The mantra most often repeated by those who would show democratic loyalty is that we must ‘work within the party’ and ‘push for change from the left’.

How does that work exactly?

I attend local democratic meetings where people drone on and on about how awful the Republicans are…and when I bring up the terrible betrayals of the last two years by the Obama administration and try to start a discussion about how to change these scenarios, ALL I get is how we can’t support Republicans. And, when I say that we are allowing policies to be pushed through that the entire room would decry under a Republican, I get sighs and whispered defense of Obama.

I fight tooth and nail in my locality against a national anti-choice organization that has recently set up headquarters (read my past diary entries about the Susan B Anthony Museum – it explains it all), and I can’t get the democrats engaged in anything other then ‘good job’. No help from the democratic leadership in Boston. No spotlight or help from the lead local democratic organizations. And, yes, I ASKED.

When I call Nancy Pelosi’s office during the health insurance reform fight and demand that she bring a public option to a vote in Congress, I get DELIBERATELY forwarded to her answering machine the second the words health reform leave my lips. I call the office in Washington and the office in California and the same thing happens. I call back and state before anything that I do NOT want a answering machine and ask if the Speaker has directed her staff to forward calls about the public option to an answering machine. The answer was yes. So many people were calling to demand a vote for the public option that it was tying up the lines for other business. Make them do it, huh? Apparently when the public rings the Speakers phone off the hook for an alternative for enslavement to the private insurance companies, our voices are channeled to an answering machine and our collective and OVERWHELMING voice is ignored.

Push for change within the party. Make them do it. Right.

I see at all levels.

I was a delegate to the state convention four times. I have been a democrat for twenty years, ever since I was allowed to vote. And, I have YET to see this push the party to the left approach work out. All I have seen is the democratic party becoming more and more corrupt and its constituents more and more willing to accept excuses for inexcusable policy decisions and appointments.

And, you know why they spit in our faces again and again and again?

They KNOW we will say ‘yes sir/maa’m – may I have another’?!

Put a fork in it, I am done. I am not playing this insane game of tweedle dee and tweedle dummer any longer. I will work for change from the outside and work on issues at the grassroots levels.

Apparently, it is going to take the sell out of Social Security and the complete collapse of our economic system for the American people to wake up. Yes, the Republicans are AWFUL.

And, the democrats are becoming JUST like them.

We should all have to attend a twelve step al-anon meeting and learn about the dysfunction of enablers. WE are ENABLERS.