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Why is This Guy Happy?

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He’s happy because the people getting all this money are going to send him some of it for his election campaign, so they can get even more:

Real wages fell in 2011, despite record corporate profits. “There’s never been a postwar era in which unemployment has been this high for this long,” explained labor economist Gary Burtless. “Workers are in a very weak bargaining position.”

Between 2009 and 2011, 88 percent of national income growth went to corporate profits, while just 1 percent went to wages, a stat that is “historically unprecedented.”

So, we, the 99% got 1%, and the 1% got 88% of Obama’s economic boom.

Is there any indication this is going to change anytime soon?

Occupy Anchorage – October 8, 2011

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Occupy Anchorage Sign-making tables

Last night, I posted an essay expressing my sense of frustration about the current state of protest in Alaska, after having attended the “Occupy Anchorage” event yesterday afternoon.   Interesting comments, especially this predictably anonymous one:

Oh, Phil. You’re not “jaded,” you’re just lazy. What efforts did YOU contribute, other than sitting on your ass yappin’ with Kelly Walters throughout the entire thing, so you could bash people afterward? You couldn’t even be bothered to take your own photos while there and have to poach those of a fellow blogger (whom you also habitually trash, of course). If you want causes and events to be better, how ’bout putting forth a modicum of effort yourself, instead of lazily throwing derision from the sidelines?


Here are the poll results.  I was only able to poll about 25 people, as I wanted to hear the speeches, and people began drifting away rapidly after the last speakers had their turns.  Not everyone answered every question, so numbers vary, as at some of my earlier tea party movement polls.

Did you show up more in solidarity with the issues of Occupy Wall Street, or over concern about Alaska issues:

National solidarity – 4
Alaska solidarity – 21

What Alaska issue concerns you the most: Read the rest of this entry →