If YOU Could Depose Sarah Palin, What Would YOU Ask Her?

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Should soon-to-be-ex-Gov. Sarah Palin’s attorney, Thomas van Flein actually go ahead and sue Alaska blogger Shannyn Moore, or any of the rest of the Alaska bloggers or citizen activists for "malicious" whatever, one of the very likely consequences would be a deposition or depositions of the ex-Gov.

An easy target might be all the lies she has told over the past two weeks. Were any of them or all of them "malicious?"

Is it malicious for her and Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell to inaccurately claim that citizens’ requests for clarification of interpretations of our executive ethics statutes have cost the state "millions," when that appears to be not just wildly inaccurate, but intentionally false?

Is it malicious for her to claim Alaska Natives on the lower Yukon have obtained 50% of their subsistence needs at a time when passing on that lie might hurt these peoples’ ability to have honest efforts directed their way before the short summer there is past?

Was it malicious for Palin to assert that she had made a pact with the Secret Service that didn’t exist?

Was it malicious for Palin to lie to the McCain campaign – repeatedly – about her husband’s level of involvement in the Alaska Independence Party? Read the rest of this entry →