Alaska blogger, journalist and writer Amanda Coyne has posted a Youtube of one of the four GOP Alaska U.S. Senate Primary candidates.  In it, the longshot entry in the four-way race may have inadvertently helped her low budget campaign more than anything she intentionally produced might have done.  In places, candidate Kathleen Tonn sings in tongues.  She sings in a steam bath, joined at the end of the video by her friend, Suzie:

Coyne writes:

Tonn is a pro-life candidate. Her candidacy has received little attention so far compared to the three other frontrunners running in the Republican primary—[Tea Party favorite] Joe Miller, [not Anchorage Mayor, but the other one - ex- Alaska AG] Dan Sullivan, and [current Lieutenant Governor] Mead Treadwell. That might change after the video gets around.

The gift of tongues is a considered by those who have the gift—including this writer’s mother– to be highly sacred and it is considered forbidden to be used as publicity. It’s unclear whether the video had any effect on Suzie, who appears briefly at the end, clad in a towel. “That was beautiful,” Suzie says.

I’ll be writing more soon about the 2014 Alaska U.S. Senate primary and other issues warming up here in an important election year.