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My Thanksgiving Letter to Pamela Geller’s BFF in the Alaska Legislature: Rename the Turkey the “Winged Marmot”

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November 24, 2011

Dear Rep. Gatto

Happy Thanksgiving!

A matter of grave concern has been brought to the American people by that tirelessly vigilant, level-headed Patriot, Pamela Geller. As you have been shown to recognize, we are truly fortunate to have such a clear view of the imminent threats posed to Americans as those taken up by Geller. Her views have been adopted here in the USA, and abroad.

Last legislative session, you had her testify on behalf of your House Bill 88, designed to stop the insidiously well-hidden move afoot here in the Mat-Su Valley to adopt Sharia Law as the basis of our legal codes.  With so many less important issues like domestic violence, Alaska jobs, declining educational standards crowding your extremely vital bill out of the limelight it deserved, it hasn’t yet passed.

When do you plan on finishing up that bill in the 2012 legislative session?  We need it soon!  I think there’s a vacant building in Palmer and are several in Wasilla that could easily be converted into mosques overnight.

This week, Ms. Geller brought my attention to something that might even have a more profound effect on my daily life in Wasilla than Sharia Law. But in concentrating on only one aspect of the real problem here, she may have missed a far more important issue. First, here’s what Ms. Geller observed: Read the rest of this entry →

Alaska Legislator Who Refused TSA Grope to Arrive in Juneau This Morning – by Ferry Boat – Updated

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Alaska state legislator Sharon Cissna (source: AK State Legislature)

After her mastectomy padding showed up in the invasive full-body X-ray scan at Sea-Tac Airport on Sunday, Alaska Representative Sharon Cissna (D – District K Anchorage) refused to go through a highly invasive pat-down.  Unlike some who have refused this insulting procedure, Cissna was allowed to leave the airport.  She had been searched before.  After telling her husband she would never submit to such indignity again, she kept her word.

Apparently, Cissna went from Sea-Tac to British Columbia, where she caught a plane to Prince Rupert, where the Alaska Ferry MV Matanuska was scheduled to dock early in the week, as it worked its way north from Bellingham, Washington to Juneau, Haines and Skagway.

From Prince Rupert, before boarding the ferry, which doesn’t have  wifi, and only intermittent cell phone coverage, Cissna wrote a letter to constituents:

The evening of the 20th of February 2011 started with relief, as I was anxious to get back to the important work of the Alaskan Legislature.  Heading into security after time with the line of passengers, I felt upbeat.  I’d blocked out the horror of three months earlier, but after the pleasant TSA agent checked the ticket and ID, I suddenly found myself directed into scanning by the Seattle Airport’s full-body imaging scan.  The horror began again.  A female agent placed herself blocking my passage.  Scan results would again display that my breast cancer and the resulting scars pointed a TSA finger of irregularity at my chest.  I would require invasive, probing hands of a stranger over my body.

Memories of violation would consume my thoughts again.”

“Being a public servant and elected representative momentarily disappeared.

Facing the agent I began to remember what my husband and I’d decided after the previous intensive physical search.  That I never had to submit to that horror again!  It would be difficult, we agreed, but I had the choice to say no, this twisted policy did not have to be the price of flying to Juneau!”

“So last night, as more and more TSA, airline, airport and police gathered, I became stronger in remembering to fight the submission to a physical hand exam.

I repeatedly said that I would not allow the feeling-up and I would not use the transportation mode that required it.”

“For nearly fifty years I’ve fought for the rights of assault victims, population in which my wonderful Alaska sadly ranks number one, both for men and women who have been abused.  The very last thing an assault victim or molested person can deal with is yet more trauma and the groping of strangers, the hands of government ‘safety’ policy.”

“For these people, as well as myself, I refused to submit.”

Wednesday, the Alaska House of Representatives took a “Sense of  the House” vote in support of Rep. Cissna in a resolution:

“that efficient travel is a cornerstone of our economy and our quality of life especially here in Alaska, and that no one should have to sacrifice their dignity in order to travel.”

The House voted 36-2 to adopt that sentiment. Reps. Bob Lynn, R-Anchorage, and Dan Saddler, R-Eagle River, voted “no.” Cissna and Rep. Anna Fairclough, another Eagle River Republican, were absent.

Representatives Lynn and Sadler are the legislature’s most ardent supporters of the most intrusive and ridiculous aspects of our mismanaged, stupid “war on terror.”   Lynn denounced me in a 2004 joint session of the legislature as an enemy of the State.   Read the rest of this entry →

Chapter 13 of Eric Boehlert’s “Bloggers on the Bus” – An Alaska Update

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Chapter Thirteen of Eric Boehlert’s fascinating new book, Bloggers on the Bus: How the Internet Changed Politics and the Press, discusses issues surrounding how the elevation of Alaska governor Sarah Palin to being John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential election campaign challenged Alaska’s fledgeling blogger community. The chapter is essentially divided into two sections: The first details how our ad hoc team of progressive Alaskan bloggers dealt responsibly with getting information about Palin to the public, how we helped Outside (those who aren’t from Alaska) journalists, and how we shared resources openly and responsibly. The second part of this chapter of Eric’s book describes how the story of Palin’s youngest child, Trig, was handled, comparing responsible coverage in the blogosphere to the rest.

I only have two mild points on the Alaska chapter. It misses the story of how many false tales about Palin – Sambo beat the Bitch being the best example – that we killed or tried to kill. But how was Eric supposed to know? We killed the stories’ credibility, usually within minutes or hours. He does clearly differentiate between our progressive bloggers’ veracity and article quality, compared to the material covered in the second half of the chapter. Read the rest of this entry →

Palin May Lose the Most Divisive Nomination Battle in Alaska History

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Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s nomination of Anchorage attorney Wayne Anthony Ross, AKA – "WAR," to be Attorney General is turning out to be the most divisive cabinet nomination in Alaska history. During nomination hearings in the legislature last week, testimony on Ross was provocative and contentious. Then a bomb shell hit the Palin camp.

They won’t recover.

On April 7, the daughter of one of Alaska’s most dedicated and respected public servants, Dick Burton, submitted a letter to the state Senate Judiciary Committee. Leah Burton has long been an advocate for abused women and family safety. Nominee Ross (hereinafter referred to as "WAR"), has built a career defending men who have lost their children in child custody battles. In her letter, she claimed:

In 1991, the DADS group held an area wide meeting at a Denny’s Restaurant in Anchorage near DeBarr & Bragaw. I chose to go and sit in the main area of the restaurant near the opening of the meeting room where they convened so I was able to hear what they had to say and find out what plans they had for the upcoming legislative session.

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Sarah Palin’s Worst Week Ever Just Got Worse – Todd’s Sister Arrested for Burglary

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Every day for the past week, another new sign the shelf life of Sarah Palin has expired came out. Beginning with volcanic eruptions that revealed unreadiness by the state for an event predicted since January, it ended with the arrest in Wasilla, of Todd Palin’s sister, for burglary. In between these two, were policy and public relations disasters, erupting one dark cloud after another.

Beginning last Thursday:

Just over a week ago, when Alaska’s Mt. Redoubt, across Cook Inlet from the Southcentral Alaska population hub, began large eruptions, it was revealed that the Palin administration had left many questions unanswered, about the status of oil stored in Chevron’s Drift River storage tank farm. It took petition after petition from watchdog groups Cook Inletkeeper and Trustees for Alaska to force the Coast Guard and state to pressure Chevron into dealing with the potential disaster. While the Palin administration had been willing to accept Chevron’s lie that only a few thousand gallons were being stored at Drift River, the actions by Trustees and Cook Inletkeeper revealed the amount to be over 6,000,000 gallons.

Now, with very little help from Palin’s administration, Chevron has been forced to begin removal on Saturday.
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Emmonak and Yukon-Kuskokwim Relief Effort Update

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Alaska blogger and reporter Denis Zaki arrived in Emmonak yesterday evening. He stayed last night at the school, and began interviewing people around town immediately. He attempted to attend a meeting this morning, between recently arrived State of Alaska employees and village officials. Palin’s people wanted him out of the picture though, so the village officials, on behalf of the state, asked him to leave the meeting.

As we enter the second week of public awareness of the Lower Yukon midwinter crisis, the Palin administration, finally reacting, is very aware that this story gained national attention through a few liberal AM radio program hosts, and progressive Alaska bloggers, centered around Alaskans for Truth.

That group, started in response to the September 2008 takeover of the Palin administration’s publicity and administrative apparatus by Bush administration cleaner and hitman Ed O’Callaghan, is the most active and persistent team of critics in Alaska of Palin’s policies, actions and ethical methods. I’m a proud member. Read the rest of this entry →

Alaskans For Truth is Now a Political Action Committee!

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Alaskans for Truth began in response to the outrage many Alaskans felt when the John McCain campaign came into Alaska, with a team publicly headed by lower-48 torture advocate Ed O’Callaghan, and attempted to shut down or discredit the Alaska Legislative Council ethics investigation into aspects of Walt Monegan’s termination as Alaska Director of Public Safety.

The product of the Legislative Council’s independent investigation, known as the Branchflower Report contained a number of findings, some of which require action during the upcoming session of the 27th Alaska Legislature.

Although the subsequent release, on November 3, of the State of Alaska Personnel Board investigation, known as the Petumenos Report, found that the Branchflower Report was based upon a flawed interpretation of Alaska statutes, the Petumenos Report’s methodology on that finding, and overall thoroughness, have been called into question.

Since the November 4th election, Alaskans for Truth have noticed a softening in attitude toward the well documented ethical lapses of Governor Palin, as brought out in the Branchflower Report, in numerous articles in the national and Alaska media, and in other credible reports. Those of us who have followed Alaska political corruption for a long time, see in this softening a pattern we have seen Read the rest of this entry →