Nickle and Dimed

1. I don’t know if I could stand two weeks of vacation.

2. I was talking to my broker the other day.

3. Want to go see if the new Cadillac models are in?

4. Let’s go shopping!

5. My life is perfect, just as it is.

6. Self-esteem is over-rated.

7. Raising the minimum wage, might hurt stock prices.

8. I was shopping at Whole Foods the other day.

9. Without those tax cuts, our economy would be a mess.

10. What we need are more casinos.

11. And they’re building another new factory, right down the street.

12. I’m going to move the kid’s college fund.

13. Every night, a different restaurant.

14. I’m so tired of steak and lobster.

15. I won $300 in the lottery, I better report it!

16. Only deadbeats are in foreclosure

17. I’m so glad we have a government that cares!

18. The food stamps just keep piling up.

19. I don’t care what it costs.

20. What’s a dollar store?

21. I always shop at Macy’s.

22. It’s just so hard to decide, which job offer to choose.

23. I go to Wal-mart, because I admire their leadership.

24. I shop at Wal-mart, when I want quality!

25. All that fracking, sure has brought down fuel prices!

26. I believe it, there’s no inflation!

27. Let’s ask that policeman.

28. I sleep really well at night.

29. We need a large military to defend our freedom!

30. Good domestic help is so hard to find.

31. America is the land of opportunity.

32. Of course I have full coverage insurance.

33. I’m thinking about retiring early.

34. Thank God the Recession’s over!

35. I find the media fair and unbiased.

36. I love my health care coverage.

37. Corporate C.E.O’s get a bad rap; I bet it’s really hard.

38. Know of any good mutual funds?

39. I went to the spa for a colonic the other day.

40. I’ll never sail on that cruise line again!

41. I’m glad all those factory jobs are gone.

42. This country is on the right course.

43. I wish they’d do away with entitlements.

44. The kids are bothering me about summer camp again.

45. Don’t forget, tomorrow is your Orthodontists appointment.

46. Yeah but, free trade brings jobs!

47. But that’s a public college, isn’t it?

48. Thank God and daddy for my trust fund!

49. I gotta go fill the tank on the Hummer.

50. Three cheers for Wall Street!

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