Are you one of the tens of millions of Americans, left behind in the new economy? Have you found that your advanced degree in science, education or mathematics, hasn’t helped much in the current job climate? We’ll, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist or a college professor, to put two and two together. We must all adapt to the times, we can’t keep looking back, pining for the old days. We must move on or as the President says, “we must move forward,” seeking the new careers for the new America.

In this new America, we must also change our expectations of employee benefits. In olden days, employers might offer a healthcare package or maybe a 401K and paid vacations. Today it’s a bottle of Tylenol, hidden away in an unused desk drawer. A complete health care package, with paper clips, thumb tacks and an old box of Barney the dinosaur Band-Aids are a company’s health care plan. Vacations, “what do you want with a vacation? You can’t afford any time off.” In this new economy, questions about a 401K are answered with surprised looks, “You plan to retire?” strange looks, like you just announced to the room, “I’m leaving to climb Mt. Everest.”

The new jobs are out there, but we must just adjust our sites to the new reality before us. Take for instance these entry-level careers;

Rapid Automotive Disassembler:

Did you know that the catalytic converter on any car is worth $100? And did you also know that with the right tools and training, you could easily be earning big money! Work nights and weekends, choose your own hours, sporting events, work anywhere people park cars. Ability to climb fences a necessity, must love dogs!

Freelance Environmental Recycler:

Do you love the great outdoors? Do you like going to new places, places other people never go? Do you have a passion to help the environment and save the planet? Environmental recycling might be for you, can you locate and remove valuable, yet unwanted metals? The current housing market guarantees this job is hot, hot, hot! All across America, thousands of bank owned properties are cluttered with unsightly, old, copper pipe and cumbersome, central air conditioning units. Transportation is required, must own a dependable car or shopping cart.

These new positions require entrepreneurship, people with drive and who really know how to keep on the move. Those are today’s job skills, the days of looking down our noses at local, street-corner, pharmaceutical, customer service representatives are over. There are still lots of other careers available, for the, shall we say… less adventurous? Do you have a spare room or unused basement? Do you like bright lights and greenery?