Spitfire (click to embiggen)

Automobiles, motorcycles, trucks…things that go zoom and get us where we want to go.

There are all kinds of cars. Some are snazzy and cute. Some are plain old function-able, and some may be a bit of an eyesore, but they get the job done anyway.

Would you care to share what your first car was? A hand-me-down from an older sibling, or perhaps an aunt? Is there a story that goes with that? Or, how does your car define you, if it does? Maybe when we were younger, the car we drove was part of our self-identity. Maybe not so much these days.

Did you ever have a dream car at one time, or now, that was or still is your favorite car of all time?

I’ve posted a photo uptop of my youngest son and his snazzy 1974 Triumph Spitfire. It’s a cutie alright. I can’t say that it’s the safest car or that I would have bought it for him, if it were up to me, but his father bought it years ago and they have been spending years rebuilding it, every other weekend. And, it is kind of fun to be taken for a ride here or there in it. With the open top, I have to wear several scarves and that’s kind of different too.

My first car was an old dark turquoise Chevy Nova. It burned oil like crazy and when I wanted to add oil, I had to do that at night, in the dark, out at my parent’s house, where there was a ½ mile of road with no houses or businesses so I wouldn’t bother anyone or be arrested. I always like the part where I don’t get arrested.

In my mid thirties, I drove a 1974 Datsun Z that was silver when I bought it, but had it painted a dark wine color. It was a heavy car and cornered really well, but the carbs ran too rich for the street and we had to Fast Tune it by taking it up to the desert and opening it up. Fun! But, when I had my second child they pried that car out of my shaking mommy hands. I drove a stupid little station wagon after that for a while. Two car seats and all.

In my early forties, I drove a really beat up old Volkswagen Van. Loved that car. It was a putter, or a putterer. It also leaked oil and I had to always carry a few bottles of oil when I drove it. I knew when to add oil when the valve lifters would make a tap tap tap sound. It had a sunroof that wasn’t waterproof so when it rained, water would puddle in places on the roof and when I slowed down to a stop, we would have a little water fall inside the car. The kids thought that was fun. A barrel of monkeys.

I have to admit that when I was growing up in my teens, I always liked the car songs on the radio. The Beach Boys had some good tunes: Little Deuce Coup for one. And, there are songs about Mustangs and also Little Old Ladies from Pasadena.

Who woulda thunk you’d find a Pull Up a Chair about Cars? Surprise! And, why not? We can share dreams and memories and, well, all kinds of stories.

Cars take us places. I bet some folks out there have a Road Trip story or two.

Or, even a story about what happened in the back seat of a car. Not saying you have to get Too Personal, but what the heck. It’s Saturday morning. Pull Up a Chair and let’s drive.

Route 66

Rocket 88

Pontiac Blues


Little Deuce Coupe

Little Old Lady from Pasadena

Fun Fun Fun

No Particular Place to Go

Little GTO

Baby You Can Drive My Car

On the Road Again

Crosstown Traffic


LA Woman

Highway Star

Greased Lightning

Drivin’ Sister

Rockin’ Down the Highway

Mercedes Benz

Hot Rod Lincoln

Let Me Be Your Car

I’m in Love With My Car

Life in the Fast Lane

Car Wash

Low Rider

Mustang Sally

Radar Love

One Piece at a Time

Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Highway to Hell


Little  Red  Corvette

Fast Car

Pink Cadillac

Let It Roll Tonight

Coupe De Ville

Life Is a Highway

Highway Patrol