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Corporate Tax Evaders

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The tax deadline is upon us, that wonderful time of year when people all over the United States get their financial house in order, file their taxes and pay a fair share to a common pool so that our society can do things that benefit everyone: pay for public schools, social services for the poor and elderly, and let us not forget the very expensive Department of Defense, whose offensive efforts worldwide contribute directly to a global economy that helps keep dark skinned people in far off lands impoverished enough to accept the slave wages to manufacture the plastic gadgets, clothing and electronic devices that serve as the very objects and emblems of our entire way of life. That is an expensive tab, and it is a good thing that regular everyday people like you and me also have corporations to thank for chipping in their fair share to this common pool that benefits us all.

And yet, I’m not breaking any news to remind that the bigger the corporation- the less likely that they will have to pay any taxes. Take Exxon Mobil, for example- the 2nd largest corporation in the world. They have been in the news of late, some of their pipelines have ruptured and have turned Mayflower, Arkansas into a toxic carcinogenic cesspool – not that we can really get the full story, because the corporate control of our lives has reached the point where journalists trying to get the real story are given a phone number managed by Exxon to get information and threatened with arrests if they try to get the real story, kids who claim illness at school are told by Exxon doctors that everything is AOK and every politician up to and including the wall street tool in the White House is not only willing to look the other way, they are ready to give their approval for the Keystone XL pipeline, which would pump the dirtiest oil in the world through pipes that will burst because that is what pipes do, under US soil from Canada to the gulf of Mexico. And Exxon, for hastening the destruction of the planet not only paid ZERO in taxes in a recent tax year, they were given a tax refund of 953 million dollars.

What about Goldman Sachs? The corporation that, thanks to reporting of Matt Taibbi, many now understand, but remain impotent to do anything about, Goldman’s “unprecedented reach and power (which) have enabled it to turn all of America into a giant pump-and-dump scam, manipulating whole economic sectors for years at a time” in a cruel game that drove many into poverty or out of their homes and took the entire economy to the brink of collapse all for the pornographically obscene profit of a few psychopaths that are lionized by our sick culture as alpha males grabbing what they deserve, rather than a more appropriate treatment such as drawing and quartering them in a public square. In a recent tax year Goldman not only paid ZERO in taxes but also was given a refund of 785 million dollars.

And last- but certainly not least* we have General Electric. GE, one of the worlds largest weapons manufactures, was also, until very recently, a majority owner of NBC universal- and was instrumental- as Glenn Greenwald reported, in silencing the anti-war voice of Keith Olbermann because – while Olbermann was good for ratings, the worldview embedded in his popular rants could have hurt the interests of weapons maker GE. Which brings us back around again to that pool of money people and corporations chip into every April in the form of paying up their taxes so that we can have things that benefit us all- like schools, roads, and keep a strangle hold on the world economy so that dark skinned people in far off lands will remain impoverished enough to accept the slave wages to manufacture the plastic gadgets, clothing and electronic devices that serve as the very objects and emblems of our entire way of life- a common good for which GE not only paid ZERO dollars in a recent tax year, but was refunded by you me and everyone you know who did pay taxes to tune of  3 Billion dollars.

Open Letter To President Obama: Fiscal Cliff Solved. You’re Welcome.

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cross posted from Acronym TV

Dear President Obama,

Congratulations on your electoral victory.

In defeating the grandfatherly Ken doll with the heart of a blood sucking vampire squid and his religiously radical running mate who claimed that a child conceived in the act of rape is a blessing from God, you might not want to gloat too much. To use a sports analogy, you did not so much win as the other guy lost. Even so, you never in your entire life have to run for public office again. What a weight off of your shoulders that must be!

So forgive me for being obtuse, but now that you have nothing to lose, why do you –- in the guise of this Grand Bargain you are talking about — want to author a plan that will gut social security, Medicare, and unemployment benefits while simultaneously protecting corporate welfare? That hardly seems like a bargain; that seems more like theft.

If you ditch this grand bargain idea of yours and adopt some of the principles outlined in the extraordinary document entitled The 99%’s Deficit Proposal, you will expose just how little our elected officials serve our interests. You will enjoy a popular support like never before — and even if you make a few enemies with the Wall Street crowd, who cares? Remember, you never have to run for office again.

Ditch The Grand Bargain and commence with Operation Trojan Horse!

  • On taxes: A tax of ½ percent on the sale of stocks bonds and derivate, is much less than the tax we pay on underwear, and yet this speculation tax would raise about $800 billion over the next decade. Want to add a trillion to that? Tax capitol gains at the same rates as income? Why should the profits from stocks that Mitt and Ann had to sell just to scrape by in college be taxed at a lower rate than the guy working construction to get himself through college?


  • On Social Security:  We can have a fully funded social security for its 75-year planning period if we removed the outdated cap on wages subject to the social security tax of $107,000.  Tax all wages and social security is fully funded. No bargain. No debate. You’re welcome.


  • On Medicare and Medicare: Dude, you don’t want to go down in history as undoing Medicare, do you? How about we cut the waste in Medicare and Medicaid. The for-profit middle man health insurance industry has created a pervasive culture of -– as Ralph Nader points out — over diagnosed, over-treated and erroneous or unnecessary procedures that come with a price tag in the hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

A single-payer, full Medicare for all system would cut present administrative costs in half. Canada’s system, which allows patients to freely choose their doctor and hospital, covers everyone for half of the $9000 per capita that Americans will pay this year. Our system leaves 50 million people uncovered of whom 45,000 will die this year alone due to lack of coverage, according to a peer-reviewed study by Harvard Medical School researchers.

You supported single-payer, President Obama, before your meteoric ride through the corrupted electoral process. But you’re done with that now. No more elections. So ditch your grand bargain and lead us to a grand new deal: one that reverses the decades long upward re-distribution of wealth. Don’t bargain with the elites who want to take away food stamps from 47 million Americans, and drive even more than the into poverty — a group that now numbers 30% of Americans now and yet shockingly, was not courted at all in the election cycle.

The effect of your Grand Austerity bargain will be this: more and more people will realize that graphs showing the wealth divide will continue to widen, their debt load will continue to grow and once the American Dream is revealed as a hoax, our streets will look like those of Spain, Greece, or worse. While I know you have a rainy day plan for this potential outcome in the form of a hyper-militarized police force and constitution busting laws like the NDAA in place, I don’t want to believe that that is part of your grand bargain.

There has been a class war going on in this country for decades, waged by the elite against the rest of us.

Now that you no longer have to raise money from those blood sucking vampire squids ever again, we are asking, President Obama, which side are you on?