(photo: The Daring Librarian / flickr)

Sometime back, not too long ago, I was chatting with friends on a thread here at Firedoglake, and I was sharing some change that I was affecting in my life. I believe it was bgrothus who replied with something like, Hey, it’s good to Stir the Pot sometimes. I thought that was a charming as well as insightful comment.

I have mentioned before that I am somewhat inclined to get bored easily. And so, I’m someone who will on a whim re-do part of the yard, or re-arrange the furniture. I’ve also been know to change the style of my hair. Never had it really long, except for the time I got extensions sewn in, that was fun. Twice I went red, but usually staying in the blondish range. So, just saying I like to Stir It Up.

When I make a change in my life, I get the reward of variety (new colors, new sounds, new views) and I also get the benefit of a new purview. When I was in my twenties, I was a vegetarian for about three years. I couldn’t go near the meat counter at the store because the smell made me sick to my stomach. I think we all sometimes get stuck in a rut, and whether by choice or circumstances, a change occurs that gives us a new way of looking at the world.

Autumn brings us challenges for change. Am I right? I know that Ms. Molly and others have brought plants from patios and porches inside to protect them from the coming inclement weather. Margaret is looking at her savings from being a thrifty and thoughtful steward by keeping her electric bills as low as she could during the heat, with an eye on what might be needed for a long cold winter. Autumn has brought Ruth Calvo home to Texas from her joyous, comfortable summer in the Northeast. Oldnslow’s eyeing the work on his truck so that he won’t be flying blind and frozen on the Scooter on his way to work in the early am. Bless your hearts, all.

And, I mean All Y’all. Everyone of Youse. Draw the circle wide. Yep, you’re in it.

Have you ever made a conscious effort to make a change in your life, and how did that work out? Only say it if you’re willing to. Trust me, I’ve made changes that I wouldn’t share here, and I think I’ve been fairly open about who I am and what I share. But, if there’s something you want to share, or read, or vicariously experience…

Why, you just Pull Up And Chair, and let’s see what happens.
Take good care, and Keep The Faith.