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FBI Informant Who Took Down Right-Wing Alaska Militia Claims Palin Was Already in Line for VP Slot in March, 2008

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FBI informant William Fulton

Last week, William Fulton, the FBI informant whose testimony in the Schaeffer Cox conspiracy to murder trial was a key to the latter’s conviction, came out of his silence.  Since March 15th, 2011, Fulton has been protected by the Federal government, and had disappeared from his Spenard Avenue military surplus and equipment store, the Drop Zone, the day before:

Five days after members of an Interior Alaska militia group were arrested in connection with plots to kill Alaska State Troopers, judges and others, Anchorage businessman William Fulton — a man once identified as the “supply sergeant” for the Alaska Citizens Militia — went missing. He has not been seen since.

Fulton was the owner of Drop Zone, a military surplus store on Spenard Road. He gained some notoriety during the 2010 U.S. Senate race when, acting as security for failed candidate Joe Miller, he handcuffed and detained Alaska Dispatch editor Tony Hopfinger at a public meeting.

On March 15, a Drop Zone employee arrived at work to find Anchorage attorney Wayne Anthony Ross waiting for him in the parking lot. Ross had documents, signed by Fulton, handing over the shop with all its debts and assets to the employee.

Fulton resurfaced to testify in Cox’s Anchorage trial, then disappeared again until Schaeffer Cox’s and some of his co-conspirators’ sentencing last week.  Now Fulton has been interviewed by news outlets, beginning with Salon and  Huffington Post, on January 11th.

In the HuffPo interview, Fulton revealed that 2010 Alaska U.S. Senate GOP nominee Joe Miller began wearing a bulletproof vest after the nomination.  Fulton was in charge of candidate Miller’s security during many of the Tea Party- and Koch Brothers-backed candidate’s public appearances throughout the late summer and fall of 2010:

Alaska Tea Party favorite Joe Miller wore a bulletproof vest the night he beat Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) to become the Republican Party’s 2010 Senate nominee, his former private security guard told The Huffington Post.

“As we’re finding out that he’s winning, I’m in the bathroom putting a bulletproof vest on the guy,” William Fulton said in one of several interviews this week. Describing Miller as “paranoid,” Fulton said the underdog conservative was afraid he’d be targeted at election headquarters in Anchorage on that August night. “It was fucking ridiculous.”

Monday morning, the Palin-centric (still!!!) Alaska blog, The Immoral Minority featured an extended interview between Jesse Griffin, the blog’s owner, and Fulton. Griffin ran a teaser on the interview late last week, promising that on Monday he would run the Fulton interview, and that readers would then have a chance to ask Bill questions.  Griffin, as recently as this weekend, commenting on the ongoing power struggle within Alaska’s GOP, between the realists and the Teas Party Jihadists, noted:

I am reasonably certain that Russ Millette is only a puppet, and that his strings are being pulled by Joe Miller, and more than likely, Sarah Palin.

No WONDER the Alaska GOP is trying so hard to keep their hands off of the Republican money!

Not very people believe Palin has much of a hand in GOP struggles anymore.  From my perch in Wasilla, I find the idea of Palin continuing to have a significant following absurd.  But Griffin’s followers view Palin as some sort of a Zombie force with talons creeping into every nook and cranny of Alaska politics.

Griffin’s interview with Fulton is interesting, though.  The questions Gryph’s cult followers ask vary between quite good and inane and bizarre. Griffin wrote, at the bottom of the interview:

Now as I mentioned before Bill will answer some of YOUR questions next.

What we have worked out is that you can submit them in the comment section, he will choose the ones he feels he can answer, and then I will type them out in a later post, either tomorrow or the next day depending on time constraints.

Please remember that there are still certain questions that Bill will not be able, or willing, to answer.

An occurrence that keeps on coming up is a meeting that was held in the Captain Cook Hotel, on the morning of March 14, 2008, at the Alaska State GOP Convention.

Interestingly, that’s the same morning I met Schaeffer Cox.

Here’s Fulton’s rendition of aspects of that in Monday’s interview with Griffin (emphasis added):

Q: Well that’s an understatement, however could you please elaborate on why this meeting, which was ostensibly about forcing Randy Reuderich out of the Alaska GOP Chairman’s seat and taking over, suddenly changed direction?

Fulton: Well yes the original intent was to shitcan Reuderich and replace him with somebody else. But then they decided not to do that it so that it wouldn’t distract from the last minute decision to run Sean Parnell against Don Young. 

Q: What changed?

Fulton: I’m not entirely sure, but it had something to do with the fact that Sarah Palin was going to be tapped as the VP candidate.

Q: Really? This was happening in March of 2008, according to Palin, AND the McCain campaign, they did not choose her until the very last minute, late in August of 2008, which is why they did not have time to vet her carefully.

Fulton: Bullshit. Frank Bailey and Joe Miller discussed the nomination as if it was a done deal, and claimed that she was already being vetted.

Q: In March of 2008?

Fulton: Yes, in March of 2008.

So Fulton is at odds with a lot of narratives, including that of the book and movie, Game Change.

Before it became public knowledge that William Fulton had been working undercover to bring down Schaeffer Cox and his colleagues, the former was best known for his arrest and handcuffing of Alaska Dispatch reporter and chief editor, Tony Hopfinger, at a Joe Miller rally in Anchorage, on October 17th, 2010.  Fulton’s act was more instrumental in the write-in victory of Sen. Lisa Murkowski, in a strange three-way race, than any other single event.  Miller’s reaction to the Hopfinger incident struck some as paranoid (emphasis added):

Q: And on that note how do you think Joe Miller feels now knowing that you were working with the FBI while you were also working on his security detail?

Fulton: I KNOW how he feels. He has been writing about it on his blog. He thinks I was a plant that was dedicated to sabotaging his campaign from within. 

Q: Were you?

Fulton: No. I just did what Miller hired me to do. He also has complained that my version of fitting him for body armor in the bathroom due to his paranoia is an exaggeration and that I had “followed him around the convention center warning him of threats.” 

Q: And did you?

Fulton: Hell no! Nobody needed to help Joe Miller feel paranoid.

After the 2010 election Alaska political activist and muckraker Ray Metcalfe and I bought the handcuffs Fulton had used on Hopfinger:

Craig says “Fulton has now told the Huffington Post that he thought putting the cuffs on Tony Hopfinger, the co-owner and editor of Dispatch, while working for Miller, a conservative Republican, appeared a great idea. Fulton said it bolstered his image with the militias.”

When Ray Metcalfe and I bought the same handcuffs Bill had used to cuff Tony at Begich Middle School, Bill told us “If I had it to do all over again, I’d do it all over again.”

He sold them to us a bit below cost for new ones, but they were used – S&W Model M-100. Charged us $40.00.

We later gave them to Tony as a gift.

You can see an image of them here.


(photo I made of the handcuffs, before giving them to Tony)

Fulton reiterated what he told Ray and me in 2010 in today’s interview with Griffin:

I still feel that the bust was legitimate, and my people and I had done the same thing at various events and concerts all over town. However because of who Joe Miller was, and the way the media was portraying him, the arrest served as the perfect catalyst to give the media permission to define him as somebody who would hire jack booted thugs to rough up reporters who tried to question him. 

In fact I performed my duties to the best of my abilities, and would do so again in similar circumstances.

Schaeffer Cox is now on his way to a 25-year stint in a Federal Penitentiary.  Bill Fulton says he wants to keep on working for the government:

I am looking to teach a law enforcement course dealing with extremists and infiltrating their ranks. I am also planning to write a book about my experiences in Alaska, and with the militia up there.

As for Joe Miller, whose star shone so brightly, if briefly, in the Alaska political firmament, here’s from a statement that came out at his web site shortly after the Fulton interviews began to be published last week:

I have no idea what makes people like Bill Fulton and Schaeffer Cox tick. But I do know this: Joe Miller has an extreme love for this country and its people and will continue to fight selflessly to restore Liberty.

Too many have become weary in their efforts against increasing regulations and decreasing rights. William Wilberforce did not give up after all his years of failure in Parliament and because of it slavery was abolished in England.

Joe Miller and I believe in a limited government that stays out of the way of its citizens freedoms. I hope you will join the cause of Liberty and support the people who champion her cause.

Hang in there, Joe.  You’re extremely fun to watch.


(Joe Miller and close friend berating me at the 2010 Alaska State Fair)

Can Scott McAdams Take Lisa Murkowski’s U. S. Senate Seat – With Sarah Palin’s Help?

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U.S. Senate candidate, Sitka Alaska’s progressive mayor, Democrat Scott McAdams, trails U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski in polls. But Sarah Palin has endorsed Murkowski’s challenger, Tea Party Express favorite Joe Miller in the August 24th GOP primary. Palin has a lot of prestige riding on being able to pull off this win. But, as we will see in 2010, Palin’s ability to pick primary winners might not work out so well for her picks in November.

Monday, candidate Miller released a batch of documents showing he had left his Fairbanks City Attorney job under less of a cloud than had been suspected by many. This comes as the Tea Party Express has sent chairwoman Amy Kremer to Alaska to seriously put the upset of Murkowski onto the front burner here in Alaska, and nationwide:

Kremer and other Tea Party Express leaders were in Anchorage to talk about their support for Miller’s Republican primary campaign against U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski. The California-based group said the Miller-Murkowski race would be its "singular focus" between now and the Aug. 24 primary, and that it will do whatever it takes for him to win.

"You’re going to see several hundred thousand dollars spent on this race in television, in radio, in get-out-the-vote efforts," said Bryan Shroyer, the political director for the Tea Party Express.

Palin has endorsed Miller over Murkowski:

"Though the media has tried to portray some sort of feud or bad blood between Lisa and myself, such is not the case," Palin wrote. "I’ve always wished her well, but it is my firm belief that we need a bold reformer who is not afraid to stand up to special interests and take on the tough challenges of our time."

A Palin aide said that the former Alaska governor may do an event for Miller down the line, although nothing is currently planned.

While Palin sought to downplay the idea of any ill will between the two families, it is extremely uncommon for a governor (or former governor) to endorse against an incumbent in a primary fight — unless that incumbent is scandal-plagued or unelectable. Murkowski is neither.

This episode also fits neatly into a running storyline about the feud between the two families.

Palin defeated Murkowki’s father, then-Gov. Frank Murkowski (R), in the 2006 gubernatorial primary; she also backed Lisa Murkowski’s 2004 primary challenger, Mike Miller.

The Tea Party Express has made a $100,000.00 Miller ad buy, which will go a long way in Alaska’s radio-TV market, with very few outlets.

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Forget Levi – Celtic Diva Corners Sarah Palin

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When Linda Kellen told me last winter that she was going to file an ethics complaint with the State of Alaska about then-Governor Sarah Palin, parading around in personalized gear from the snowmachine manufacturer Arctic Cat, while representing the State as chief executive, I agreed that Linda had an issue.

Along with Linda, I felt this was a violation of our state’s ethics statutes.

I told her then that I wanted to concentrate more on getting state law pertaining to conduct of public officials to be more transparent. Alaska is the least "sunshiny" of states when it comes to oversight of elected officials, and I felt that her complaint would go nowhere, and might keep Alaska bloggers and other citizen activists from concentrating on more important issues.

I was wrong.

The ramifications of Linda’s Arctic Cat complaint are still playing out, even three months after Palin quit her job, so that she could go out and start a third party movement or a new religion, or something else.

Linda’s actions in the way the Arctic Cat complaint is playing out may have had more to do with Palin’s resignation than any other set of events. Combined with activist Andree McLeod’s continuing questions on chief executive accountability, Linda’s remorseless peskiness is one of the highest achievements of our notorious Alaska bloggers.

This past week, Palin’s people have filed her final Public Officer Financial Disclosure. It is incomplete, dishonest and may be so rife with enough purposeful lies, to be material evidence for a Federal or State of Alaska criminal indictment.

Linda has written two essays at Celtic Diva’s Blue Oasis on the disclosure report. The first concentrates on the omission of information about Palin’s legal defense fund, the Alaska Fund Trust. Palin doesn’t even list the Trust as a financial interest, yet it was formed within the reporting period. Kellen makes some prescient observations:

1) Palin "blew off" Investigator Daniel in July. By sometime in August, he should have "served a copy of an accusation" upon Palin. If he had, the Personnel Board would no longer be able to hide behind the "confidentiality" claim, as all further proceedings would be public.

2) If Palin and the Board, as Debra English may have hinted they were trying to do during the last Personnel Board Meeting, had reached a "settlement," that too would become public information and would have required an announcement.

According to the ADN [Anchorage Daily News], Kristan Cole (fund trustee) did not respond to their questions. Back in July, she said the fund would be "frozen" until the legal issues were "resolved."

Readers may remember that an East Coast lawyer did an exhaustive analysis of the "trust agreement" that Palin’s people have out for inspection on the AK Fund Trust website:

"There is NOTHING in the official purpose of the AFT related to legal defense or legal proceedings or ethics complaints. In fact, the purpose of the trust is for any expense at all incurred by Sarah Palin "as a result of the fact that she is Governor . . . or as a result of the performance of her duties as Governor." Those are the only limitations instilled by the purpose clause.

So the purpose of the AFT is to collect money for…basically anything and everything, short of overt criminal activity. This includes legal expenses, of course, along with everything else under the sun. It also covers her family and staff, as well as ‘any other person determined by the Trustee.’"

Linda continues, observing that the avoidance of listing the Trust, obviously valued at far more than $1,000.00 (it is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars), is a serious concern.

The initial premise of the trust was linked to Palin’s being governor and expenses that might accrue because of that job. Its life was supposed to end when she ended that job:

The AFT’s purpose, as ambiguous as it may be, is clear about one thing – the purpose was set up for Palin "as Governor." As soon as she resigns, the trust loses its purpose.

Linda Kellen regards this purposeful reporting omission as a severe test of the integrity of both the Alaska Personnel Board and the Alaska Public Offices Commission. I’ll go further and observe that none of our press seems remotely interested in the depth of corruption and collusion Palin’s submission of such an incomplete document on such an important issue indicates.

It gets better, though, in Kellen’s second essay – regarding an issue she owns, the Arctic Cat snowmachine sponsorship of Todd Palin, and how that figures into Palin’s final disclosure and into all of her previous ones. And this subject gets into why I think Linda is as courageous as she is persistent.

Linda brought this issue up weeks after last winter’s Iron Dog snowmachine race. Soon afterward, during a fundraiser to raise the money the state had told her she needed to pursue a document request, Kellen was the first of the Alaska bloggers to get threatened with a SLAPP.

Essentially, the Palins may have lied for years about the material benefits of their relationship with Arctic Cat, the manufacturer of the snowmachine Todd Palin has used in all of his Iron Dog Race runs. Kellen observes that this final filing by Palin raises an entirely new set of questions regarding veracity:

The whole "Arctic Cat" issue began with:

the ethics complaint I filed against Sarah Palin with the Personnel Board,
its subsequent dismissal and
–my attempt at an appeal.

This all led to a simple question asked by Andree McLeod during public testimony at an APOC meeting:

You (Sarah Palin) have reported a "discount on snow machines" by Arctic Cat for Todd Palin. Was this discount exercised during calendar year 2008 and what was the amount of it?

Ms. McLeod was referring to Palin’s Financial Disclosure for calendar year 2008. The only thing disclosed as coming from the Arctic Cat sponsorship was a "50% discount" on a snowmachine and no actual monetary figure was included. This violates APOC’s requirement that anything over $1,000.00 needs to include the value if it was higher than $1,000.00.

As a result, APOC sent that question in the form of a "letter of inquiry" to Sarah Palin and received a response back claiming the amount of the snowmachine discount was "50% of the factory cost" and was therefore a "trade secret."

APOC rejected that claim and gave Palin a deadline to report the information.

Palin/Van Flein responded, now claiming ignorance as to the details of the contract, even though some of the details were revealed in the previous letter and even more of the contract details were shared in this one. For example:

-The racers receive their Arctic wear for free while for others (through them) it was 50% discount and,

-Todd Palin receives a "sponsorship fee."

The APOC Staff made a recommendation, somehow coming to the conclusion that Palin had "revealed enough."

The Commission rather soundly rejected the staff recommendation during their September meeting and instead tasked them with finding out even more information from the Palins, including the amount of the "sponsorship fee" described in the last letter from Van Flein/Palin to the APOC.

This is where the investigation of last year’s Financial Disclosure form stands at this moment.

This brings us back to Monday’s "Final" Financial Disclosure.

Regarding the Iron Dog and sponsorship benefits for the Palins–according to the paperwork, the only mention of ANYTHING Iron Dog (other than listing Todd’s "winnings" as $3,500.00) is identifying Arctic Cat as a sponsor. The only monetary value: "Arctic Cat discount on snowmachines is $3,252.00". So, the Palin’s are claiming that the extent of Arctic Cat sponsorship value to Todd Palin is $3,252.

That’s an interesting figure for a few reasons:

1) On Palin’s Financial Disclosure for calendar year 2007, she lists the total value of the Arctic Cat sponsorship as $7,500.00. That was the year that Davis/Palin won the Iron Dog and the rewards for that win should have been reaped during the 2008 race…the year that Palin failed to attach ANY monetary value to the Arctic Cat sponsorship. 2008 was also the year that Sarah was the Republican VP candidate. The Palins are asking us to believe that the value of the Arctic Cat sponsorship has GONE DOWN by over $4,000.00 AFTER their latest win and the former-Gov’s new national stature?

2) They have still dodged listing that pesky "sponsorship fee" that already has them under investigation for last year’s POFD. During the September APOC meeting, the other Commissioners were enlightened by Commissioner Frederick, a lawyer from Wasilla who also happens to be a musher savvy about sponsorships

Linda Kellen’s pursuit of the issues involving the Arctic Cat sponsorship stands out among the efforts of the rest of our citizen activists here regarding Palin’s breaches of trust in her official duties. I have to honestly say that compared to Linda, I’ve been a dilettante.

Nobody knows where this might go next. There are many overflowing cans of stinky, moldering worms that the Crazy Woman left on our doorsteps. But Linda’s approach, and her diligent attendance at personnel board and public office commission hearings and meetings serve as the best example in the North Country of what the earnest purpose of citizen blogging represents.

Palinphetamine, Alaska Bloggers and the Alaska Press

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While soon-to-be-ex Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin tweets through the night, Alaska’s bloggers are uncovering huge holes in the Palinista narrative that she has nothing to do with her legal defense fund.

It is being reported that since earlier in the week, soon-to-be-ex Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s number of twitter followers passed the 100,000 mark. Given the growing knowledge on the left and among aficionados of the unintended internet humor produced by the seemingly clueless Palin, and her ability to come up with endless strings of inanities, it may be reasonable to assume that at least half of her twitter followers are there for the laughs.

This morning – like in the middle of the night – Palin provided more irrational inanity:

Four hours ago: This wk saw add’l violation of law:filer of friv ethics complaint leaks confidential documents out of context 2 create false headlines, pre- [emphasis added]

Four minutes later: judge investigation,destroy integrity of process&strip rights;Abuse WILL cont til leaks/friv filers r held accntble&press reports accurately [re the press - see below]

Seven minutes later: Legal Fees Fund trustee’s press conf yest set record straight w/facts/truth re:recent complaint;read transcript in case press chooses not to

To me twitter is – so far – fascinating from an outsider point of view, because I’m not yet ready to join the band. If blogging is addictive in a way similar to cocaine (as a loose example), twitter may be like crack. Palin just can’t keep away from that little glass pipe blackberry. Some call them crackberries, seemingly for good reason.

A commenter to a recent Media Matters article puts it this way:

Monday’s Bizarre Sarah Palin Tweets – UPDATED

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Yesterday, bloggers all over the country, getting used to the newest on-line entertainment fad in the USA, turned to soon-to-be-ex Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s twitter page, when the word came out that Alaska citizen activist Andree McLeod has filed more requests for clarification of Alaska’s often confusing or obscure executive ethics statutes.

Essentially, McLeod, taking Gov. Palin at her own word (that’s a risky business, eh?), felt it was obvious Palin was breaking the spirit and letter of the code, based, in part, on this statement:

“Some people direct their mail to me or my family in our personal capacities and others appear to direct their mail to me as the Governor es qualite’. Mail continues to arrive. There are boxes of unopened mail at this point, even mail that was delivered in 2008. Thus, as initially disclosed, ‘we continue to open boxes’ and we consider any parcel ‘received’ at the time it is opened. I have reported those gifts received thus far that are required to be disclosed.”

Here’s a link to McLeod’s current clarification request, commonly misnamed an "ethics complaint."

Back to the show. Palin’s predilection to tweet incessantly and almost mindlessly is well-known. So when McLeod’s request was announced, thousands of Palin followers from all over the political and political humor sprectra pounced on Palin’s twitter page. And they were rewarded. Here’s how I recorded them, in real time order:

in violation of Ethics Act more allegations were filed today by serial complainer;gave to press be4 we could respond;ridiculous, wasteful…

followed seven minutes later by:

Palin May Lose the Most Divisive Nomination Battle in Alaska History

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Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s nomination of Anchorage attorney Wayne Anthony Ross, AKA – "WAR," to be Attorney General is turning out to be the most divisive cabinet nomination in Alaska history. During nomination hearings in the legislature last week, testimony on Ross was provocative and contentious. Then a bomb shell hit the Palin camp.

They won’t recover.

On April 7, the daughter of one of Alaska’s most dedicated and respected public servants, Dick Burton, submitted a letter to the state Senate Judiciary Committee. Leah Burton has long been an advocate for abused women and family safety. Nominee Ross (hereinafter referred to as "WAR"), has built a career defending men who have lost their children in child custody battles. In her letter, she claimed:

In 1991, the DADS group held an area wide meeting at a Denny’s Restaurant in Anchorage near DeBarr & Bragaw. I chose to go and sit in the main area of the restaurant near the opening of the meeting room where they convened so I was able to hear what they had to say and find out what plans they had for the upcoming legislative session.

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Sarah Palin – Sucking So Bad, She Was Keeping Alaska’s Volcanoes from Blowing Too Hard – Until Today

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On the 20th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, as Redoubt Volcano threatened a long-neglected retainment dike system holding 6 million gallons of crude oil, on Alaska’s pristine Cook Inlet, Gov. Palin erupted again and again about media unfairness.

Both Gov. Palin and Redoubt Volcano have been erupting periodically over the past week. The height of eruptions for both occurred Tuesday, the 20th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and 45th Anniversary of the Great Alaska Earthquake.

Another Palin eruption occurred this Tuesday. Alaskan progressive blogger, Linda Kellen, filed an ethics complaint against Gov. Palin at the beginning of the week. Here’s Linda’s press release:

Linda Kellen Biegel, better known as blogger "Celtic Diva," is filing an ethics complaint with the Attorney General today against Governor Sarah Palin. The complaint alleges a conflict of interest when Governor Palin wore specially designed snow-machine gear advertising her husband Todd’s biggest Iron Dog sponsor, Arctic Cat Inc. She did so while acting in her official capacity as Governor of the State of Alaska and official starter of the Iron Dog Snow Machine Race.

Not only was she well aware that there would be extensive Alaska media coverage, the Palins also knew that international magazine Sports Illustrated was coming to do a story on Todd. Read the rest of this entry →

Palin Flack – “I think we did do a review of it…..last year…”

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She’s got other priorities…
graphic by twolf

Alaska’s Senior US Senator Lisa Murkowski reacted to emerging details of the food and fuel emergency on the lower Yukon River Thursday. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s spokesperson, Sharon Leighow stated that Gov. Palin’s office "may have" reviewed the Emmonak situation in October.

How do I know that Sen. Murkowski is reacting to Emmonak? Not from this cite from this morning’s Anchorage Daily News:

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski evoked Emmonak’s struggles Thursday at a Senate committee hearing on the proposed federal economic stimulus plan.

No, because her Washington DC office tried to get me through to her this morning, but she is already meeting on the lower Yukon problem today, with advisors.

Gov. Palin currently has no plans to comment on Emmonak. She is pretty booked today. And Monday, Palin kicks off Glenn Beck’s new FOX News TV program:

It’s been a highly sought after position—the 1st guest appearance on Glenn’s brand new show on Fox News. After a Blagojevich like courtship for the slot, Governor Sarah Palin will be the first guest with Glenn on Fox this Monday at 5pm eastern. Set your Tivo!

She plans on introducing her long-delayed Statewide Energy Plan this morning, at 11:00 a.m. A large Read the rest of this entry →

The Curious Case of Dan Fagan’s Levi Johnston Op-Ed in the Anchorage Daily News

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Dan Fagan, the large-scale Anchorage media figure who questioned Levi Johnston’s apprenticeship qualifications this weekend, has somehow become a left blogosphere icon today. Guess what – he’s a homophobic, Islamophobic, racist, Exxon-loving WATB, who just happens to also dislike Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Buzzflash is linking to Fagan’s article. DailyKos has had two diaries on his article up so far. Firedoglake’s La Figa has an entry on this article. And I haven’t even begun to look. I’m not going to waste my time. Instead, I’m going to spend that time putting Fagan’s article and Fagan into a bit more context, since there’s a fundamental misunderstanding afoot as to who he is and why he seems to be after the Palins.

First a little background on this issue, which surfaced at the Anchorage Daily News in early October, in a letter to the editor:

Who got Levi Johnston his job at the slope?
Posted by riverlee
Posted: October 13, 2008 – 6:10 pm

I didn’t pay attention to it or write about it then. I was very busy, helping reporters from around the world get information on Sarah Palin. Nor, it appears, did any of the rest Read the rest of this entry →

Alaskans For Truth is Now a Political Action Committee!

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Alaskans for Truth began in response to the outrage many Alaskans felt when the John McCain campaign came into Alaska, with a team publicly headed by lower-48 torture advocate Ed O’Callaghan, and attempted to shut down or discredit the Alaska Legislative Council ethics investigation into aspects of Walt Monegan’s termination as Alaska Director of Public Safety.

The product of the Legislative Council’s independent investigation, known as the Branchflower Report contained a number of findings, some of which require action during the upcoming session of the 27th Alaska Legislature.

Although the subsequent release, on November 3, of the State of Alaska Personnel Board investigation, known as the Petumenos Report, found that the Branchflower Report was based upon a flawed interpretation of Alaska statutes, the Petumenos Report’s methodology on that finding, and overall thoroughness, have been called into question.

Since the November 4th election, Alaskans for Truth have noticed a softening in attitude toward the well documented ethical lapses of Governor Palin, as brought out in the Branchflower Report, in numerous articles in the national and Alaska media, and in other credible reports. Those of us who have followed Alaska political corruption for a long time, see in this softening a pattern we have seen Read the rest of this entry →