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VIDEO: For Palestinians, Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

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In this clip from the full-length Acronym TV program, Gaza Solidarity Grows as Israel Continues Massacre ( Kash Nikazmrad, an organizer with Students for Justice in Palestine, discusses the current siege on Gaza with host Dennis Trainor, Jr. Nikazmrad echoed the statement issued by Palestinian civil society organizations (  on 3 October 2009, which reads in part:

“Justice delayed is justice denied. All victims have a legitimate right to an effective judicial remedy, and the equal protection of the law. These rights are universal: they are not subject to political considerations. In the nine months since Operation Cast Lead, no effective judicial investigations have been conducted into the conflict. Impunity prevails. In such situations, international law demands recourse to international judicial mechanisms. Victims’ rights must be upheld. Those responsible must be held to account.

The belief that accountability and the rule of law can be brushed aside in the pursuit of peace is misguided. History has taught us time and time again, that sustainable peace can only be built on human rights, on justice, and the rule of law. For many years in Palestine international law, and the rule of law, has been sacrificed in the name of politics, and cast aside in favor of the peace process. This approach has been tried, and it has failed: the occupation has been solidified, illegal settlements have continued to expand, the right to self-determination has been denied; innocent civilians suffer the horrific consequences. It is now time to pursue justice, and a peace built on a foundation of human rights, dignity, and the rule of law. In Justice Goldstone’s words, there is no peace without justice.”

Nikazmrad went on to say: “There is no reason to let go (…) Justice needs to be served.”

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VIDEO: How Americans Learned to Stop Worrying and Love GITMO

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An interview with Jason Leopold.

There are many crimes committed in the pursuit of, or as an accessory to, the crimes of US Foreign Policy. I’m not exactly sure where to rank the operation of Guantanamo Bay on that list, but consider these numbers, compiled by the Center for Constitutional Rights:

  • 779 men and boys have been imprisoned at Guantánamo since January 2002.
  • 100% of them are Muslim.
  • Of the 149 who remain there, 78 have been cleared for release for years but are still imprisoned.
  • President Obama’s Task Force has designated 38 men for indefinite detention without charge or trial.

The longer the illegal prison remains open, the more accepting of its existence American citizens seem to be, at least according to Gallup poll conducted in the days after the release of Sgt. Bergdahl in exchange for 5 prisoners who were not on that list cleared for release. That poll revealed that 66% of Americans said the U.S. should not “close this prison and move some of the prisoners to U.S. prisons.” That is up from the 53% of Americans who said the same thing in July of 2007. Today, again, according to that latest Gallup poll, just 29% of Americans want the facility closed and the prisoners either released or transported to the U.S.

About the guest:

Jason Leopold is an investigative reporter covering Guantanamo, counterterrorism, national security, human rights, open government, and civil liberties. He’s been called a “FOIA Terrorist” by federal employees for his aggressive use of the Freedom of Information Act, which includes successfully suing the FBI to force changes to Bureau FOIA practices.

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VIDEO: Another American Targeted For Assassination By Drone (With Kevin Gosztola)

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Today on the Resistance Report, an interview with Kevin Gosztola of

Two recent stories that shed new light on how the Obama administration utilizes drones in the war on terror came to light yesterday. First, Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill, via their new venture First Look revealed that:

According to a former drone operator for the military’s Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) who also worked with the NSA, the agency often identifies targets based on controversial metadata analysis and cell-phone tracking technologies. Rather than confirming a target’s identity with operatives or informants on the ground, the CIA or the U.S. military then orders a strike based on the activity and location of the mobile phone a person is believed to be using.

In a related story, the Associated Press reported on the “case of an American citizen and suspected member of al-Qaida who is allegedly planning attacks on U.S. targets overseas underscores the complexities of President Barack Obama’s new stricter targeting guidelines for the use of deadly drones.”

The AP was complying with a White House Request not to release the country where this American Citizen was located because this country, which the Los Angeles Times later revealed to be Pakistan, was not friendly to US Military intervention and the administration claimed that publishing the name of the country could “interrupt ongoing counter terrorism operations.“

VIDEO: Is the TPP Dead? Have We Won?

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An interview with Kevin Zeese, organizer with Flush the TPP and Popular Resistance.

It has been 20 years since NAFTA, (North American free Trade agreement) went into effect with the promise of more equality, more jobs, and a better, more prosperous and peaceful world for all of us.
Given that NAFTA has contributed to a world that is a negative image of what was sold to us, it is no surprise that the global elite and the Obama administration have been negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership in secret.
While the corporately controlled mainstream media ignore the implications of the TPP story, independent media and activists have come together as part of a growing movement of movements to organize, educate, and resist the fast track authority so important ant to the Obama administration.
Have we won? Is the TPP dead?

VIDEO: 2014 State of The Union (minus the Corporate Influence)

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Note: In some alternative universe, not only am I the speechwriter for President Obama, but I’ve actually convinced him to deliver the following as the 2014 State of the Union. – Dennis Trainor, Jr.

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, fellow citizens- 60 years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered his annual State of the Union Address to the Nation as a Fireside Chat from the White House in which he outlined a proposed second bill of rights that would to lay the plans and determine the strategy for the winning of a lasting peace and the establishment of an American standard of living higher than ever before known.

The power elite have been guiding this country in a direction in the exact opposite of the spirit behind that second bill of rights ever since. It is because of this- the outsized influence of a few rich people and multi-national corporations that I must report to you that the state of our Union is in tatters, and if allowed to continue on its present trajectory, presents an existential threat to human life both at home and abroad and to the only habitat that human life has ever existed on: planet earth.

Tonight, I’m announcing that I will issue an executive order that will raise the minimum wage for federal contract workers to $10.10 an hour.

Most people on the right will take their cue form mister tan and spray sitting behind me and frown, arms folded, and most people on the left stand and applaud like a bunch of fan girls at an anime convention, but both sides of the isle know this: if those of us in service to the power elite (and if you got elected, about 98% are in that group) don’t at least make an attempt to keep up the illusion of the American Dream, then the whole House of Cards could come down.

Count how many times the phrase “middle class” gets uttered in the state of the union. The truth is, when you aspire to or have a attained the label of American middle class know that – first, the label itself was probably made in Bangladesh, and more importantly, the existence of a middle class, which by definition requires a poor class is, in the richest country in the world, immoral.

So we will do this $10.10 an hour thing, and not only will we NOT jail Jamie Dimon, but we will secretly admire him for getting a raise while serving as a CEO of a company that had to shell out more in legal settlements that the GDP of several continents combined, and just like the magic show that wowed you as a kid the don’t watch the left hand watch the show hand and wham bam thank you sir the neoliberal hungy hungry hippo machine gobbles up all the marbles and leaves the rest of us begging for crumbs like some bit player in a Dickensian pageant.

Speaking of Dickens!

It is time to admit we lost the industrial revolution. The lifestyle it has created, which we now think of as non-negotiable of a the middle class lifestyle that the $10.10 is supposed to help more of us attain, are generating increasing ratios of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to the point where even US Navy scientists are predicting an ice free arctic summer by 2016.

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Gun Culture In America: Slow Motion Mass Suicide

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cross posted from Acronym TV

A report came over the AP wire last night that, if this were any other country in the world, would have been the top news story for days: “Multiple shots were fired inside a northern New Jersey mall shortly before closing time Monday night,” read the opening line of the report and Americans, having been through this drill before, found a cable TV talking head or pieced together facts from the ever reliable twitter and were able to learn, in short order, that a man, described by eyewitnesses as wearing “body armor, black leather pants and a motorcycle helmet,” was seen walking by Talbots in the Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey shooting his rifle into the air.

A huge local and state police presence responded the mall went into lockdown and the incident ended when the gunman apparently took his own life in a Footlocker store. Incidents like this always bring out the defenders of our gun culture in force. “Guns don’t kill people, defenders of the homicidal gun culture are wont to say, people kill people. Except there is this: If I want to get from point A to B a car, bus or train will do the trick, because that is what they are designed to do. If I want to get in shape, a treadmill, (if I ever get on the treadmill – but enough about me) will do the trick because that is what a treadmill is designed to do. If I want to signal to the world I am sucker for branding and fashion and will pay more for an inferior products, DR. Dre’s BEATS headphones will signal this to the world. And while cars, when driven by drunk drivers; treadmills when run on by people with a heart condition, and fashion all can kill, the difference between all of those items and guns is simple: when guns kill, they have functioned as intended by their manufacture.

When car accident kills people, it is a horrible accident. When a gun kills someone, it is an example of the product functioning as intended.

Obama Interupted, Laughs At ‘Hecklers’ And Misses The Point

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At an Affordable Care Act rally President Obama was delivering a speech defending ACA (Obamacare) protesters interrupted the proceeding by shouting “Mr. President! (Inaudible)! Stop climate change! For our generation! Stop the pipeline!”

“Okay, we’re talking about healthcare today, but we will,” Obama said, as the crowd started to boo the protestors. “No, no, no it’s okay,” Obama said. Before delivering a line that drew a huge laugh: “That is the wrong rally!”

Well, Mr. Yuck-yuck in chief, here is why those kids WERE at the correct rally:

The common denominator between Keystone XL and Obamacare is the neoliberal Corporate Capitalism ball field (if you will allow a baseball metaphor today of all days) on which the game of hope change is played. On this field, change means health care equals health insurance- mandating that we give money to insurance companies that profit only when they deny service. In the extreme, this means insurance companies profits- and the profits of their stockholders, increase when people die.

That is not hyperbole that is how the game is played.

Profit, in this game, is how the players win. The players this game favors are corporations, who under the infinite sadism of our Supreme Court, have been cleared to play in this game as people, be they health insurance corporations or corporations who want to increase their bottom line by piping the dirtiest oil in the planet through the middle of our country so we can continue to destroy the earth and increase the frequency and ferocity of super storms like Hurricane Sandy so that Rock stars can sing at a benefit concert and we can feel good by can texting our donations to the red cross so they can pay their salaries and maintain their bricks and mortar while the residents of Staten Island, for example, fester and wait empty handed.

So the protesters were in the right place, Mr. Obama- because it is the rules of the game itself that need to change.

Journalism, the new Terrorism

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It has been said that it is no measure of health to be well adjusted in a profoundly sick society.  And there is no way you can be awake and deny that we live in a profoundly sick society.  So, are you well adjusted? Listen, if you live in the United States or the UK or in one of the countries where the ruling class benefits from the dominant system of global corporate capitalism, your government is either committing or enabling crimes against humanity that include, but are in no way limited to war crimes, illegal surveillance, illegal occupations, and covert government coups. THESE ARE FACTS, not hyperbole. Life is not, in the words of Forrest Gump’s mother “a Box of chocolates where you never know what you are going to get.”  The global elite know what they are going to get- they are going to win and the rest of is are going to lose.

If the movie Forrest Gump teaches us anything it is that no matter the injustice or horror of the past, it is best to stay dumb, just keep plugging away, and sooner or later you will get your favorite little chocolate instead of the macadamia heath bar coconut crap that you chew twice and try and sneak back into the box before grandma can see. Sure, some of us (white people and people of color in Superpowers like the United States and our allies who play along; who present as well adjusted) benefit from the global systemic oppression and a are rewarded with nice chocolates, in other words: comparatively decent schools, nicely groomed little league fields and credit lines at Wal-Mart to buy clothes made in homicidal sweetshop conditions in a country far away from a WalMart associate who is paid so little that WalMart supercenters cost the taxpayer almost 1 million dollars each because their employees qualify for food stamps and other government programs to meet their basic needs while the six Walton heirs have an accumulated wealth matching the bottom 40%- or about 150 million- Americans, but hey, save money, live better right?

And if you are cool with all of that, you are well adjusted.

Being in the U.S. armed services is a much more extreme version of being a U.S. citizen. The code of obedience and the punishments for stepping out of line are far greater than for citizens like me. Bradley Manning, who saw the insanity of war, who released evidence of crimes the U.S. government was committing, whose truth telling ended the war in Iraq and helped spark a global revolution, and as Rainey Reitman of the Freedom of the Press Foundation says, caused “no more harm to the United States than a dentist hurts a patient when removing an abscessed tooth” was sentenced to 35 years in prison, while the architects of the illegal, immoral and blowback inducing war on terror remain free. More than that, less than 24 hours before Manning learned he would be sentenced to 35 years, Obama’s Department of Justice requested that George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Paul Wolfowitz be granted procedural immunity in a case alleging that they planned and waged the Iraq War in violation of international law.

When President Obama declared Manning guilty in April 2011, more than two years before his trial began, how many journalists save for Kevin Goztola & Alexa O’Brien and a small handful of others were pointing out that Obama’s statement constituted an unlawful command influence, in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. You see, if you have press credentials and you parrot the narrative of the Pentagon and the White House, you are a considered a journalist. If you challenge the dominant narrative- and very few do- you are considered a terrorist.

Ask Laura Poitras, the documentary filmmaker who teamed up with Glenn Greenwald to held Edward Snowden reveal that Big Brother exists, not in an Orwell novel, but on your computer right now. Go ahead, ask her: she now lives and works in Germany because she does not feel she can safely do her work in the U.S.. Ask Glenn Greenwald, who continues to break the story of Edward Snowden’s revelations and who saw his partner David Miranda detained in an airport under a terrorism act and who had his computer, video game, mobile phone, and his memory card seized because he was traveling from Poitras to Greenwald. Ask the editor of the Guardian who saw computers and hard drives in that news office destroyed under threat of legal action by the British government. Or ask ask Michael Grunwald, Time magazine’s senior national correspondent- who last week said that he couldn’t wait to write a defense of the drone strike that takes out Julian Assange. You see, people, even journalists – pick sides. That in and of itself is no crime. What is a crime is that more journalists can’t or won’t pick the side Bradley Manning chooses: truth.

And so the dominant narrative remains that we are in a well-adjusted society, enjoying a box of chocolates. And if you continue to stay in that box, well, stupid is as stupid does.

Barack Obama is NOT Trayvon Martin

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Joel Northam, reporting for Acronym TV, states: “President Obama could have been Trayvon Martin 35 years ago, yet fortunately he was privileged enough to receive an elite education whilst being groomed by established power to become the Drone Bombing, Bank Bailing, Whistleblower Torturing, Immigrant Deporting, Civil Liberty shredding, corporate puppet that he is today. Although the Trayvon Martin tragedy still burns deep within our hearts, it is a blessing that he doesn’t have to see politicians use his death to cater to the emotions of the angry masses while they continue their business as usual of worldwide plunder of resources and exploitation of the global working class.”

This is a episode segment. To watch the full episode, click here.

Race and Privilege In America + Bradley Manning, Occupy Debit Card | Acronym TV Full Episode 001

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note: Originally published at Acronym TV, this is The first in a new weekly 1/2 hour show, produced in conjunction with 

It is no surprise that those who benefit from systems of oppression and racism are much less likely to see the scaffolding that continues to smother people of color. Nearly 50 years after Martin Luther King, Jr’s I have a dream speech have we come any closer to judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin?

The murder of Trayvon Martin by a man found not guilty by our criminal justice system, only means that justice was served if you presuppose that the criminal justice system, as it currently functions, delivers justice equally across racial barriers. To hold to that belief system requires one ignore mountains of evidence and pull the cloak of white privilege over ones head. A special report by Acronym TV reporter Joel Northam breaks down where the black bourgeois representatives of the civil rights industrial complex such as the Reverend Al Sharpton fall short. Also, I talk to people on the street in Boston about White privilege.

Also on today’s show, Hunger Strikes prepare to protest in Washington, Occupy is about to launch a debit card, Bradley Manning wins a Peace Prize, and in response to the myriad ways in which the corporate coup of the US government is driving more and more people into poverty and despair all around the globe, I am unveiling a new segment #WENEEDADEMOCRACYMOVEMENTTOFIXTHISSH*T!