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Palin Finally Inspires Federal Legislation

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A Pennsylvania congressman is being reported as getting ready to introduce a bill that would make it illegal for political whores like Sarah Palin to beg for money with incitements toward violence:

Rep. Robert Brady (D-Pa.) reportedly plans to introduce legislation that would make it a federal crime to use language or symbols that could be perceived as threatening or inciting violence against a federal official or member of Congress.

Brady told CNN that he wants federal lawmakers and officials to have the same protections against threat currently provided to the president. His call comes one day after Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) was shot, along with 19 other people, at a public event in Tucson. A suspect is currently in custody.

“The president is a federal official,” Brady told CNN in a telephone interview. “You can’t do it to him; you should not be able to do it to a congressman, senator or federal judge.”

Among the six people killed was Federal Judge John Roll.

While it is unknown at this time whether the shooter was politically motivated, that has not prevented a vigorous debate about whether heated political rhetoric seen during the healthcare reform debate and during the 2010 campaign is inciting violence.

Palin proudly rode the ongoing national wave of increasing political polarization and hatred, much as she had sought to do here in Alaska during her Wasilla mayoral campaigns and during the period between the summer of 2008 and her gubernatorial resignation in July, 2009. She’s made millions by becoming the poster girl for heated, sometimes masked, sometimes brazenly open hate rhetoric. The money SarahPAC brought in from the ads they took down only yesterday should be turned over to the families of those killed Saturday in Tucson.

Now that Palin’s people are attempting to defend her inflammatory hell-raising, Palin needs to be put on the spot, to actually defend such remarks as this:

Sarah’s FB, dated March 28, 2010 — three days after the crosshair image was published:

“In the battle, set your sights on next season’s targets! From the shot across the bow – the first second’s tip-off – your ………leaders will be in the enemy’s crosshairs­, so you must execute strong defensive tactics. You won’t win only playing defense, so get on offense! The crossfire is intense, so penetrate through enemy territory by bombing through the press, and use your strong weapons – your Big Guns – to drive to the hole.
Shoot with accuracy; aim high and remember it takes blood, sweat and tears to win.”

It would be just to have this bill, inspired by Palin’s sick fundraising tool, to be named after Christina Green.

Palin’s #1 Fan Shrine Reacts

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This morning (Wasilla time), right after finding out about the Tucson shootings, I visited Palin’s political action committee site at which she had her list of targeted politicians with gunsight images over their congressional districts.  I took several screenshots.  The site, called Take Back the 20,  has since been taken down.


As soon as Palin put up a “message” on the tragedy on her facebook page, I went to Palin’s #1 fan shrine, Conservatives4Palin, to see how they would react to Palin’s facebook post.  They react to every post, tweet and comment Palin makes.  Usually with a lot of genuflection.

Here’s Palin’s vacuous statement, as carried at Palin’s fan shrine article:

My sincere condolences are offered to the family of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the other victims of today’s tragic shooting in Arizona.

On behalf of Todd and my family, we all pray for the victims and their families, and for peace and justice.

- Sarah Palin

Here are some resulting comments at C4P:

Thank you for your words and prayers.

Please be assured that millions of us who love and admire you will be praying and sacrificing all the more now for your safety, and for that of your family.

May the Angels of the Lord, your “Secret Service,”surround and guard you…always!!



I believe this will encourage sarah to announce earlier rather than later. She will need secret service protection soon.


This man just wanted to kill people.

And the media needs to squash this talk of Palin having any influence in this. God knows Palin and her family have received threats. Don’t say that her rhetoric is a problem when you have pundits on the news who have thrown rhetorical bombs at her for 2 years.


It maybe premature to argue but I don’t think this happenstance at all. The Left must have planned this out all long ago, that’s why they made such an irrational argument long time ago, now they have pulled out one of their irrational people to do this stunt, all to blame the Governor.

This is just a preview of what’s coming.


The left is just absolutely assaulting her FB wall. The comments from the left are very appalling and sad.


The left is the kind of people that assasinate and murder in the name of Politics.


I hate how the Mentally Retarded and Emotionally Derranged Left blames the Tea Party and Governor Palin. I bet it is probably a Hispanic Shooter, which why is no ID has been released. These bastards owe Governor Palin and Tea Party supporters a freaking apology. I see these boards at the ADN and MSNBC and the other site. The left is insane. I hope it is not a Conservative White Man for the left to trot out for their destructive ends. Shame on the rotten bastards that use tragedy to trash Palin. They are the disgrace not her or the Tea Party.

and, referring to Paul Krugman’s thoughts on this tragedy:

Paul Krugman is one sick piece of garbage. It can’t wait until it is someone not associate with the right to shove this back in a reckless piece of shit like Krugman’s face. I think slime like Krugman incite violence and hate towards Palin.



SARAH 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You Lefty are so quick to blame conservatives for a kinds of violence, but when you go through history, most of the political violence are committed by the Left. Typical, liberals are so ignorant. Please get facts right, before accusing others.

For your information, there are reports that this person who did the shooting may have mental issues and there are some reports that he is a liberal.


I hope Sarah is taking steps to increase her own security in light of this event. The reality is this could have been her! Heaven forbid such a though but it is true! She needs to have better securtiy at home or wherever she goes from now, especially with her pending run for president this coming year! She better start carrying her own side-arm on her person from this time forward!

and I’ll conclude with this comment:

if you have liberal friends it means you have dumb ignorant friends. why do you want dumb ignorant friends?

its already been established that liberalism is a mental disorder. why do you want friends with a mental disorder like that?

Palin Ordered to Repay Almost $400K to Donors From Illegal Alaska Fund Trust

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I. A decision announced Thursday in Anchorage by The Alaska State Personnel Board was the most adverse ethics decision yet regarding former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin: She is required to repay donors to her Alaska Fund Trust, set up in April 2009, almost a half million dollars:

Tim Petumenos, an Anchorage attorney hired by the state Personnel Board to investigate, said Thursday the legal defense fund violated state law because it "constituted using public office to obtain private benefit." He said the fund, which was set up while Palin was still governor, inappropriately said it was the "official website" of Palin, and made reference to her work in public office. Petumenos upheld an ethics complaint that was filed 15 months ago against the trust.

Interestingly, not much attention is being paid to this yet in the national, "liberal lamestream media," as the quitter is so fond of calling our press. The Alaska progressive blogging community has long been speculating about the importance of this long-left-unresolved ethics complaint and its possible relationship to her July 2008 resignation.

Essentially, Palin set up the legal defense fund in April 2009, mostly to pay her legal bills from the Troopergate fiasco. The part of the two investigations into how she mishandled her attempts to have her former brother-in-law fired from the Alaska State Troopers that stemmed from her having filed an ethics complaint against herself had been particularly expensive.

The two 2008 investigations came to different conclusions. The first, known as The Branchflower Investigation, and initiated by a Republican-dominated group of Alaska legislators known as the Legislative Council, found that Palin had acted unethically in the ways she had pressured public employees to fire her ex brother-in-law. The second investigation, initiated by Palin herself, by filing an action against herself, led to the Personnel Board hiring Anchorage attorney Tim Petumonos to scrutinize how the governor had dealt with her ex brother-in-law.

His report, released the evening before the 2008 presidential election, largely exonerated Palin, though it made specific recommendations about needed executive branch ethics reform. For his 2008 report, Petumonos was hailed by Palin supporters. That has now changed, with his June 24th 2010 ruling. As I observed Thursday:

Anchorage Attorney Tim Petumonos, who was, up until Thursday afternoon, one of the great holy men in the pantheon of people whose actions have elevated them to sainthood among the acolytes of Queen Esther of Wasilla, has now been consigned to an outer ring of Hell even Dante couldn’t have imagined.

The Palin shrine, Conservatives4Palin (which last week came up with a headline so ridiculous I almost wrote a diary about it – "Rahm Emanuel to Reportedly Quit in 6-8 Months Due to Pressure from Palin and Other Conservatives") is skewering Petumonos’ employers, the large law firm of Perkins Coie today, for his finding:

That brings us back to Perkins Coie, the official law firm for the DNC and Obama, both of whom instruct the ADP to “keep Sarah Palin out of public office” and mobilize their useful idiots like Shannyn Moore, Jeanne Devon, Linda Kellen-Biegle, and the anti-Semitic terrorist loving Phil Munger [that yours truly, Edward Teller]. Birds of a feather. How was it that Perkins Coie was selected in the first place? Why didn’t the DNC official law firm disclose to the Personnel Board the fact that it was counsel for the DNC, and by extension, the ADP and the many inane bloggers who filed frivolous ethics act complaints? Seeing as this supposedly “independent” law firm was supposed to make a ruling on “ethics” one can rightfully question that firm’s ethics for withholding key information from the public. Maybe they were busy that day, representing Osama bin Laden’s staff and all. (It’s nice to know that the FBI’s number one most wanted can get his staff the same lawyers that represent the President of the United States). What a country.

So there is, at least in the mind of Palinbot Ian Lazaran, a vast conspiracy tying Obama, Osama bin Laden, Alaska bloggers and the attorney who found the fund to be illegal? How could they have missed George Soros’ part in this enormous web of deceit?

Comments at the C4P post include some doozies:

Hopefully white indies will continue to defect from the warm embrace of the Messiah and let’s not forget about………


Her Church was set on fire. She has been stalked. She has been harassed. Her privacy has been invaded. Her email has been hacked and distributed. She has been threatened with rape and murder. She has been targetted for bankruptcy.

All those things are documented. This is reality. This is a partial list mind you.


Just donated to new Palin Legal Fund! Will send more $ when I get my refund from former legal fund. Onward to 2010 and 2012!

Which brings us to the NEW Palin defense fund, set up yesterday.

II. No sooner was Petumonos’ finding announced, than Palin’s people announced the setup of a new fund. At their faq page, the site states:

"Is this site officially sanctioned by Sarah Palin?

Yes, the legal defense fund is sactioned by Sarah Palin. However, this website and fund are not associated with SarahPAC or other entities. Governor Palin is not the trustee of the fund. She has sanctioned the use of her name and image for the website and trust to help raise funds for her legal defense."

Yet, as uncovered last night by the European blog, Palingates:

The new "Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund", which officially has absolutely nothing do to with SarahPAC, Sarah Palin’s political action committee, shares the same address and phone number with SarahPAC!

The old illegal legal defense fund had been set up mostly as a rather strange moneymaking tool. Not only was the chief trustee, Palin’s longtime friend Kristan Cole, a paid employee of the state, the fund was set up, as has long been noted by the progressive Alaska bloggers, as a slush fund for whatever her family and the trustees wanted to use them for. As observed last year at Linda Kellen Beigel’s blog:

There is NOTHING in the official purpose of the AFT related to legal defense or legal proceedings or ethics complaints. In fact, the purpose of the trust is for any expense at all incurred by Sarah Palin “as a result of the fact that she is Governor . . . or as a result of the performance of her duties as Governor.” Those are the only limitations instilled by the purpose clause.

So the purpose of the AFT is to collect money for…basically anything and everything, short of overt criminal activity. This includes legal expenses, of course, along with everything else under the sun. It also covers her family and staff, as well as “any other person determined by the Trustee.”

Well, the Palins tried, but, essentially, along with the complainant who filed the clarification request in the first place, the Alaska bloggers kept on this when the regular media outlets mostly ignored the importance of the story.

We’re going to stay on the links between Palin’s PAC and the new "legal defense fund" too.

Here is a list of the stories on this so far by Alaska bloggers and Palingates:

Palin’s Legal Defense Fund Isn’t (Updated) - The Mudflats

More Facts About the Palin Legal Defense Fund – The Mudflats

Palin must return $386,000 in donations received before she resigned as Governor of Alaska! Update: The Return of Meg Stapletongue! And another update! And yet another update! – The Immoral Minority

Sarah Palin launches NEW defense fund with uber aggressive e-mail. Do NOT let the venom get in your eyes! – The Immoral Minority

Time to Redouble Efforts to Put TLC on the Spot on Supporting Palin’s Program – Progressive Alaska

Investigator Tim Petumenos rules: Sarah Palin’s "Alaska Fund Trust" (Legal Defense Fund) was illegal – UPDATE: THE SCANDAL CONTINUES! – Palingates

Sarah Palin’s executive style did not serve the interests of Alaskans – New ethics complaint – Palingates

Palin to Visit the Lower Yukon With Franklin Graham to Raise Her Fundraising Profile for SarahPAC

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Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will be visiting the lower Yukon towns of Marshall and Russian Mission with televangelist Franklin Graham. Graham has been quietly building a presence in Alaska for his Samaritan’s Purse aid group. His close ties to militant Christians may remind some of Palin’s similar under-reported past.

Here’s part of the explanation Gov. Palin’s office has offered:

February 19, 2009, Juneau, Alaska – Following up on several trips to Western Alaska by multi-agency state personnel, Governor Sarah Palin and Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell will travel with Franklin Graham, President and CEO of Samaritan’s Purse, to the communities of Marshall and Russian Mission on Friday. Samaritan’s Purse is a nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid across the world. Working with private sector and nonprofit resources, an estimated 10,000 pounds of food will be distributed to more than 200 Alaska families in need.

For several weeks the administration has been working with residents on the Lower Yukon in an attempt to identify their eligibility for various aid programs for communities and individuals. Five state departments and the governor’s rural affairs advisor, John Moller, are involved in the immediate relief effort, and are currently visiting communities across the region.

Faith-based, non-profit groups, such as Samaritan’s Purse, have partnered with state agencies and have been instrumental in providing assistance to Western Alaska in recent weeks.

Palin’s self-serving press release neglected to point out that much of the help arriving or already in use on the lower Yukon and Kuskokwim Rivers (the Wade Hampton Census Area, one of the USA’s most impoverished) has been raised by Alaska Native communities and organizations statewide, and by Alaskan, American and global blogging groups. According to Dennis Zaki, my initial firedoglake post on Emmonak brought in about $2,400.00 to community relief efforts and direct support to Zaki’s initial trip there in January. That’s right, folks – YOU did that! Read the rest of this entry →

Gov. Sarah Palin Heads to DC – Sen. Mark Begich Comes Home to Alaska – The Hidden Stories

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That Mavericky Sarah is headed to DC to pal around with Obama at the Alfalfa. That’s Saturday. Tonight, Sarah kicks off her 2012 campaign against Washington insiders, by being the guest-of-honor with Nixon fixer Fred Malek, an insider’s insider.

As Palin heads east, Mark Begich will make his first Alaska appearance since being sworn in as our junior US Senator. I’ll be attending Sen. Begich’s first Alaska press conference this afternoon in Anchorage.

There is a lot to catch up on at the end of this busy week in Alaska events. First, Palin, then Begich.

Part One – Gov. Sarah Palin:

With the launch of SarahPAC at the beginning of the last week in January, Sarah Palin managed to re-insinuate herself into the national news. Apparently, Palin feels better there than she does dealing with Alaska affairs.

Last weekend, Palin snubbed an important Alaska Native event, the Southcentral Foundation’s 12th Annual "Gathering," at Anchorage’s new Denai’na Convention Center. The event, which centers on health issues and draws a huge crowd, seems like the kind of exposure Gov. Palin might appreciate. Maybe she had been tipped off that former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, the commissioner Palin fired, creating "Troopergate," was there. Read the rest of this entry →

Palin Claims She’ll Be at the Alfalfa Club Dinner to See Obama

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Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, told reporters Wednesday morning about upcoming travel plans, including Saturday’s annual Alfalfa Club Dinner.

Speaking briefly with reporters this morning outside of the Juneau Governor’s mansion, Palin stated, "The Alfalfa dinner, yes, in fact that’s because president Obama is scheduled to be there. And how often will I have an opportunity to have dinner with the president. I will take up that offer to do so, yeah.”

I have to say that Anchorage Daily News reporter, Sean Cockerham, into the third week of his new stint as the ADN’s state capitol-legislative session reporter, has already developed a knack at transcribing Palin’s strangely nuanced, sometimes fractured syntax. Here are a couple of extended quotes from his ADN politics blog entry:
Read the rest of this entry →