If Barack Obama had run for the Presidency against Richard Nixon, Richard Nixon would have been the Democrat. It was Nixon who first created the Environmental Protection Agency, but after the Deep Water Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, it was the Obama administration using oil company estimates for the size of the spill, while silencing the EPA.

In 2008, John McCain advocated for a federal hiring freeze and expanded oil drilling on federal lands. Yes, yes, “drill baby, drill!” was their mantra. The Democrat Obama was quick to differentiate himself from the greedy and environmentally reckless Republicans. Obama supported “green energy” which turned out to mean Nuclear energy, just like John McCain. The Obama administration supports real green energy in twelve month increments, while supporting big oil in perpetuity. Going McCain even one better, Obama proposed cutting lease rates on Federal lands to stimulate domestic production, assisting the most profitable corporations on the planet. Obama instituted John McCain’s federal hiring freeze in the worst economy in seventy years. At a time when the economy needed more jobs, the President chose the Republican answer and cut them.

A National Propaganda Radio reports, a deadlocked Congress is preparing for their annual summer recess. “But there is no threat of a government shutdown this time!” Those crazy Conservatives and those damn Liberals, those Unicorns and passenger pigeons of our discontent. Hulk Hogan wrasslin with Randy Savage for a big gold belt, which won’t even hold your pants up.

Time marches on wearing combat boots, the war goes on forever as the defense department announces a new plan to fight and defeat ISIS. Is that Liberal or Conservative? Conservatives favor a strong national defense, but condemn budget deficits, unless they create them. Democrats favor domestic spending to improve the lot of the working people, only Barack Obama has been the most anti-labor President, since Herbert Hoover. John Kennedy raised the minimum wage twice in three years; Barack Obama has raised the minimum wage once in six, after Republicans held its head under water for a decade. In real terms, both parties favor of the destruction the minimum wage.

In 2003, the Congress passed George Bush’s Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement & Modernization Act. Passed into law by both houses of Congress it offered a tangible benefit, for some seniors. At the same time, it locked in drug pricing, making it extraordinarily expensive. It was Conservative, wasteful spending and an added entitlement. But when your political philosophy says big government programs don’t work, there’s nothing to stop you from creating a big government program which doesn’t work. It’s was a blue plate special, corporate give away, payola on the half-shell, with tax cuts on the side.

Now, Barack Obama isn’t some inarticulate, drunken ne’er-do-well. He proposed the Affordable Care Act. He was going to hold those greedy insurance companies accountable by guaranteeing they make a profit, public option or no public option. Look! I have a quarter hidden behind my ear; pick a card…any card! The ACA offers some consumers, a tangible benefit. If we can forget we already had a single payer model in place, already up and running. Medicare was created by a Liberal Democrat and Obama places a private model on an equal stead. The ACA is a privatization scheme, same as it was when Richard Nixon first proposed it in 1972. A blue plate special, corporate give away, payola on the half-shell with tax cuts on the side.

The Republicans in Congress railed, rending their garments pulling at their hair. Declaring, “It’s Socialism! It’s Communism! Obama is a Socialist and a Communist!” It the merger of state with corporation, it is what Mussolini said it was, it’s Fascism. Obama is a corporate Fascist and he isn’t left-wing, he’s right- wing! Obama’s ACA takes $3 billion public dollars and places them into the private hands of insurance companies to do less effectively, what Medicare does now.

In 1980, Jimmy Carter, rescued the Chrysler Corporation with direct loans from the Federal Government. Republican’s in Congress pressured Carter to take Chrysler stock as collateral, to defend the government’s financial position. Republican Obama takes a stock position in GM and then appoints a car Czar to manage the GM reorganization. So GM goes into bankruptcy court with a Czar approved plan and a government employee on every side of the table, with government as the largest stock holder. Would the Federal government ever side against its own best interests?

So the GM dealers got the shaft, the employees got the shaft and the retirees got the shaft. In March of this year, Barack Obama defended George Bush’s invasion of Iraq, the holy grail of the Republican and Democrat divide. Obama twisting the past to justify his Ukrainian misadventures of the future, as the lawfully elected government is deposed, as rebels declared legitimate. The elected government is then declared as rebels, as the cash register rings. George W. Bush effectively smashed the Republican Party to splinters. All that’s left are the wedge issues. Republican’s in Congress name call, while offering last years bed sheet as this year’s night-gown. The Party opposed to frivolous lawsuits is suing the President and what will it accomplish? It will accomplish nothing, so why do it? Because they have to appear to oppose the President, they must try to appear relevant, while actually agreeing with 95 percent of his agenda. When you like the way things are going, doing nothing is making progress.

Now the Democrats are fighting for the middle class, you know working folks. That’s why Obama preserved the Bush tax cuts for workin Americans, those struggling families, trying to eek out a living on a mere $5,000 per week. In an effort to preserve long-term unemployment benefits, those caring Democrats agreed to trade offs, agreeing to rob Peter to pay Paul. To take money from Medicaid earmarked to support the ACA and use it to pay for unemployment benefits. Unfortunately, they were unable to make a final bargain and the unemployed were left with nothing. Democrats with clenched fists shout, “Curse you Red Baron!” I mean, “Darn those Republicans and their pesky intransigence!”

We have money for Ukraine and money for Israel, money for corporate tax cuts, money for the defense department. We have no money for jobs, no money for education, no money for Detroit. No money for the homeless and no interest in raising the minimum wage. It’s all Ted Cruz’s fault or John Boehner’s fault. It’s all Nancy Pelosi’s fault or some Democrats fault, but the truth is when you like the way things are going, doing nothing is making progress. The Democrats have no objection to defense spending at WW2 levels. No objection to drone attacks or CIA sponsored coup de’ tats. No objection to eviscerating the constitution, oh they’ll talk a good game. I’m still waiting on the promised legislation opposing the Supreme Court’s “Citizen’s United” ruling.

It’s a sham, after the big battle royale Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage ride home in the same limousine. There aren’t two parties; there are only two wings of one Capitalist party. They don’t fight over principles, they fight over spoils. They don’t fight over issues; they fight over birth certificates or lawsuits, Bibles or bullets, but they won’t fight for you! So won’t you sign our petition? Won’t you support smiling Ed fighting the Washington liberal elite or battling Joe out to stop those dastardly extremist Republicans?

The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.”One word of truth outweighs the world. –Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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