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Idle No More Rally – Anchorage, Friday January 11th, 2013 – A Good Start

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INM Anchorage 1/11/13 #2

Idle No More has rapidly spread from Southcentral Canada, into the U.S. upper midwest, the U.S. side of the St. Lawrence river valley, to the Pacific Northwest south of British Columbia, and into other countries with subjugated indigenous populations.  Begun less than two months ago, it is spreading like the Ghost Dance movement on steroids.  I’ve heard it referred to locally as “Re-Occupy Wounded Knee,” which might not be fair, as that de-Canada-izes the movement’s origin.

It is propelled by the internet, social media such as facebook, twitter, youtube and skype, and good old grapevine word-of-mouth.  21st century smoke signals.  What started in Saskatoon as a small protest and hunger strike over a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper over his Omnibus Bill, C-45, the resulting teach-ins in Canada have led to concerns about other Omnibus bills, and their elements that reduce indigenous rights.

In late December, there was an Idle No More flash mob dance in Juneau.  It has been followed by three more solidarity demonstrations, including teaching aspects.  Here’s Alaska Native story teller Ishmael Hope, on one of the Juneau actions:

On a deeper level, something I really love about this movement is it helps get people together, and right now, all we’re doing — we’re not making big speeches. We’re getting together and we’re singing our ancient clan songs. … What this helps us remember is there’s no separation between a culture, our language and our sovereignty. They strengthen each other. So we sing our songs, we know ourselves more and we’re able to stand up for ourselves better.

The Anchorage event, with its major component of teaching materials handed out by the event’s sponsors, resembled many of the education and awareness-based INM actions in Canada and elsewhere.

INM Anchorage 1/11/13 #3

The rally’s sponsors were varied, and representing issues from all parts of Alaska:

REDOIL: Their network consists of grassroots Alaska Natives of the Inupiat, Yupik, Aleut, Tlingit, Gwich’in, Eyak and Denaiana Athabascan tribes. The REDOIL network addresses the human and ecological health impacts of the unsustainable development practices of the fossil fuel industry in Alaska.  REDOIL’s main concern in the past has been with the oil industry, and the physical deterioration of the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline.

Chickaloon Village Traditional Council: The organization currently operates seven departments: Health and Social Services, Housing, Education, Environmental Stewardship, Justice, Transportation, and Accounting/Administration.  They help serve the needs of  Tribal citizens and another estimated 2,373 Alaska Natives and Native American Peoples living in their service area, as well as the non-native community members living in Glacier View, Chickaloon, Sutton, Palmer, and Butte.  CVTC is deeply involved in coal industry development on and near traditional tribal lands.  They are not supportive of any current coal mining projects.
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Occupy Anchorage Is Hanging in There

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Occupy Anchorage tents - January 7th, 2012

After a talk with one of my friends at firedoglake this afternoon, I visited the Occupy Anchorage encampment this (Saturday) evening.  All I can say after visiting it is that two tents and some signs are there.  It was almost 11:00 pm, so I didn’t find any occupiers present.  The signs indicate upcoming events.

The setting for Occupy Anchorage is very central.  It is located right next to the Anchorage Center for the Performing Arts, in what is known as Town Square Park.  Right now, there is an ice skating rink and a series of ice sculptures in-the-making, within 20 feet of the Occupy Anchorage space.  Here’s one of the ice sculptures.  It is located right where Occupy Anchorage had tables with free food, educational material and warm items back in September and October. Read the rest of this entry →

Occupy Anchorage – October 8, 2011

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Occupy Anchorage Sign-making tables

Last night, I posted an essay expressing my sense of frustration about the current state of protest in Alaska, after having attended the “Occupy Anchorage” event yesterday afternoon.   Interesting comments, especially this predictably anonymous one:

Oh, Phil. You’re not “jaded,” you’re just lazy. What efforts did YOU contribute, other than sitting on your ass yappin’ with Kelly Walters throughout the entire thing, so you could bash people afterward? You couldn’t even be bothered to take your own photos while there and have to poach those of a fellow blogger (whom you also habitually trash, of course). If you want causes and events to be better, how ’bout putting forth a modicum of effort yourself, instead of lazily throwing derision from the sidelines?


Here are the poll results.  I was only able to poll about 25 people, as I wanted to hear the speeches, and people began drifting away rapidly after the last speakers had their turns.  Not everyone answered every question, so numbers vary, as at some of my earlier tea party movement polls.

Did you show up more in solidarity with the issues of Occupy Wall Street, or over concern about Alaska issues:

National solidarity – 4
Alaska solidarity – 21

What Alaska issue concerns you the most: Read the rest of this entry →

My 2011 April 15th Tea Party Rally Questionnaire – You Can Help Write It

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I.  I attended the 2009 and 2010 Tea Party Tax Day rallies in Southcentral Alaska. I questioned people attending them. In 2009, I decided once I got to the rally at the park by Lake Wasilla, to poll a few people as to their political affiliation:

13 Libertarians
9 non-partisan
6 Republicans
2 Alaska Independence Party

In 2010, I attended both the Anchorage and Wasilla tax day Tea Party rallies. I sought to poll more deeply. I was able to get 63 of over 70 people I polled to provide information:

What Party are you registered in?


18 – GOP
16 – Independent/unaffiliated
3 – Libertarian
2 – Democrat
2 – Alaska Independence Party
1 – wouldn’t disclose


12 – Independent/unaffiliated
8 – GOP
1 – Democrat


28 – Independent/unaffiliated
26 – GOP
3 – Democrat
3 – Libertarian
2 – Alaska Independence

Who did you vote for in the 2008 presidential contest?

31 – McCain
6 – Obama
2 – wrote in Ron Paul
1 – wrote in Baldwin


19 McCain
1 Obama
1 – wrote in Dick Cheney


50 – McCain
7 – Obama
2 – Paul write in
1 – Cheney write in
1 – Baldwin write in

How old do you believe the planet earth to be:


17 – billions of years
5 – millions of years
3 – 6,000 years
16 – didn’t know or refused to answer


1 – billions of years
3 – millions of years
3 – in the hundreds of thousands of years
9 – less than 10,000 years
2 – refused to answer
3 – I neglected or chose not to ask

How would you rate these politicians for the leadership they are exhibiting right now, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being highest (average of all who answered):


Palin – 6.2
Obama – 1.8
Begich – .9


Palin 8.7
Obama – 1.3
Begich – 2.6

Who, currently active in American political affairs and dialogue, inspires you the most right now:

10 – Ron Paul
5 – Michelle Bachman
3 – Sarah Palin
3 – Mitt Romney
3 – George W. Bush
2 – Glenn Beck
2 – Ralph Nader
1 – Barack Obama
1 – Denis Kucinich
1 – Alan Grayson
1 – Mike Huckabee
1 – Sean Hannity


6 – Sarah Palin
3 – Glenn Beck
2 – Michelle Bachman
2 – Ron Paul
2 – Newt Gingrich
1 – Sean Parnell
1 – Mike Huckabee
1 – Bill O’Reilly
1 – Rush Limbaugh
1 – Paul Ryan
1 – Rick Perry


12 – Ron Paul
9 – Sarah Palin
7 – Michelle Bachman
5 – Glenn Beck
3 – George W. Bush
3 – Mitt Romney
3 – Newt Gingrich
2 – Mike Huckabee
2 – Ralph Nader
…… and so on

II. Here’s my proposed poll for 2011:

April 15 2011 Tea Party Questionnaire:

1. How many tea party events have you been to?
2. Are you a registered voter?
3. How are you registered?

4. To which branch of the tea party do you belong?

a.Tea Party Patriots
b.Tea Party Express
c. Tea Party Nation
d. National Tea Party Federation
e. Americans for Prosperity
f. FreedomWorks
g. American Tea Party for Jesus
h. The Original Tea Party

5. Do you contribute to a tea party organization?
6. Which one?
7. Do you know who the Koch Brothers are?

8. Which one of these figures inspires you most:

a. Ron Paul
b. Sarah Palin
c. Mitt Romney
d. Andrew Breitbart
e. Glenn Beck
f. Michelle Bachman
g. other ________

9. In 2010, in the Alaska US Senate race, who did you vote for:

a. Joe Miller
b. Scott McAdams
c. Lisa Murkowski

10. Is Islam a religion?
11. What religion is Barack Obama?
12. Was Barack Obama born in the United States?
13. Who do you hope will be the next US president?

I’m hoping to poll at least 100 people this year. Do you have any other suggested questions, or ideas about how to streamline the poll to get more meaningful information, more quickly than how I’ve got this configured?

Sarah Palin and Joe the Teabagger to Lead 9-11 Motorcade from Wasilla to Glenn Beck Rally in Anchorage

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It may not be the November 9, 1923 Beer Hall Putsch, but how about a Wasilla-Anchorage 9-11-2010 rehearsal?

According to Palin-centric progressive Alaska blog, The Immoral Minority:

Supposedly both Sarah Palin and her butt boy Joe Miller are going to attend this event in the sports center named after the man that she coveted for most of her young life, and then afterward they are going to drive in a giant motorcade from Wasilla to Anchorage to attend the Glenn Beck event at the Dena’ina Center.

Which means that apparently much of Beck’s audience will be made up of these wingnuts from the Valley who will be arriving in MY city on 9-11 to "commemorate" the death of 3,000 Americans in New York.

Beck is scheduled to hold his own rally at Anchorage’s new, downtown-located Denai’ana Center at 8:00 p.m on Saturday, September 11th, so I’m not sure how the Wasilla people can proceed so slowly for 50 miles, over the course of the end of the Palin-Miller affair in the Mat-Su Valley, and the beginning of the Beck Rally, seven hours later.

And how does Beck feel about the real victims of September 11th, 2001?

Teabagger, Joe, meanwhile, is continuing his lessons on how to master Sarah Palin’s phenomenal ability to blame everyone but herself for everything. Alaska blogger, Linda Kellen Biegel nailed it today at The Mudflats:

So, let me get this straight…according to the article (and I called to verify its accuracy) Miller was the FIRST TO HIT ANOTHER VEHICLE (driven by Raisis) who was stopping behind the car making the left turn (driven by Lewis). Miller’s rear-ending of Raisis caused HIM to rear-end Lewis.

As a matter-of-fact, Mr. Lewis shared with The New York Times that Mr. Miller and he share the same insurance company. That company determined that Joe Miller’s policy should pay for the accident!

Yet, Joe Miller is the victim here? And, not only is he the “victim,” but he is basically accusing the Alaska State Troopers of bias?

I’ll be the first to admit that the accident itself is a trivial matter. However, in light of all that we now know about Palin, you can see where a Senatorial-hopeful feeling the need to blame our Alaska State Troopers for his behavior set off some warning bells.

Plus, what we already know about Miller makes the Palin comparison even scarier:

–Joe Miller touts that he is “pro-life” and “pro-family.” Yet the campaign for this divorce attorney from Fairbanks called SOMEBODY (either a sitting U.S. Senator or the Alaskan Libertarian Party) “a whore” during the primary.

–Joe Miller is a Yale law school graduate, yet completely ignores the most basic tenants of law…both STATE and FEDERAL…to tow the Tea Party line.

–Joe Miller is “loose with the truth” when it comes to his bio…unneccessarily so.

–Joe Miller QUIT his job with the Fairbanks Northstar Borough because according to his resignation letter they told him he had to miss “an elk hunt” in order to prepare for a court case.

And for me, the most damning comparison of all:

–Joe Miller has held at least six different jobs in 15 years.

See Linda’s original article for much more, and for links to many articles on the Palin-Teabagger Joe "victim" MO.

The Palin-Beck-Teabagger Joe Rally-procession-Rally, like attempting to co-opt one of America’s most positive icons – MLK’s 1963 speech at the Washington Monument – is another example of a sick, perhaps terminal media addiction to these skilled nihilists:

It will take much more than your standard 28-day program to cure this disease.