Are Ted Cruz and the Tea Party the only ones to blame? No. They are, however, a great place to start a discussion about the Tyranny of the minority.

The likelihood of a government shutdown morphing into a situation where Congress does not vote to raise the nation’s borrowing limit by some time in mid-October, and leaving the nation not having money pay its bills, grows more likely by the hour.

We need a Democracy Movement to fix this shit!

Tyranny of the minority, it could be argued, has a long tradition in how the United States governs. When we broke from the British and established the constitution, “We the people” rights extended to only 5% of the citizenry: white male property owners.” And while we do allow women the right to vote and black folks the right to drink out of the same water fountains now, the ruling elite have never let go of the three branches of our so called representative government.

The boldness with which the Koch Brother fueled power grab via the co-opted Tea Party and their Pirate lunatic fringe front men like Ted Cruz is frightening only because any serious view of our elected officials tells the same story, which is this: while they like to occupy opposing sides of a false narrative for the Sunday morning talk shows and opposite side of the MSNBC and FOX news pendulum, the ruling elite have always had a vise grip over the narrative of the collective imagination what was possible within our political and cultural sphere.  They have held that vice grip by controlling who governs.

Think I am exaggerating? The candidate who spends the most money wins about 94% of all elections. End of story. Sure, occasionally people like Bernie Sanders or Alan Grayson launch a meme that takes the air out of the whole farce, but their influence is similar to that of a court jester in a Shakespearean tragedy- the audience can see their wisdom, but the main players cast them off to the wilderness.