vote on the Commission’s recommendations in a lame-duck session after the November elections. The Commission is expected to propose cuts in the Social Security program, which Hawkins opposes.

Cong. Frank and Paul, who have called for a 25% cut in the military budget, wrote: ” Much of these potential savings can be realized if we are willing to make an honest examination of the cost, benefit, and rationale of the extensive U.S. military commitment overseas, which in large part remains a legacy of policy decisions made in the immediate aftermath of World War II and during the Cold War. Years after the Soviet threat has disappeared, we continue to provide European and Asian nations with military protection through our nuclear umbrella and the troops stationed in our overseas military bases. Given the relative wealth of these countries, we should examine the extent of this burden that we continue to shoulder on our own dime. We also think that significant savings can be found if we subject to similar scrutiny strategic choices that have led to the retention and continued development of Cold War-era weapons systems and initiatives such as missile defense. ”

Frank and Paul point out that “Department of Defense currently takes up almost 56% of all discretionary federal spending, and it accounts for nearly 65% of the increase in annual discretionary spending levels since 2001.” New York taxpayers have spent $93.9 billion for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan since 2001. New York taxpayers will have to shell $67 billion for Total Defense Spending just for FY2011 – more than 7 times the size of the state’s projected budget deficit.

“Candidates for Governor usually argue they have no role in foreign policy. But the war in Afghanistan / Pakistan is being fought right from Sy racuse. Statewide, our local National Guard was ordered into wars abroad. These soldiers signed up to help with domestic emergencies, not to fight foreign wars for oil, gas, and global military empire of over 800 foreign bases. The massive amount of tax dollars we spend on the military and its corporate contractors hurts our economy, promotes global warming and undercuts job creation here in America,” said Hawkins. US spending on the military has increased by two-thirds since 9/11 and now exceeds the rest of the world combined.

“The mission of the US military should be defending our republic, not policing an empire on behalf of global corporations, the Pentagon bureaucracy, and the private contractors that feed off of it,” stated Hawkins. Hawkins added that “Just as President Dwight Eisenhower warned the country a half century ago, the two major parties are now completely controlled by a military industrial complex that demands an ever growing share of our nation’s wealth while subverting the critical civil liberties upon which our country was founded.”
Hawkins pointed out that the US set an official record in FY 2011 with a $700 billion plus dollar Department of Defense budget, with actual spending for the military, including military spending in other departments besides Defense, increasing to over $1 trillion dollars. The United States spends far more than any other country in the world on the military, which is a major cause of the US budget and trade deficits, which are also the highest on earth. This huge expansion of debt, made worse by the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and declining tax revenues during current Great Recession, is one of the underlying causes of persistent economic stagnation in the US economy.

Greens from all over the US will gather with many other organizations and movements at the Oct. 2 DC rally to promote a WPA-style jobs creation program, an end to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, action on climate change, and single payer health care.

“We realize that the organizers of the rally intend it to show support for Obama but the reality is that most of the attendees are fed up with the lack of action on the changes that the Democrats promised. The grassroots will deliver their own message. The Greens are joining with other peace and justice groups around the country to demand that the Obama administration shift the trillions of dollars being wasted on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to spending for human needs in the US, especially green jobs, clean energy, education, universal health care, and aid for people hit hard by the economic meltdown,” said Hawkins.

“The Greens will be there to challenge the idea that our choice in November is limited to candidates and parties who support more war and corporate power,” added Hawkins.

If Hawkins receives 50,000 votes for NY Governor this year, the NY Green Party will gain a ballot line for the next four years, making it far easier to run Green candidates at all levels of government. Think about the pro-peace/justice/democracy/ecology political philosophy that Hawkins espouses here, then think about scores of Green candidates running for city councils, state legislative offices, and Congress in New York, without a dime of corporate or lobbyist money, working to make that philosophy into our reality.

Learn more about Howie Hawkins’ campaign and how you can help at his website,

Uber-Progressive Jill Stein for MA Gov needs just $9K more today to get $125K in matching funds

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It’s coming down to the wire, but it looks like Jill Stein’s Green campaign for MA Governor could raise another $10,000 by 4:30 PM Friday 9/24 to qualify for $125,000 in public matching funds. As of 1:02 PM, she has $8,655 to go to hit the $125,000 mark.

As I wrote earlier, Jill Stein is a progressive dream candidate. She is that viable independent progressive that so many bloggers have been waiting for. And these are the biggest hours of her campaign.

So please put your money where your mouth (and your heart) is and donate to Jill Stein for Governor now!

Let’s strike a blow for clean, green, people-powered politics. Let’s make a little bit of history today.

Join the Clean Money Tidal Wave for Jill Stein – Strike a Blow for Independent Progressive Politics

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Dr. Jill Stein is running an insurgent Green campaign for Governor of Massachusetts against 3 business-as-usual political insiders. Her platform reads like a progressive Christmas list. Now she has the chance to break this race open and show that clean, green, people-powered politics can succeed. If Jill Stein’s campaign can raise $125,000 in amounts of $250 or less by Friday 9/24 at 3 PM, it will qualify for 1-1 public matching funds.

The thermometer on Jill Stein’s website is rising quickly. At 12:41 EST on Thursday it shows $98,237, meaning Stein needs less than $27,000 to make it over the top. Supporters of her campaign have created a "Clean Money Tidal Wave for Jill Stein" facebook event, to which 9000 people have already been invited in the first few hours.

Here’s why this is so important: progressives often talk about supporting independent progressive candidates, if a viable one comes along. Jill Stein is that viable independent progressive. She hasn’t taken a dime of corporate or lobbyist money. She was a leading activist for the MA Clean Elections public campaign financing law that the state’s Democratic establishment threw out after the people voted for it 2-1.

Jill Stein is the only candidate talking about replacing Romneycare with a vastly more efficient single-payer health care system. She is the only candidate calling for local green job creation, instead of the big corporate tax breaks and casino schemes that her opponents all agree on. On issue after issue, Jill Stein is unwaveringly progressive while her opponents pledge allegiance to the failed corporatist policies of the status quo.

If Jill Stein qualifies for matching funds, she’ll have a guaranteed place in the debates and a real war chest to spread her message of a secure, healthy green future. It will show that clean money campaigns can work – and that independent progressives are ready to support candidates who support them.

You can help strike a blow for progressives by donating at Jill Stein’s website
and inviting your friends on facebook to join the Clean Money Tidal Wave for Jill Stein.

Howie Hawkins announces Green bid for NY Governor

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Howie Hawkins of Syracuse announced his campaign for Governor of New York as a Green Party candidate in an Albany press conference on May 4th. The Green Party of New York will officially nominate candidates for statewide office at its May 15th nominating convention in Albany. If the Green Party candidate for governor earns at least 50,000 votes this year, the party will regain ballot status for the next four years, making it significantly easier to run candidates at all levels.

Video of Howie Hawkins’ campaign announcement:

Hawkins for Governor from david doonan on Vimeo.

Time Warner’s YNN network covered the announcement.

Here is Hawkins’ statement "Why We Are Running" from his website :

Why We Are Running

The basic issue in this campaign is: Will our state government be for the people, or continue to serve the super-rich and the giant corporations?

We are running because we are on the side of the people.

We are running – we, not me – because I cannot win the goals of our campaign alone. I will not have the tens of millions of dollars for media advertising that the corporate-financed Democratic and Republican candidates will have. But organized people can beat organized money. As the candidate, I am one spokesperson for this campaign. But we all need to be organizers and spokespeople for this campaign with our family, friends, co-workers, and neighborhood and internet communities.

We are running because only a grassroots movement of people reaching people by word of mouth can swell to the critical mass we need to achieve our goals. Personal contact is far more influential and persuasive than 30-second TV and radio spots. Every one of us can win over tens or hundreds or thousands of voters by consistent, persistent activity over the course of the campaign.

We are running to offer a real alternative to the two-party system of corporate rule. The Democrats have replaced the Republicans in the State House and the Governor’s Mansion, and in Congress and the White House, but little has changed. The two-party system is a very sophisticated scheme for presenting the illusion of real choice when both major parties are funded by the same corporate, financial, and real estate interests. Whether the A Team of Republicans or the B Team of Democrats are in the majority, it is still corporate power dictating policy.

The ongoing Wall Street bailout is the greatest transfer of wealth in world history. If our schools were banks, they would have been bailed out. Instead the creditor class of wealthy elites is making the borrower class of working and middle class taxpayers pay for the whole bailout for their bad investments through higher taxes, lower wages and benefits, and cuts in public services. The catastrophic destruction of our climate and oceans is accelerating, but the incumbent fossil fuel and nuclear corporations still capture far more government subsidies than clean, renewable energy. Whether it is job creation, health care, housing, or the environment, the government sides with the corporate vested interests against the broad public interest.

The progressives and independents who voted the Republicans out and the Democrats in are now taken for granted by the Democrats in power, because these voters have no where else to take their votes. We are running to give these voters a place to go.

50,000 Votes Wins a Green Party Ballot Line

One key goal of our campaign is to build the Green Party as a powerful, well-organized alternative to the corporate state’s two-party system. With 50,000+ votes for the Green gubernatorial ticket – a very achievable goal – the Green Party wins a permanent ballot line and reasonable ballot petitioning requirements for the next four years, enabling us to contest elections at every level as we continue to build our movement. We are building this campaign county by county to leave in place a grassroots party organization that can carry on the movement for our policy platform after the November 2 election.

Putting Our Solutions into Public Debate

A second goal of our campaign is to move the policy debate in New York. We are going to present before the public – and make the mass media and corporate candidates deal with – our platform of solutions to the problems we face: progressive taxation and revenue sharing, fully funded schools, full employment, single-payer health care, renewable energy, a state bank to finance a sustainable green economic revival, clean government, proportional representation, and more.

Building Independent Power

We won’t be completely satisfied unless we win the office. But if that turns out to be beyond our reach in this election, every vote we win and every person we recruit to the movement builds our power. Our power is based on our political independence from the corporate interests and their political representatives in both corporate parties. Our votes cannot be taken for granted. We will make the politicians and the policy debate in the media and in our communities deal with our solutions. We will lay the foundation for winning future elections.

Join Us: Donate, Volunteer, Vote

This website is your resource to find out about campaign activities and our policy positions as they develop. Much more information and interactive features will be added as the campaign develops.

But before you leave this website today, however, please visit the three links that will connect you with the campaign:

Donate: Even a grassroots campaign needs money to print literature, mail fundraising appeals, pay organizers, and, yes, do some media advertising. We can go a long way if we can reach our minimum goal of $100,000. It will give us credibility with the media and debate organizers as well as fund an effective grassroots campaign. That will take a lot of small contributors, including you. Please contribute what you can and consider the recurring donation option for the course of the campaign.

Volunteer: Sign up and indicate your interests. We will get back to you and help you.

Green Voter Pledge: We are taking names. We want at least 50,000 voters pledged to vote the Green ticket by the election on November 2. We will remind them and help them get to the polls on Election Day. Sign the voter pledge and ask other supporters you identify to sign the voter pledge.

It’s up to us. Millions of New Yorkers are angry about the corruption and incompetence in Albany that is assaulting our standard of living to pay for the Wall Street bailout. The anti-incumbent mood is palpable. We can reach those New Yorkers. The people have enormous power if they use their political rights and votes. If each of us joins in to do our own part, we can build a powerful movement to put our government on the people’s side.

I look forward to campaigning with you. Together we will make a difference for the better.

Howie Hawkins
May 3, 2010

Learn more about Howie Hawkins’ campaign and how you can help at

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Jill Stein for Governor of Massachusetts

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Dr. Jill Stein is a pioneering environmental health advocate, as well as a mother, physician, teacher, and community leader. Her record of public service and passionate advocacy for healthy communities makes her an exceptional candidate for governor.

For years, Jill Stein has been a leader in drawing the connection between clean environments and healthy communities. She is the author of two widely acclaimed reports, “In Harm’s Way: Toxic Threats to Child Development” and “Environmental Threats to Healthy Aging,” which promote green local economies, sustainable agriculture, clean power, and freedom from harmful chemical exposures. She has presented her teaching program “Health People, Healthy Planet,” to numerous government, public health and medical conferences. It links human health, climate security and green economic revitalization.

Jill Stein began advocating for the environment as a human health issue when she realized that politicians were failing to protect children from toxic threats revealed by current science. She played a key role in efforts to protect women and children from mercury contamination by helping to pass tighter regulations on the dirtiest coal plants in Massachusetts, and helping to preserve the state’s moratorium on new trash incinerators. Having seen firsthand the power of big money to prevent critical health protection, Stein advocated for the Clean Elections Law to establish publicly-funded elections. Massachusetts voters passed the Clean Elections Law by a 2-1 margin, but the state legislature later repealed it in an unrecorded voice vote.

Jill Stein’s first foray into electoral politics was in 2002, when the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party recruited her to run for governor. In a five-way debate that year, she was widely acknowledged as the winner for her clarity and knowledge of the issues. In a 2004 three-way race for state representative, she garnered more votes than the Republican candidate. She ran for statewide office again in 2006, earning over 350,000 votes for Secretary of State. In 2008, she helped formulate the “Secure Green Future” ballot initiative calling for renewable energy and green jobs, which won 81% of the vote in the districts where it appeared on the ballot. She has been elected twice as a town meeting representative in Lexington.

This year, Jill Stein is running for governor on a platform of pragmatic Green solutions to problems like unemployment, unfair taxes, faltering schools, and a broken health care system. As governor, she would seek alternatives to her predecessors’ failed attempts to attract big business by sacrificing labor and environmental standards. She would create incentives for small, locally owned businesses to thrive, especially in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy. She would take action to fix an unfair tax system that makes lower- and middle-income people in Massachusetts pay at twice the rate of the highest income bracket.

As a teacher, Jill Stein understands the importance of quality public education. She would fight the privatization schemes and bureaucratic power grabs that threaten public education, and work to ensure that all public schools are fully funded and accountable to their communities. She would also reverse the escalation of fees and tuition at public universities, which has threatened to price higher education out of reach for young people from low-income families.

Massachusetts’ health care system is still plagued with problems, despite its vaunted 2006 reform package that foreshadowed the 2010 national health insurance reform. The state’s healthcare mandate forces people to buy expensive, stripped-down insurance plans that don’t protect health or financial security when serious health problems occur. As governor, Jill Stein would extend affordable coverage to all by moving Massachusetts to a Medicare-For-All system, which would save billions by cutting out the insurance companies’ red tape. She would also help people lead healthier lifestyles by supporting urban agriculture, farm-to-school programs, local organic farming, and other programs to reduce health threats and ensure clean air, clean water, and nutritious food for all. Her plan to encourage healthy living would not only improve quality of life, it would also save billions on health care annually.

The November, 2010 race is shaping up to make Jill the sole challenger to three candidates widely regarded as business-as-usual insiders — in an anti-incumbent year. Specifically she is likely to face Democratic Governor Deval Patrick, Democrat-turned-independent Tim Cahill, and Republican Charlie Baker, three candidates who share very similar positions on most key issues. (Both the Democrat and Republican are likely to rout lesser known and relatively unfunded primary election rivals.) In a four-way race, Jill Stein could potentially be elected governor with as little as 26% of the vote, which translates to roughly 800,000 votes. This is not beyond reach considering the 18% of the vote she won in her race for Secretary of the Commonwealth in 2006. Stein refuses to take lobbyist money, and vows to end the “pay-to-play” politics that dominates the state legislature. Her campaign is eligible for 1-to-1 public matching funds for every dollar raised over $125,000, meaning that as soon as she raises $250,000 from supporters, she’ll be able to mount a half-million-dollar campaign. Along with her running mate, community activist and veterans advocate Rick Purcell, she plans to mobilize thousands of grassroots volunteers across the state to bring their message of a healthy green future to the people of Massachusetts.

To find out more about Jill Stein’s campaign and how you can help, check out her website at

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