Good Morning All Of You Faithful PUAC’ers.
Happy Spring, and Happy Mother’s Day. Almost.

Recently, I was moving furniture around in my bedroom, which lost the office stuff to the New Office, and I found that there was a lot more Space. Yay. So, cleaning, shifting, imagining. It’s spring, after all. And, I found that the wall next to my side of the bed where a dresser (an antique piece that belonged my great-aunt Eva and was probably handed down to her) was suddenly open. The wall was now empty too, since the tall, beveled mirror moved with the dresser. All this space and a big white open wall. So, I wondered what I could do with it. Buy a painting, or a small bookshelf? And, there was more open space at the foot of the bed where the desk used to be. Same thing. What to do with that space? After a couple of days of wondering and imagining, I realized that I didn’t have to do anything. I could just leave the open space open.

I’ll tell you what, it’s easier to navigate around the room in the dark of the middle of the night, if I happen to get up to…you know.

I realized that I have a need for space. I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes. Ten years ago after I met my husband, he had gone to Florida on a business trip, Melbourne, near enough to visit NASA. He brought me a t-shirt that says I Need My Space. So, I guess he figured me out right quick.

I think we all need space. Some need more space than others. You’re all probably aware of the actual physically comfortable space zone that we all have, our Personal Space. But did you know that people with Asperger’s don’t automatically experience that step back when someone invades their space? They don’t. It’s part of their social awkwardness.

I enjoy living in an area that’s right next to the Angeles Forest. Being up on the hill, we have a great view of The Valley, with many acres of wash down below the Pacoima Dam. Last night when I was taking a walk, I stopped and just stared at the view. Just Big. Lots of space. I have a small yard, but just walking down to the end of the street, it’s all Open. I like the feeling it brings me.

I remembered a song my daddy used to listen to. He was a big fan of the singing cowboys. Give Me Land. Roy Rogers sang it. Gene Autry and lots of others sang that song too. So, I looked it up on youtube and found the wonderful David Byrne version which is posted at the top. His use of all the different faces singing the same song was very effective, I thought. We are all in the same boat, but we have different faces. Yet by dividing the screen, employing the technology that we have, he showed that together, we are all one.

Cool Beans, as my sissy and I used to say.

Do you feel that you need more space now than you needed when you were younger, or is it something that you’ve carried all your life?

Are there times in your routine or circumstance when you feel you need or deserve more space than other times?

What do you think about the David Byrne’s video? Does it move you to any new understanding?

And, then, there’s always Space: The Final Frontier. *cue the french horns.* Without getting political in this Saturday Morning refuge, they did have a truthful prime non-interference directive. Seems to me we could learn something from that.

Let’s live and let live. Let’s acknowledge each others worth, integrity and give each other the space we all need.

Thanks for stopping by and pulling up a chair. But, Not Too Close. :) A couple of feet at least. Okay, some of you can sit right next to me.

Smile at a stranger today and Keep The Faith.

Humbly submitted.