So, the jury has come to a verdict on Count 3, but we don’t know how they’ve decided, and there’s more counts to go.

As we follow the misadventures of the main stream media, we learned that they jumped the gun.

Now, I’m hearing all kinds of presumptions from the msm smartypants.
They’re saying, what the F is going on? Is this going to be a point for a mistrial?

My husband recently sat on a jury, that was a really ugly child abuse case. He never talked to me about the case, while it was ongoing. But, he did clue me in after the verdict. He said that the judge asked the jury, during deliberation, to give her information as to how things looked during the discussion. So I don’t know what to think of the current reporting.

Probably sucks. Not to be cynical, but there you have it.
It think it is interesting that many feel John, with his Two Americas, was a threat to the dominant authority.

Poor media. They have nothing, yet they are still yapping about Nothing.