Will a DOJ Indictment of GOP Daddy Whorebucks Sheldon Adelson be The October Surprise?

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Sheldon with his Girls in Macau

In a recent development in the ongoing lawsuit against Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corp,  for the wrongful discharge of Steven Jacobs, onetime President of Adelson’s Macau casinos, it was revealed that Adelson’s attorneys may have lied repeatedly to various authorities in China-Macau and in the United States.  The lies, which were probably criminal acts, covered up even more serious criminal violations in both countries.

Adelson’s attorneys presently are trying to put their best face forward lie their asses off to Nevada District Judge Elizabeth Gonzales:

On June 28, Judge Gonzalez convened a hearing on the matter.

“Mr. Peek, I’ve got a question,” she began, addressing the Holland & Hart lawyer who had read Jacobs’ emails on Kostrinsky’s laptop.

“Why didn’t somebody tell me 11 months ago or so that the Macau Data Privacy Protection Act wasn’t going to be an issue because somehow the Read the rest of this entry →