Part of the importance of Palin’s facebook writer lashing out in the names of Palin and one of her daughters this past week being countered by the real actress behind a voice on a cartoon show, is that once again, Palin’s treatment of Trig, before and after he was born, needs to be far more closely scrutinized than has been the case.

Down Syndrome victor, Andrea Fay Friedman has presented the most clear image in our nation’s history of a person successfully realizing and fulfilling life, while dealing day to day with her tough challenge. Andrea’s descriptions of her upbringing, education and professional career are compelling. Her immediate criticism of Palin’s comment about the show Andrea had voiced was as straightforward and honest as Palin’s posts Andrea was responding to had been patronizing and dishonest.

It’s important to revisit how bizarre Palin’s atitude toward Trig is:

She only disclosed the pregnancy very late. She hid Trig so intentionally, that her slimness has helped give credibility to some who question whether or not she really did give him birth. Knowing that her fifth child’s delivery might be risky to the unborn person in her womb, she flew all over the place. Then she flew all over the place again and again. Then her water broke, and she flew all over the place with Trig again. And again.

Palin has now given at least five conflicting versions of the last 50 hours of her most recent pregnancy. The most recent version, given in Texas this past week, has her quitting a speech early at an event the day before Trig was born. The statement made this week is at odds with each of the other four versions, each of which is at odds with at least one element of the remaining four.

Although Palin has stated numerous times that she has produced a public birth certificate for Trig, there is no such document. The MSNBC emails revealed that a medical insurance query had asked for it.

As Andrea said on Thursday, "my mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of french bread."

Images of Palin on the campaign trail in 2008 with her younger son, and on the book tour, show Palin doing just that. Again and again.

I’ve seen enough posts, gotten enough emails and comments about Palin’s irresponsibility and disregard for Trig to fill a large book. Many of the comments at my blog have been on the mark, and share life experiences from women who, had they treated their late pregnancies as Palin did hers, would have resulted in the death of, or lasting disability to the baby.

Then there’s the stress the unborn kid who is going to need extra help is undergoing in a pregnancy such as we now know Palin was inflicting. To me, that’s the weirdest aspect of Palin’s conduct then. She had to know what she was doing was hurting him.

Didn’t she?

"like a loaf of french bread."

I wasn’t upset with Palin’s public appearances that included Trig during the 2008 presidential campaign during the campaign itself. The way she seemed to not connect very well with Trig during the well-covered book tour bothered me, though.

The way her people so indignantly jumped on Rahm Emanuel recently for something he had said way, way last summer was also weird. Then Palin gave Limbaugh a pass for worse. "Satire," Palin explained.

Andrea says:

I guess former Governor Palin does not have a sense of humor. I thought the line “I am the daughter of the former governor of Alaska” was very funny. I think the word is “sarcasm”.

Andrea Fay Friedman’s challenge to Palin Friday was this:

I’d like to see [unclear] a normal environment for Trig, and have a normal life like I have, and don’t treat him like he’s a loaf of bread.

That’s not right. He needs a normal life. Like I have.