Happy Saturday Morning, Pups

It’s finally looking like Spring for some and slowly working towards Spring for others. So I imagine many will be out in their yards tilling and planting, or dyeing eggs or baking yummies for tomorrow.

Today’s theme is family heirlooms. Those items we have received from family members, passed down from generation to generation. It could be a photo, or a piece of art, or jewelry. Or it could be a tool.

That is Spudtruckowner’s tiller. As it’s on the farm that’s been in the family, I’d say this is the real, true heirloom.

In popular usage, an heirloom is something, perhaps an antique or some kind of jewelry, that has been passed down for generations through family members.

The term originated with the historical principle of an heirloom in English law, a chattel which by immemorial usage was regarded as annexed by inheritance to a family estate. Loom originally meant a tool. Such genuine heirlooms were almost unknown by the beginning of the twentieth century.

We’ve talked plenty about how technology has changed our lives. Some for the good, as we now have a virtual library at our finger tips, maybe, possibly to the detriment of life style. Many of us spend our evenings watching television or playing on the computer, but back in the day before easy entertainment, what did folks do at the end of the day, before they hit the sack? I know that my grandmother, Bernice, and her sister, great Aunt Eva must have spent many hours crocheting, because I have seen their work at my mom’s and I have a wonderful piece, a runner which lays beautifully on top of the Hammond B-3 organ in the living room.

We have the old upright piano in our bedroom, now. It’s the one that’s been replaced by the new-fangled one in the living room. I feel sympathetic towards it, like it’s been put in the timeout corner. But, I think two keyboards in the living room is my limit. So, to try to make up for the banishment, I placed an old velveteen runner with tassels on it. This runner was on my grandmother’s piano when my mother was growing up. She doesn’t remember how her mother got it, it was just always there, so before 1924.

When I looked online at ebay for antique velveteen piano runners I found these, they look different than the one I have. Go figure that a dfh would get the tie-dyed one. I just really enjoy the quirky relationships that occur in life.

Our heritage plays a large role in Who we are. The ideas, beliefs, are part of the quilt of our past and still influences our behaviors today. The lessons we have learned are the tools we use to navigate through our daily lives. In other words, Heir Looms.

What heirlooms do you have, share, and hold dear to pass on to others? The stories about such pieces are like an oral story of our families. I’d love to hear stories about things in your lives that hold memories, reminders, and which influence your life today.

So, it’s time to pull up and chair and share and chit chat.