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Nevada Supreme Court Put JUSTICE for Sale – Wells Fargo is the highest bidder

By: dz88 Friday May 25, 2012 4:30 pm

Material facts:

$243,000 underwater as soon as we signed Wells Fargo’s loan contract before the ink dried.

Attorney General suspended Wells Fargo hand-picked appraiser’s license for committing appraisal fraud on our home.

Wells Fargo admitted that the mortgage loan shouldn’t be originated in the first place and promised to buy back its fraudulent loan in 2006.

In 2010, despite our repeated plea and total cash payments of $350,000, Wells Fargo still chose to wrongfully foreclose our home.

I confronted Wells Fargo CEO in person last year, asked him not to steal our home. He had policemen arrested me instead.

Mega Trillion Wells Fargo Turns United States of America into Lawless Wild, Wild West:

Washoe County 2nd District Court Chief Judge Connie Steinheimer, Judge Robert Perry and Nevada Supreme Court Chief Judge
Cherry, Judge Douglas, Judge Saitta, Judge Gibbons, Judge Pickering, Judge Hardesty and Judge Parraguirre put Justice for sale.

What does material facts and rules of law mean to our modern day Nevada Supreme Court Judges?  – Law & Order is not designed for the undeserving working Americans.  Law & Order is designed to protect the mega banksters to steal freely without any obstruction of working

Chief Judge Connie Steinheimer told me that “there are NO LAWS in United States governing the appraisal and mortgage fraud situation we are in.” and called me Gandhi for advocating and exposing Wells Fargo’s banking abuse.  When we immediately requested the Chief Judge Connie Steinheimer to record the conversation, she refused.

When you’ve got money you can afford to ignore the consumers.  When you have money you can afford to ignore the law.

This is a tactic that Wells Fargo does across the nation because simply it can, and because it has the money.  Having the money doesn’t mean that you are right.  Justice is not to be sold to the highest bidder.

Judges are bound ‘to preserve and improve our justice system in order to assure a free and just society under the law.’  It says nothing about a pocketbook.  It doesn’t say if you’ve got more thousands in your back pocket that you should prevail.

That seems to have been the trend of Wells Fargo, though.  Too many cases have been filed and lost by plaintiffs who have first time been defrauded by Wells Fargo.

The moral of my story is: when consumers go to court there is no justice.  What would 300 million Americans feel or … if they knew that that is the fact, perhaps not only with Wells Fargo, but with all the other wall street banks?  We all know that they run the show.  Is it just? Is it right?  It is not.

I’ve already gone into the injuries that I and my family have suffered as a result of their fraud.  It is not just money.  It is not just the Vieiras.

The most disturbing is Wells Fargo’s admission of errors and refusal to voluntarily correct its errors. It prefers to rely on the ignorance of borrowers or their inability to fund a challenge to its demands, rather than voluntarily relinquish gains obtained through improper loan origination and wrongful foreclosure. Wells Fargo’s conduct was a breach of its contractual obligations to its borrowers. More importantly, when exposed, it revealed its true corporate character by denying any obligation to correct its past transgressions and mounting a legal assault ensure it never had to. Society requires that those in business conduct themselves with honestly and fair dealing.

Wells Fargo’s actions were not only highly reprehensible, but its subsequent reaction on their exposure has been less than satisfactory.

As Naked Capitalism’s Yves Smith noted, Wells Fargo “has an annoying habit of piously claiming it is better than other servicers when it engages in the same indefensible conduct as its peers.” Indeed, Wells Fargo has used robo-signers to fraudulently foreclosure on borrowers and has illegally foreclosed on military veterans. The bank even promoted woefully unqualified employees — including one who came to the bank from a pizza restaurant — to “vice president,” so that they could speed more foreclosures through the pipeline.

Nevada Supreme Court is the ‘the Country’s 8th most beholden state supreme court to the special interests.’   The link provided in support of this statement is an article stating that the court ranks eighth in election fundraising.

Wells Fargo knows all the same tricks that judges love to use to favor the multi-billion-dollar, corporate ‘citizens-united’ Fortune 500
deep pockets to the detriment of 311 million fleece-able Americans by denying them due process, fairness and right to court access.

Corrupted judges shall be indicted for official and judicial corruption.  As a matter of fact, Nevada Supreme Court’s Saitta, Douglas, Hardesty, Gibbons, Parraguire, Pickering and Cherry are on the hook for issuing orders for the official public record before an audience of 311 Million Americans whose government, including the judiciary, is ‘of for and by the people.’ (Real ones – not the Citizens-United kind).

I have proof against Wells Fargo for conspiracy to commit racketeering, and an enormous file proving bank fraud, predatory lending, and a
myriad of other crimes against hundreds/thousands of other consumers nationwide.

  1. Was anything done to prevent predatory lending after Wells Fargo was discovered by the Attorney General that it has originated fraudulent mortgage loan based on inflated appraisal?
  2. Why Wells Fargo EVP and General Counsel Jim Strother and Major Business Unit General Counsel David Moskowitz authorized further same toxic mortgage loan to be made after Wells Fargo received Nevada Attorney General’s ruling in suspending its hand-picked appraiser’s license for committing appraisal fraud?
  3. Why did Nevada Attorney General Masto and California Attorney General Harris refuse to investigate Wells Fargo?
  4. How much money was Wells Fargo getting from originating its toxic mortgage loan to homeowners then conceal the quality of its mortgage loan and sold it as mortgage-backed securities to investors since 2005?
  5. Why is Nevada Supreme Court ranked 8th throughout the nation in campaign spending when running for elected Supreme Court positions?

6.   Why did Nevada Supreme Court’s Pickering spend $650,000 of her own money to buy the Supreme Court seat?

Attorney General Harris and Attorney General Masto, President Obama, please Do As You Promised, Prosecute and Jail “Too Big To
Fail” Banksters, Not Just Little Scammers.




Disable the Enablers – Raise Hell for Injustice – Wage Accountability

By: dz88 Tuesday May 8, 2012 10:18 pm

The Financial World We Live In When We Allow Ourselves to Be Pushed Around:

What do customer services & promises mean to Wells Fargo – Your money is my money.  I am stealing your American Dream. So What?  Shut
up!  Get used to it!

What does appraisal & loan origination fraud mean to Wells Fargo – Nothing, Absolutely Nothing!

What does breaking the laws mean to Wells Fargo – phone calls to its highly paid attorneys – Fix it & Make the illegal legal & let’s make fraud profitable!

What does breaking the laws mean to Wells Fargo – cost of doing business – “Old” News Alerts:  Justice is for sale. Make the bid!

According to Kamala HarrisPedia, Catherine MastoPedia,  Eric HolderPedia and President ObamaPedia, intentional fraudulent violations have new definitions – immoral, unethical and un-prosecutable!

What does banking abuse mean to Attorneys General, Department of Justice, and President Obama,

1.  Excuse me, please repeat your question.

2.  (Sidebar, whispering) Do you think they REALLY mean what they are asking?

3. (Final answer) Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention, we hear you, however, our hands are tied and it’s election year.  We need both 99% and 1%.  There is nothing we can do.  Can you, the 99% wait till we settle with 1% banksters first, or at least let us get an idea how much campaign contribution we can collect for the next 6 months before ….. By the way, can you chip in for $5?  …. Excuse me, what’s your question again?

The Financial World We Will Live In When We Push Back against Injustice

Expose fraud, corruption and incompetence.  Result:  Justices being shuffled around.  It’s a matter of time before the house of card crumble.

Justice Michael Cherry Becomes Supreme Court Chief Justice Succeeding Chief Justice Nancy Saitta

Leadership at the Nevada Supreme Court changed on May 7 when Justice Michael A. Cherry assumed the administrative post of Chief Justice that has been held since September 5, 2011, by Justice Nancy Saitta.

“It is an honor to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and I will strive to maintain the high standards that Nevadans have grown to expect from our Chief Justices.” said Chief Justice Cherry, who will hold the post until January 2013.

Justice Saitta acknowledged the challenges that will face the courts during Chief Justice Cherry’s term.

The challenges will NOT be so challenging if the justices apply one set of rules for ALL.   Crimes are committed on the Courts.  Courts are
the new CRIME SCENE.  Justices have a choice to be:

○          Witnesses of the crime

○          See No Evil & Say Nothing

○          Uphold the Laws & Justice

○          Enablers of the crime

○          Pledge the Duty to $$$, Fraudsters and Banksters

○          Gatekeepers of the crime

○          Uphold the Laws & Justice

We all have choices to make, don’t we?  Who will be the winner of the battle?  I bet on the one who has the determination, holds the evidence and stands by the right side of the laws.  Wouldn’t you?

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any – Alice Walker

I STILL HAVE MINE!  Onward & Forward!!!






Gutless & Lawless

By: dz88 Monday April 30, 2012 9:29 am

Justice Interpreted by Senior Staffs from the Offices of California Attorney General Harris, Nevada Attorney General Masto and Investigations Chief from Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Investigations through sit-down meetings and phone conversations

Friday, March 30, 2012

-  One hour sit-down conversation with Attorney General Harris’ administrative staffs

-  45-minute phone conversation with AG Harris senior staff.

Brief summary can be found on

Thursday, April 4, 2012

-  One hour sit-down conversation with Attorney General Harris’ senior staffs: one from civil division and the other from criminal division.

Brief summary can be found on


This world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything – Albert Einstein

All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. – Edmund Burke

For those who care.  There were two key players in hammering out 49-state $26 billion mortgage settlement. One is the California
Attorney General Harris.  The other is the President of Wells Fargo’s Home Mortgage Division, Mike Heid.

For those who understand.  “The 49 State Attorney General Mortgage Settlement – A Detailed Analysis of The EPIC SELLOUT of The American People”

Details of the conversation will be updated at a later date.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

– I had a 45-minute phone conversation with the Investigations Chief from Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Alert: CFPB will not intervene or issue opinion on behalf of consumers if their complaints are in litigation.  Whether there is clear evidence of consumer abuse is irrelevant to CFPB.

CFPB can’t make Wells Fargo carry out its promises to my family. This is the same position taken by the Office of Comptroller of Currency (OCC).

Before litigation, OCC informed us that it had no authority to regulate Wells Fargo.  After litigation, OCC claimed that it could no longer comment on our complaints because it was in litigation.

OCC is notorious in defending banking abuse rather than promoting public trust and protecting public interests.

I am deeply concerned about CFPB’s position. CFPB has shown signs of compromising to the financial institutions on several consumer
protection issues.  Here is a piece of information I believe every concerned American should know.

President Obama chose Richard Cordray over Elizabeth Warren as CFPB director for a very good reason.  Richard Cordray, a career prosecutor is a politician.  He is flexible enough not to alter the Administration’s and Department of Justice’s agenda – “Too Big To Fail” banksters IS “Too Big To Jail”.

Here is the evidence, quote from Associated Press, published on January 8, 2012.

Cordray’s record has not been entirely without negatives. In 2008, while serving as Ohio treasurer, Cordray
returned a $10,000 campaign contribution he had received within two weeks of taking his first state office, donated by the stepdaughter of a salesman for St. Louis, Mo.-based Wachovia Securities. In the first year of Cordray’s administration, reports found Wachovia saw a 37 percent increase in its share of state bondtrading business. The salesman, Montford Will, his wife and two stepchildren were fined $125,000 in 2009 in what was believed to be the biggest case in state history of disguising campaign contributions to circumvent contribution limits. Cordray was among a host of both Democrats and Republicans who had received money from the family in the scheme.

Wells Fargo acquired Wachovia in October, 2008.  My complaint is against Wells Fargo.  Set aside the convenient excuses, what are
the odds that CFPB will look into my complaints?

I have anticipated the results.  It’s disappointing to say the least.  However, it’s intriguing and troubling to actually hear how CFPB and the Attorneys General deliver and justify the positions they took.

I am going to hold off on the details of my conversation and personal opinion for a future date.  Stay tuned.


Friday, April 27, 2012

–   I had an hour sit-down meeting with Nevada Attorney General Masto’s senior staffs, one from the civil division and the other from the criminal division.  Names withheld for the time being.

I presented my revised Open Letter to Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf and the latest email correspondence I sent to both AG Masto’s and AG
Harris’ office. Both can be found on


We filed complaints against Wells Fargo for loan origination fraud and Wells Fargo’s hand-picked appraiser T.J. Magee for appraisal fraud with AG Masto’s and AG Harris’ offices in 2006.

In 2008, AG Masto’s office suspended appraiser T.J. Magee’s license for committing appraisal fraud against my family and mandated appraiser Magee to complete fraud course.

After repeated emails and phone conversations, AG Masto’s and AG Harris’ offices refused to investigate and/or prosecute Wells Fargo.

Questions I presented to AG Masto’s office on Friday, April 27, 2012.

Why did AG Masto choose to hold Wells Fargo hand-picked appraiser T.J. Magee accountable by suspending his real estate appraiser’s license for committing appraisal fraud against my family in 2008 and mandating him to complete fraud courses, but fell short in holding “Too Big To Fail” Wells Fargo accountable?

With clear evidence, why does AG Masto allow Wells Fargo to commit loan origination fraud, mortgage-backed securities fraud, wrongful foreclosure and tax evasion against homeowners, investors, tax payers and the IRS when she has the personal knowledge Wells Fargo is committing systematic fraud?

Such systemic banking abuse is a mirror image of the cause of 2008 housing crisis and financial institutions melt down. Where is the accountability?

Why can’t AG Masto make Wells Fargo carry out its promises to our family?  Why can’t justice apply to homeowners like us?  Why is Wells Fargo not prosecutable when evidence is piling sky high?

When Wells Fargo made a clear choice to suppress our voice and actions in putting up a good fight against its abusive, illegal and predatory lending practices, why can’t AG Masto take an affirmative stand on behalf of homeowners, expose, investigate and prosecute Wells Fargo?

Answers given by AG Masto’s senior staffs.

Nevada Judicial system is like the “WILD, WILD WEST.”  AG’s office has no control over the judicial system.  As much as AG Masto’s office wants to see that justice to be served for my family, there is nothing the Office can do to make it happen.

Whether there will be justice for my family depends on:

-    Whether Nevada Supreme Court Judges will uphold the laws to hold Wells Fargo accountable for defrauding my family

-    Whether Nevada Supreme Court will invite AG Masto’s office to intervene by filing an Amicus Brief on behalf of homeowners, so the Nevadans will no longer be abused by big financial institutions like Wells Fargo

1.  AG Masto’s senior staffs are quick to point fingers at Nevada Supreme Court. Agreed, Nevada Supreme Court chose to ignore
materials facts and refused to uphold the laws against Wells Fargo.  What AG Masto’s senior staffs refused to admit is that her office sat on the clear evidence since 2006 and chose not to exercise her elected power and take actions against TBTF Wells Fargo.  Courts’ biased rulings were not issued until 2009.  AG Masto’s office had ample time (3 years) and evidence to hold Wells Fargo accountable but chose not to do
anything to protect my family and the general public.

2.  Wells Fargo and its army of attorneys continue to commit fraud under their jurisdiction.  AG Masto’s office still chooses to see no evil and take no actions against Wells Fargo and its army of attorneys for banking abuse.

Advice given to me by AG’s senior staff:

-     Pray that Nevada Supreme Court will view the material facts and uphold the laws, so the justice would be served.

-     Accept the fact that Wells Fargo is unbeatable due to the failed system and also accept the fact that Wells Fargo has hired the “elite” army of attorneys who beat the system.

-     What is not said is that AG Masto’s office witnesses daily on how Wells Fargo’s army of attorneys commit fraud on the court and
abuse the judicial system, and the Office chose not to regulate and prosecute the crimes.

Quote from “Sense on Cents” – Do you feel like screaming? I do…so here goes. Barack Obama…GUTLESS!! Joe Biden…GUTLESS!! Eric

I improvised from “Sense on Cents” – Attorney General Kamala Harris … REALLY GUTLESS!! Attorney General Catherine Masto … TOTALLY GUTLESS!!  Nevada Supreme Court as confirmed by both offices of AG Harris and AG Masto, COMPLETELY LAWLESS!!

Quote from “Senses on Cents” – More than GUTLESS and LAWLESS, these individuals are all CAPTURED by the big money on Wall Street.

As such, they are little more than Wall Street “Bitches”. Do you disagree?  (End Quote)

SHAMELESS, they all want my vote and your votes to put them in the OFFICE they desperately want.

Who do they vow to work for? – You and Me.

Who do they REALLY work for?  – Banksters and 1%.

What shall we do under the circumstances?

It’s my job and also your job to keep our stories ALIVE! Keep our evidence RELEVANT!

We refuse to let banksters and 1% to pre-select candidates for key offices in the state and federal levels.

We will make our votes count.  We will make our elected officials work for 99%.  We will make it our job to make these people un-electable if they claim themselves to be good men, however choose to see no evil and do nothing to hold TBTF banksters accountable.

It’s our full-time job to make the governor, senator and president wannabes deliver the results that suit 99% before we elect them to the Office.   Promises are no longer good enough for us.

It’s our full-time job to identify and reject the governor, senator and president wannabes’ campaign platforms that is NOT the most
relevant to our value and our social justice system.

It’s OUR job to set up the campaign platforms for governor, senator and president wannabes.  Let them go through the proper job interview before we put them in “a corner office with the view of a historic building” while we are homeless and dreamless for a better future.

Abraham Lincoln declared war against slavery and won.  Now, it’s high time that we, the 99% declare war against financial slavery.  I will
fight for the justice for ALL, not just for the 50%, not just for the 80%, not even just for 98.999999%.  It’s 99% INCLUSIVE.   We are unique and powerful in our rightful ways.  We need to focus on addressing the issues at stake.  Our American Dream is under attack.  Our quality of living is under attack.  Our judicial system is under attack.  99% and 1% are no longer living by one set of rules.  We shall understand
the powerful definition of 99%.  Unite we win.  Divide we lose.  Onward!

Open Letter to Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf

By: dz88 Tuesday April 24, 2012 2:48 pm

Dear Mr. Stumpf,

Protesters at Wells Fargo. Photo by J. Paul Zocalli

It’s time to repent and turn yourself in to the 99%.  It’s time to stop your public lies.  It’s time to stop issuing toxic mortgage loans to homeowners.  It’s time to right the wrong as you promised.  It’s high time to stop putting the stagecoach in front of that horse.

Wells Fargo gave a fraudulent mortgage loan to Donna and Nuno Vieira in 2005 based on a hugely inflated appraisal. Wells Fargo’s mortgage loan is so toxic that as soon as the Vieira signed Wells Fargo’s mortgage loan contract before the ink dried, their home was already $243,000 underwater.  Attorney General suspended your hand-picked appraiser’s license for committing appraisal fraud against the Vieira.  The Vieira forwarded you and your senior executives a copy of the Attorney General ruling.  However, you still refused to correct your mistakes as promised and chose to wrongfully foreclose Vieira’s home.  Details are well documented on the website

Donna and Nuno Vieira have collectively banked with World Savings, Wachovia and Wells Fargo for 20 years. They are first generation immigrants. Nuno was a proud veteran who served this great country and now, they are self-reliant and responsible small business owners. They carry no debts other than the mortgage loan with Wells Fargo.  Because of your toxic mortgage loan, their American Dream became an American nightmare.

Shame on you!  Vieira’s tragic experience is not an isolated incident.

By: dz88 Monday April 16, 2012 6:20 pm

Dear Mr. Gillette, Mr. Diehl, Mr. Troncoso, Ms. Grunder, Ms. Lopez and Mr. Eric Witkoski,

Here is one more piece of information, which I hope that it will be helpful to illustrate that the Courts do make mistakes.  There shall
be accountability against TBTF banks like Wells Fargo.

Reno Nevada’s Vieira; Washoe County district court CV-0700753; NSC appeal 53690

The Vieiras filed -753 for a variety of claims including WF’s breach of contract, bad faith, appraisal fraud, fraud, and misrepresentation
concerning their home purchase. Per official records, WF’s hand-picked appraiser’s license was revoked by Nevada for having inflated the value of the Vieira home by approximately $243,000. WF provided high-interest financing for the home’s real value, -plus the quarter million dollar overage. Despite these facts, state judge Perry ultimately ruled in favor of the Fortune-500, $9 Billion interstate banking corporation and released it from suit even though he admitted at footnote 2 that there was “evidence of misconduct and irresponsible conduct on the part of the Defendants.” See docket #09-11750

The Vieiras then appealed Perry’s strange decision to the Nevada Supreme Court [NSC]. The NSC soon funneled the consumer-victims into
Nevada’s secretive Foreclosure Mediation Program [FMP]. The un-recorded mediation (per the express rules adopted by the NSC which favors secrecy and confidentiality) before retired judge Cashill failed miserably, so the case returned to the NSC where the justices again ruled in favor of the deep pockets and affirmed colleague Perry. In summation, all of Nevada’s judges were on the same page in support of WF from which there was “evidence of misconduct and irresponsible conduct.”

Judges rule in favor of the Fortune-500, disregarding all the material facts and laws.  We need Attorney General Harris and Attorney General Masto to take a stand.  The way to protect consumers is to push back when courts make mistakes.

Thank you.

Donna Vieira

Letter to Nevada Attorney General Masto

By: dz88 Monday April 16, 2012 9:02 am

April 12, 2012

Eric Witkoski

Consumer Advocate

Chief Deputy Attorney General

Nevada Attorney General

Bureau of Consumer Protection

100 North Carson Street

Carson City, Nevada 89701


Dear Chief Deputy Attorney General Witkoski,

I am sorry that your office concluded that there was nothing can be done in holding Wells Fargo accountable for facilitating appraisal
fraud, committing loan origination fraud and wrongful foreclosure against my family.

In 2008, your office was able to temporarily suspend appraiser T.J. Magee for committing appraisal fraud against my family.  Knowing that Wells Fargo owns 49% of the Rel Valuation, who hired T.J.Magee to appraise my home for the purpose of our mortgage loan application from Wells Fargo, we are shocked to learn about your decision.

Our family was defrauded by appraiser T.J. Magee and Wells Fargo and was trapped in a fraudulent mortgage loan that we can’t get rid
of.  Wells Fargo benefited from its mortgage lending fraud and there was no recourse for homeowners like us.  Nevada Courts refused to make rulings based on the material fact and upholding the state laws. Something is terribly wrong.

We can’t accept your office’s decision.  We believe that your office can, but failed to protect homeowners like us and hold Wells Fargo accountable for committing direct violation of NRS205.372.

NRS 205.372 clearly states that “The Attorney General may investigate and prosecute a violation of this section.”

Nevada is ground zero of foreclosure crisis.  Your office has yet to put Wells Fargo executives in jail for defrauding Nevadans.

We sincerely hope that your office exercise your authority by holding Wells Fargo for the promises it made to our family and prosecute its
army of attorneys for violating state laws and abusing homeowners.


Donna  & Nuno Vieira

2nd Rolling Hunger Striker Tim Nonn from Occupy Petaluma Speaks Out

By: dz88 Friday April 13, 2012 7:59 am

OccupyHungerThis is the seventh and last day of my hunger strike to protest the lack of prosecutions of the banks for widespread foreclosure fraud.  You can read about our rolling hunger strike here.

I have lost weight but I have gained an important insight into our struggle for justice. During the past week I have thought about the immense power of the banks. They have used their power to corrupt politicians and law enforcement agencies. I’m not talking about outright bribery but the power of hordes of highly-paid lawyers and lobbyists that influence government to weaken regulations and block prosecutions. The banks have also used their power to deceive the public, spending billions each year on advertising that depicts the banks as caring and responsible members of society.

How can we possibly stand against the power of the banks? We don’t have their power and wealth but we have something they will never have – compassion for those who are losing their homes and love for our communities that are being decimated by foreclosures.

Are compassion and love enough to defeat the power of the banks? I believe they are. Compassion and love are what make us human. They give meaning to life. While the banks practice indifference toward those who are losing their homes and communities that are declining, the people who are part of the banking system are becoming less and less human every day. They are paying a heavy price for their lack of compassion and love. They are losing their humanity and souls. For what would life be without compassion for those who are suffering and love for one another?

Would all the money in the world be able to replace the hollowness at the center of our beings in a world turned cold and dark by heartless greed? The world the banks seek to create by their greed is not one I wish to live in. So I urge everyone who is part of this struggle for justice to ground their thoughts and actions in compassion and love. This is what will sustain and unite us. This is what will create a world worth living in.

Attorney General Kamala Harris and Attorney General Catherine Masto Refuse to Take On Wells Fargo

By: dz88 Friday April 13, 2012 7:51 am

Email Correspondence with California Attorney General Kamala Harris’ office

Date:  Wednesday, Aprill 11, 2012 3:47pm

From:  Donna Vieira

To:        Dane Gillette;Benjamin Diehl;Michael Troncoso (Senior Assistant Attorneys General) – from California Attorney Genearl Harris’ office

Cc:        Frances Grunder (Senior Assistant Attorney Geneal) – from California Attorney Genearl Harris’ office

When Wells Fargo’s EVP and General Counsel Jim Strother and Major Business Unit General Counsel David Moskowitz defined that intentional appraisal fraud, loan origination fraud, mortgage-backed securities fraud, wrongful foreclosure and tax evasion is acceptable business practice to Wells Fargo. I don’t see how you can determine that it is an isolated, out ofjurisdiction event and be absolutely certain that Wells Fargo has done nothing wrong in California within your jurisdiction?

2008 housing crisis happened for a reason. Recent articles on Wells Fargo’s predatory lending practices published for a reason. California is ground zero offoreclosure crisis for a reason. When evidence shows that Wells Fargo has built a business based on fraud, do we do
something to curb its offense or do nothing?

AG Harris vowed to protect middle class and be tough on financial crimes. We are patiently waiting.

http: //wwvv.loansafe.orglwells-fargo-has-discrimination-complaint-filed-against-them-by-fair-housingorganizations


Date:        Wednesday, April 11, 2012 3:25pm

From:        Dane Gillette; (Senior Assistant Attorneys General) – from California Attorney Genearl Harris’ office

To:             Donna Vieira; Benjamin Diehl; Michael Troncoso

Cc:        Frances Grunder (Senior Assistant Attorney Geneal) – from California Attorney Genearl Harris’ office

This relates entirely to the Nevada foreclosure which Frances and I refused to accept when we spoke last week because this office has no jurisdiction over events of this sort which took place in another state.

Date:  Wednesday, Aprill 11, 2012 2:21pm

From:  Donna Vieira

To:        Dane Gillette;Benjamin Diehl;Michael Troncoso (Senior Assistant Attorneys General) – from California Attorney Genearl Harris’ office

Dear Mr. Troncoso, Mr. Diehl and Mr. Gillette,

Please find the enclosed evidence, which clearly points that Wells Fargo executives here in its SF headquarter authorized its systematic and intentional appraisal fraud, loan origination fraud, mortgage-backed securities fraud, wrongful foreclosure and tax evasion.

Wells Fargo’s EVP and General Counsel Jim Strother and Major Business Unit General Counsel David Moskowitz authorized Wells Fargo employees to defraud homeowners, investors and taxpayers. Both Mr. Strother and Mr. Moskowitz are familiar about the laws and what constitutes financial fraud. They are located in your jurisdiction.   They chose to violate the laws and gave orders to Wells Fargo employees to commit systematic and intentional financial fraud.

Please help to hold Wells Fargo accountable for its promises to my family.


Letters received from Attorney General Catherine Masto’s office.

Re: Complaint Concerning Wells Fargo

Dear Ms. Vieira:

An inquiry has been received by this office concerning your current action before the Nevada Supreme Court. I have reviewed the entire file at the Supreme Court and it appears that it has already issued a ruling in your case. An amicus brief would have had to be filed within 7
days of your Civil Proper Person Appeal Statement which was filed on April 19, 2010. See NRAP 29(f). Unless the Supreme Court requests that the state file an amicus brief, the State of Nevada cannot do so in this case. At this point there is nothing this office can offer to you.


General ERIC WITKOSKI , Consumer Advocate

Footnote:  AG Masto suspended Wells Fargo’s appraiser T.J. Magee’s real estate appraiser’s license for committed appraisal fraud against my family in 2008.  However, AG Masto refused to hold Wells Fargo accountable for committing mortgage lending fraud and wrongful foreclosure against my family.  We demand justice.  We demand that Wells Fargo be held accountable!