Happy Happy Saturday morning to all Chair People and beyond.

It’s been cold outside for a lot of Firepuppers wherever you may be. So, many of us are finding indoor activities or choosing a particular goal and going through all the steps necessary to achieve the satisfaction of completion. Challenging? Maybe, but it’s usually a fun journey.

I’ll show you the result of my latest project which was to turn a dining room into my office. The room had previously nurtured a nice Rodgers Organ, but that stopped working and I saw my window of opportunity. I gently cajoled the men into moving the organ into the garage. I moved the desk from another area of the house. That was the desk I tried and tried to give away but in the end kept.


And, then I painted the desk. I don’t mind the effort of painting because I love shopping at Lowe’s. And, in order for me to paint something, I have to shop. It’s a nice environment at Lowe’s, not like that stinky old warehouse that Home Deport is. And I love looking at the colors of paint they sell. Many of you know that I live in Southern California, in the foothills of the Angeles Crest Mountains. At the end of my street on one side is a series of arroyo,s and at the other end of the street there is the large wash that drains from the Pacoima Dam. So, I chose colors of the Southwest to bring into my home.

Cactus green for my desk.


Terracotta Brick for the floor.


I still have a few things to do on the room. I’d like to put a new coat of white paint on the baseboards. And, I want to either build or find a shelf for the area opposite the desk, for a new printer and other stuff. A flat surface at my home will eventually attract “stuff.” It’s a rule of the universe. Like finding the things that make me happy and doing those things. I enjoy writing and now I have my own space that’s cozy and kind of romantic to engage in happiness.

I know that there are other folks out there having fun with a project. Have you all seen the photos of cbl’s cakes? They are incredibly wonderful. Full of detail and I’m betting they taste great. Nice playing, cbl.

I heard a rumor that JClausen has a flooring project in mind. (Go, JC. Go, JC. Go, JC, Go!)

When Nonquixote isn’t outside chasing rabbits and deer away from his garden, he’s always on the lookout for a bargain. Wise man. I heard he bought a wonderful new table recently and wrote the other day about getting a great bargain of a new turtleneck sweater. And, you know whenever we’re talking about yard sales or thrift store finds, I jump right into that conversation. I bought this candle at the thrift store for 3 bucks.


I guess you could call that thing it’s on a garden plant stand. But, it works inside the house, in my office. I’m saying that sometimes we have to bend rules to be ourselves. Maybe?

I also want to lift up our friend, Ruth Calvo, who is currently dealing with the heavy burden of her mother’s recent passing. Many hugs and much caring for you, Ruth. Fortunately, another friend of ours at the Lake, Chicago Dyke, is staying with Ruth and we are all thankful for that good fortune.

I’d love to hear about projects or hobbies that you are enjoying this winter. What are you up to? Pull Up A Chair and let’s share.