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Please vote myFDL contributer ‘The Radical Democrat’ for Turkey’s citizen journalism of the year award

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Since the Turkish resistance at “Occupy Gezi” exploded last year, one of the most important sources of information and commentary that helped apprise the international community of  events and news updates has been “The Radical Democrat”.  The blog site, written in English by Istanbul political analyst and activist @Obefintlig,  has reliably shared breaking news & significant updates along with the crucial political context that allows the international community to understand and support the ongoing social struggles that the people of Turkey are facing.   Reports from the site have frequently been shared on FDL and kept many of us informed even while the mainstream Turkish media was censoring information.

For its success in sharing the news globally of Gezi and the events in the aftermath, ‘The Radical Democrat’ has been nominated for “Citizen Journalism of the Year” and “Digital News Portal of the Year” Awards.

Please help by taking less then a minute (3 clicks) to vote for the ‘The Radical Democrat’ between the days of June 5 – June 9.   Though the site is in Turkish, simply do the following:

  • First click on the link:
  • At the bottom of the page click on “Şöyle” and enter the voting page
  • The Radical Democrat is located on the third slot, click on the stars below it’s name
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit “Gönder”

#Gezi Park Documentary Screening

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Six months after the protests began, Turkish film maker @GeziDoc is premiering episode 2 in his series on the uprisings that began in a tiny park in Istanbul and went on to inspire the world.  The film contains both familiar and rare/never before seen footage shot from on the ground in and around Gezi and Taksim Square in late May and early June 2013.  Join the filmmaker and other Gezi Activists for the screening and discussion in both English and Turkish tonight (Sat, Dec 7) at 6pm Eastern/3pm Western here: 


Length:  approx 2 hours  Language:  Footage in Turkish and English, with English subtitles.  Bilingual Turkish Activists will be available in the chat for translation and to answer questions.

Watch Part One.