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Alaska Blog and Media Coverage of the Kulluk Grounding – Updated

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Kulluk aground

A number of Alaska bloggers have been making efforts to inform their regular readers and others drawn toward the news story of the grounding of and salvage efforts toward the Shell Alaska drilling rig, Kulluk.

In alphabetical order:

Just a Girl from Homer:  Shannyn Moore posts most of her essays first at the Anchorage Daily News, in her weekly op-ed, then at The Mudflats. (see below)

Progressive Alaska:  I’ve been writing articles at PA and at Firedoglake on aspects of Shell’s Arctic Drilling plans since last summer.  Since the Kulluk debacle began unfolding on December, I’ve posted a dozen articles here.  They are easy to find at the bottom right hand border of the blog, as they have been the only articles posted here since December 30th.  Most of those articles were cross-posted at the national progressive blog, Firedoglake.  And some of the Firedoglake articles have not been cross-posted here.

Of those, the most important was probably the one I wrote last night, List of Questions on Shell’s Alaska 2012 Arctic Drilling Fiasco Grows Longer by the Day.  I’m going to use some of that article as the basis for another one at PA, perhaps later today.

Of the articles I’ve posted at both places, the one that seems to have drawn the most attention was my interview with Alaska marine environmental icon, retired University of Alaska Prof. Rick Steiner.  You can read it here.

Because of my background, mostly in the distant past, working at sea in Alaska, on small and large fishing boats, as a charter boat operator, and as a deckhand on oceangoing tugs, including towing one of Shell’s key components of their drilling scheme – the Arctic Challenger – from Seattle to Barrow, and having participated in several salvage operations, I’m able to offer a little more to this subject than some might.

The Immoral Minority:  Jesse Griffin has posted three articles on the grounding.  They can be found and followed at IM under the tag, Shell Oil.

The Mudflats:  This high traffic blog has posted articles by both Jeanne Devon and Shannyn Moore.  Beginning December 31st, The Mudflats has offered two articles by Devon, one by Ryan Marquis,  from I Eat Gravel, one by Thomas Dewar, and an op-ed by Moore.  Four can be found under the tag Shell Oil.  Moore’s op-ed, which is a Must Read, can be found at this link.

Moore’s op-ed raises an interesting point that I don’t think anyone else had yet brought forth:

The 1990 Oil Pollution Act has a limited liability clause. It limits the amount non-tanker vessels can be forced to pay in the event of an accident. So, after Shell has incurred $28 million in expenses, it may be able to invoke its liability limit.

I quoted Moore in my Firedoglake essay on questions.  The questions that the limited liability clause bring to mind immediately are along the line of “how is it determined who has spent what?” and “how soon will we be able to corner Sens. Begich and – especially – Sen. Lisa Murkowski on this?”

Murkowski’s views are important, as she is a key figure in why this liability limit is so absurdly and unrealistically low.  And she is also a major recipient of political contributions from the builder of the vessel most responsible for this debacle, the Aiviq.

Like me, Moore has a maritime background in her past.   With her network of contacts that rivals the best investigative reporters in Alaska, as was illustrated in her breaking of the strange hiring of “Judge” Paul Pozonsky, Moore will probably have a lot more to add to the Kulluk debacle.

What Do I Know?  Once again, Steve Aufrecht has provided several fresh views of the response to the Kulluk debacle, from his viewpoint as a distinguished professor of public administration.  Steve has written seven articles on this, beginning on January 2nd.  His articles are important enough to be listed here by their individual titles, which are intriguing, as well as inviting: Read the rest of this entry →

Rasmussen: Joe Miller Down from 47% in PPP Poll, 50% in Early Rasmussen to 42% in Today’s Rassie Poll

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Prior to information emerging yesterday that Fairbanks divorce attorney Joe Miller took thousands of dollars in Federal farm subsidies for apparently doing nothing on Kansas farm land while Miller resided in Alaska, a new Rasumussen Poll shows him losing 8 points of support in 18 days, in the first post-Murkowski write-in campaign poll made public. At this rate, Miller could easily be in the 30-something point area soon, should media questions about why he was discharged early from his military obligation reveal more about the pattern of evasiveness so uncomfortably shown in his responses to investigations by The Mudflats and The Alaska Dispatch.

Dispatch had earlier linked a Joseph W. Miller — Miller’s legal name — to farm subsidies for land in Kansas sent to a post office box in Anchorage when Miller was working in the city as an attorney. Miller’s campaign was asked last week whether the candidate was the Joe Miller who got those funds but refused to answer until late Monday. Since the question was asked, Alaska Dispatch linked candidate Joe Miller to that address — P.O. Box 112926 in Anchorage.

This is the Anchorage address at which the attorney and his family received Permanent Fund dividend checks; it is the address Miller used on his state hunting and fishing licenses; and a Freedom of Information Act request has now revealed it is the address to which the U.S. Department of Agriculture mailed 61 farm subsidy checks worth a total of $7,235 from 1991 through 1997.

The Miller campaign’s response to queries from The Dispatch on the subsidy payments show a disturbing trend from a candidate who is already fully disliked by 52% of Alaska’s voting public:

[Miller spokesman Randy] DeSoto said that it was standard practice for farmers to receive the subsidies in Kansas and that the nation was in a much better financial situation at the time that Miller received the funds.

“This was back in the 90’s, the situation the country was in was far different than now,” he said.

Hey, Joe! I just pulled out my well-thumbed copy of the U.S. Constitution. I’m looking for the consitutional argument for taking Federal farm subsidies for not growing anything, and living a few thousand miles away from the land. Looking in the index for the term "standard practice," I’m drawing a blank, Joe.

Joe’s lies and distortions about his past and present bode ill for the Tea Party prima donna. The only things he has going for him at this point are the supine nature of Alaska’s mainstream media outlets, especially the Anchorage Daily News, and the Alaska voting public’s strange love affair, amply demonstrated over the years, for crooks and liars.

Hats off to The Mudflats and The Alaska Dispatch for their work on this.

Democratic Party nominee Scott McAdams has a tough fight ahead, as the Rasmussen poll clearly indicates. But the Murkowski campaign is just getting started, and their target will not be Sitka Mayor McAdams. As a commenter at Daily Kos observed the other day, briefly encapsulating Murkowski’s probable motive for fighting on:

She wants to fuck up Palin and the dude that called her a whore…

Stay tuned. There is no way in the world Joe the Teabagger’s negatives are going down at this point in the race.

As Even Chris Wallace Seems to Tire of Joe the Teabagger, Where Does One Find the Real Joe?

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Watching Chris Wallace’s growing frustration in trying to get a straight answer out of Fairbanks divorce attorney Joe Miller this morning reminded me of Rep. David Guttenberg’s statement about Miller’s shallowness:

I beat this fool when he ran against me in 2004. Miller speaks drivel.

He clearly cares nothing about the lives of Alaskans just about this constitutional double talk. If I was a Tea Party supporter, I would worry about this guy being my champion. I believe he is a career wanna-be big high mucky muck, who wants to be in charge of your life.

Wallace kept on trying to get Miller outside of his arrogant little box, outside of his 10th Amendment "drivel," as Rep. Guttenberg, the last guy to beat Miller, so accurately described it.

It’s almost refreshing to watch Wallace keep on going after Miller to get off of his 10th Amendment bullshit, and provide some clear answers. Or even one.

Last week I lamented that listening to Amanda Coyne and Tony Hopfinger, two excellent Alaska writers, fluff Miller for minute after minute on Dan Fagan’s KFQD AM talk program was aggravating. And so too is most of the "lamestream" Alaska media coverage of Miller so far. Like their coverage of Sarah Palin before Miller, their refusal to write comprehensively about how Miller’s evangelical religious beliefs limit how he could govern is a serious departure from reality.

With the revelations (no pun intended) of nutcase Christine O’Donnell’s strange confessions on a decade-old episode of Bill Maher this Friday, that have now led to her backing away from any public forum, one can’t help but wonder how many similar fragilities there are in Teabagger Joe’s closet that a good reporter might uncover over the next few weeks.

The Alaska blogs have done far more to search Miller’s past so far than have other media. By far the best expositions on Miller’s fragility have been these:

Legal Eagle’s four-part series (so far) at The Mudflats on the extremely high percentage of bullshit in Joe the Teabagger’s legal arguments that are the main underpinning of Joe’s rants:

1. Joe Miller – Liar or Idiot? A Legal Analysis:

"While it’s true that Yale Law is pass/fail, and while we can assume that Mr. Miller was grateful for that during his constitutional law classes, one would assume that he at least had given our founding document a quick skim."

2. Unemployment Benefits Unconstitutional? Time to Divorce Joe Miller:

"Yes, you heard that right: unemployment benefits, in existence since 1935, are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It’s strange that Joe Miller is the first person to think of this….I never imagined that a divorce lawyer knew more than constitutional law scholars about the constitution. Go figure."

3. Joe Miller Thinks You’re Not Very Smart:

[Miller] recently told his hometown paper that despite the inflammatory Teabagger rhetoric that he used during the primary, he’ll request money from the federal government until we get our land back from them. Given that this will never happen, I believe that it’s safe to call Joe Miller a flip-flopper." [Legal Eagle goes on to destroy Miller's stance on Federal lands in Alaska.]

4. A History Lesson for Joe Miller: The Tenth Amendment:

"You see, one of the fundamental bases for Mr. Miller’s political philosophy (if we can call “say whatever they want to hear, regardless of truth or accuracy” a political philosophy) is that the federal government must be stripped of its powers. The basis for this argument is the 10th Amendment. ( Yes, not only is ol’ Joe a Tea Bagger, and probably a Birther, but he’s also a 10th’er. Naturally.

"Because of the problems with the Articles, a group of “Founding Fathers” led the charge in repealing them in favor of a stronger central government. Who was one of the proponents of this? None other than George Washington, the subject of many a 10th’er, Tea Bagger and Birther’s wet dreams (over original intent, that is). You see, Joe, George Washington knew that your proposed system of government didn’t work over 200 years ago — and that was with a small country with an agriculture-based economy. Why are you trying to shove it down our throats now? Oh, that’s right – you’re a Palin protégée. You’ll say anything to get elected, no matter how absurd, untruthful or just plain wrong. (Seriously, I’m conflicted: is he really this stupid? Or does he know better, but lies just to get elected?)

"So there you have it, Alaska. Joe Miller doesn’t know history, the law, or the Constitution. You know what to do."

Another Alaska writer, dealing with getting facts out about Miller as a comprehensive series is the relatively new Interior Alaska blogger, Wickersham’s Conscience. Here’s a listing of the most important articles so far, from older to newer:

Joe Miller, Tea Baggers and the Koch Brothers (August 31st)

Joe Miller Ignores the Law (August 31st):

"Joe Miller thinks the Social Security Act is unconstitutional. So did George P. Davis, a minority shareholder in Edison Electric Illuminating Company. Davis was so upset that in 1937 he fought the constitutionality of the Social Security Act all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. And lost."

What WC is Reading: Joe Miller (September 9th):

"WC has gotten a couple of harsh comments for his criticisms of Joe Miller. So, in fairness and in response, WC offers a simple test for Joe Miller to show he understands constitutional rights and citizen responsibilities. Some fundamentalist preacher in Gainesville, Florida wants to burn a bunch of Qurans – the Islamic Bible – on September 11. Generals, the President, the Secretary of State and the Pope have all condemned the idea. Politicians running for office have been disappointingly silent. So Mr. Miller, how about a public condemnation of the preacher’s plans? Can you show us a smidgeon of moral, or at least political, courage?" [that same day: Joe Miller called the warnings that a Florida pastor’s plan to burn some 200 copies of the Koran could endanger Americans “kind of a red herring.”]

Questions for Candidate Miller (September 11th)

Miller’s Waffling and Flopping (September 13th):

"So what’s Candidate Miller talking about when he waffles? Which specific “land and resources” haven’t been turned over to “the people of Alaska”? What specific “promises made at statehood” have been broken? And if there are such broken promises, how do they justify earmarks? Flip. Flop.

"Or is it possible – and even likely – that Candidate Miller doesn’t have the faintest idea what he is talking about?

"WC has landed salmon that didn’t flop around as much as Joe Miller. But Joe Miller and WC’s salmon have this much in common: they’d stay out of trouble if they kept their mouths shut."

Correcting Miller’s "Misstakes," – Part 1 (September 17th update)

Other articles by Alaska bloggers also shed far more light on Miller than our media:

Club for Growth, Clubbing Alaska? – by Zach Roberts [The Club for Growth loves Joe the Teabagger]:

"The Club for Growth has endorsed Joe ‘the beard’ Miller. Who, or What is “The Club for Growth?”

"Personally, when I first heard about “The Club for Growth” years ago, I pictured a sunny country club where rich people went to grow their inner feelings – maybe gain respect for the little people. Maybe get a soul.

"Sadly, the truth is nothing so kumbaya.

"To put it bluntly, The Club for Growth is a corporate front group run by the former CEOs of some of the largest companies in the world. wrote this in 2006 “The Club for Growth, which shares an office with Americans for Limited Government, is an offshoot of the Cato Institute… which was founded by the Kochs. We’ve heard that name before haven’t we.
Yes, the same Kochs, the same astro-turfing billionaires from Joe Miller’s home state, Kansas. Linda Kellen-Biegel has already written up all the details and the Alaskan connections."

$how Me the Money – The Alaska $enate Race
- by Jeanne Devon:

"His experience? The only public office he’s ever run for was State House, and he lost. To a Democrat. In Fairbanks.

"His platform? Tell the federal government to keep their stinkin’ money (also known as one third of the Alaskan economy).

"His primary campaign strategy? Distorting the record of, and disrespecting a well-loved sitting Senator who by all reasonable assumptions would have trounced him in a head to head general election, and making her many loyal supporters hate his guts.

"His past history with the party? He tried to overthrow the Alaska Republican Party two years ago by staging a coup and ousting Party Chair Randy Ruedrich. He failed."

More needs to be researched and written locally on Joe’s religious beliefs and the way they limit his thinking. His belief that a woman raped by her father, no matter how young, must bear the child, is no doubt deeply rooted in the same kind of superstition and male supremacism that brought us Papa Pilgrim.

A few Outside (outside of Alaska) writers have done stellar work on Joe the Teabagger. Perhaps foremost so far, has been Amanda Terkel, from her new perch at the Huffington Post. Amanda had the first great takedown up on Miller’s FOX News Sunday appearance. And her post-primary rundown on Miller stood out at the time as astute.

I’ve written a few articles on Miller for firedoglake’s The Seminal. Daily Kos has many Miller diaries of varying quality.

I’ll be quite surprised if our Alaska media really does reality or depth justice in their Joe Miller coverage between now and the first Tuesday in November. Too many reporters out there thinking a job in his press office would provide more job security than what they’re doing now.

The Last Guy to Beat Joe Miller Has Some Advice for the Next Guy to Beat “Joe the Teabagger”

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Alaska State representative David Guttenberg (D- 8th District) beat teabagger Joe Miller in 2004. Here’s a bit of his advice to Sitka Mayor Scott McAdams, who is tightening the race against Miller:

I beat this fool when he ran against me in 2004. Miller speaks drivel.

He clearly cares nothing about the lives of Alaskans just about this constitutional double talk. If I was a Tea Party supporter, I would worry about this guy being my champion. I believe he is a career wanna-be big high mucky muck, who wants to be in charge of your life.

That precious advice is from Guttenberg’s facebook page, quoted at the Alaska blog, The Mudflats, with Guttenberg’s permission.

Miller, who spent about $600,000.00 of Koch Industries-linked funds in his barely successful run against incumbent GOP U.S. senator Lisa Murkowski in the GOP primary, is poised to take in more money from powerful, behind-the-scene out-of-state interests who could give a rat’s ass about the average Alaskan or about anything other than ripping us off up here. As if all the free publicity Miller is getting from FOX News and Newscorp isn’t enough already, some of us are closely scrutinizing the Alaska media for evidence of shilling for Joe the Teabagger.

Meanwhile, progressive moderate Scott McAdams has been spending a lot of time reaching out to individual Alaskans, and raising a lot of money from individual donors, at his campaign site, campaign HQ and on the web, at Act Blue.

Wednesday, McAdams probably set a record for the most money raised in small amounts on the web in a single day for an Alaskan running for statewide office. Yesterday morning, Scott’s Act Blue page had taken in about $55,000 since it was created in late June. Right now, less than 24 hours later, it is at $97,865, with 1,010 supporters. Over $40,000.00 in less than a day!

The announcement yesterday by the Rasmussen polling group that they had changed this race from "Solid Republican to Leans Republican" may have been the impetus for some of this surge. Just as important, though, is the growing perception that Miller, to re-quote David Guttenberg, "is a career wanna-be big high mucky muck, who wants to be in charge of your life."

Folks, the Scott McAdams campaign is where we turn back the shadily-funded Tea Bag Express. McAdams is aiming very accurately at the very large majority of Alaska voters who are not affiliated with a political party, and to whom sanity still means something. In the same poll referenced above, Rasmussen notes that, even with few Alaskans yet knowing much about Scott, they are favoring him over the Joe the Teabagger by 22%. If that remains and the non-affiliated are motivated to vote on November 2nd, McAdams is the next U.S. senator from Alaska, and is the biggest upset of the 2010 election.

Think about that.

New Poll Shows Scott McAdams Can Win in Alaska Senate Race

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[Ed. note: We aren't advocating for a candidate, but the Alaska Senate race is worth more attention since it represents a potential seat pick-up for the left by a candidate with personal knowledge about Big Oil Co. clean-up.]

On Sunday, the North Carolina-based polling firm, Public Policy Polling published their findings about Alaska’s current political climate. The poll concentrates on possible two-way and three-way matchups in Alaska’s November 2nd U.S. senate seat election, 63 days away. According to PPP’s report, "PPP surveyed 1,306 likely voters on August 27th and 28th."

On the 26th, we had an election.

On the 27th people were just beginning to figure out who Scott McAdams is.

On the 28th – over a weekend – questions were just beginning to emerge about Joe Miller’s automobile accident Friday morning in Fairbanks. Until somebody uncovers the exact time of the accident, and connects that to his phone records for tweets and calls, what we may have here is another low information Alaska political poll that will end up being meaningless by the middle of the coming week.

Here are some important figures that came out in this poll:  . . . Read the rest of this entry →

A pre-FDL Saturday Book Salon Review of Going Rouge: Sarah Palin – An American Nightmare

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Jeanne Devon, aka AK Muckraker, creator of the Mudflats community, and recent winner of the Alaska Muckraker award for 2009 from the prestigious environmental organization, Cook Inletkeeper will host firedoglake’s Saturday Book Salon. She will introduce Richard Kim and Betsy Reed, editors of Going Rouge: Sarah Palin – An American Nightmare, the salon’s topic this Saturday at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Three days after John McCain announced his pick of Sarah Palin as his 2008 running mate, my wife Judy and I were canvassing in Wasilla, Alaska for Barack Obama. We’d been scheduled to do it for a week. Over the weekend since the August 29th announcement, I had been barraged by dozens of phone calls and hundreds of emails from reporters wanting information from a blogging progressive who could almost see Palin’s house from my neighborhood.

Judy, who had listened to many of the conversations, and had read most of the emails, kidded me. "I can’t believe how much you’ve forgotten about her over the years, " she laughed. At the time, I’d known Palin for over 17 years

Three weeks later, after we had assisted scores of journalists from the Lower 48, and had hosted both Max Blumenthal and David Neiwert (two of Going Rouge‘s contributors) at our house, as the latter two investigated Palin’s ties to the John Birch Society, the Alaska Independence Party, Rev. Thomas Muthee, and to eliminationist groups tied to various Christianist sects, Judy admitted, "I can’t believe how much I’ve forgotten about her!"

After Palin abdicated, even though I could no longer forget about her, I really wanted her to disappear from the national stage.

I wasn’t alone.

Her facebook ghost writer’s "Death Panel" early August post was the first sign that this wouldn’t happen. That posting, which was picked up by the national media, and turned out to be the most emblematic midsummer turning point in the health care debate, was the beginning of her re-entry re-insinuation into the national dialogue.

Going Rouge: Sarah Palin – An American Nightmare, is a direct response to the book, Going Rogue, published last month under Palin’s name. Going Rouge is a very large collection of short essays examining aspects of Palin’s pre-2008 campaign record, the campaign itself, her subsequent activities, and some takes on what this might represent in terms of the current state of American politics.

Like many quickly put together works, there are some textual and editing errors. It is, however, a powerful collection of truthful essays, written from a dynamically progressive perspective. Most have been published elsewhere, but having them under one cover is more important than we might yet realize, especially as Palin’s backers hope to catapult her to some next stage in early 2010, after the attention from the book tour starts to die down.

We’ll see.

Some events unfolding in Alaska over the last ten days may be eclipsing some of the most dynamic contributions to Going Rouge. One example is John Nichols’ contribution, Why Troopergate Matters. Originally published in The Nation on September 24, 2008, under the title McCain’s Troopergate Scandal, it describes how the McCain campaign, with the help of national GOP political operatives, took over the front office of Alaska’s executive branch, to attempt to change the narrative of what was then Palin’s biggest scandal – her and her family’s longstanding campaign to get back at her ex-brother-in-law, an Alaska State Trooper. Many wrote about this then, but Nichols’ take is compellingly tight and remains a bit shocking.

As authoritative as Nichols’ article was, this past week, a huge amount of emails and other internal State of Alaska communications have finally been released by the State of Alaska, in response to two document requests that aren’t directly tied to Troopergate. They emphasize what Nichols observed – that Palin is ethically a huge crock of shit – but these new revelations may have far more staying power than "Troopergate." Once again, we’ll see.

Thousands of documents have been released by Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell’s administration that clearly show how often people working directly under Palin in the executive branch were routinely ordered to violate the same ethics codes Palin complained about being violated by Oil and Gas Commissioner Randy Ruedrich years ago. Palin’s complaint at that time, lavishly covered by Alaska media in ways that seemed to praise Palin, were the keys to her political rise beyond the Wasillasphere.

Why is Parnell starting to quickly sign off on the release of these long overdue requests that were made back during the Palin administration? He’s holding on to other, more longstanding requests. The Alaska media, by and large, are softballing this, and not consulting with the recipients of the released documents.

The most powerful sections of Going Rouge are two sets of essays written by feminists, Lipstick on a Faux Feminist and A Woman’s Right to Lose. Ten women look at at least a score of dimensions to the falsity of Palin’s claim to resonance with issues concerning women in America or anywhere.

The weakest aspect of the book’s overall structure may be a lack of focus on Palin’s rapidly growing role in anti-science iconography. Palin’s place there may be the most significant ever for a modern woman. She is the anti-Marie Curie. The DNA of the family charged with keeping the Triceratops off the Ark may be the steering oar of her essence.

Among the essays I hadn’t read before is one by Naomi Klein, called Capitalism – Sarah Palin Style. It is a print version of a speech given by Klein last spring, in which she explains that Palin, as with her role among those who mistrust science, is the perfect tool for people who are afraid to face the seriousness of the economic mess we are in:

…..before she came along, the U.S. public, at long last, was starting to come to grips with the urgency of the climate crisis, with the fact that our economic activity is at war with the planet, that radical change is needed immediately. We were actually having that conversation: Polar bears were on the cover of Newsweek magazine. And then in walked Sarah Palin. The core of her message was this: Those environmentalists, those liberals, those do-gooders are all wrong. You don’t have to change anything. You don’t have to rethink anything. Keep driving your gas-guzzling car, keep going to Wal-Mart and shop all you want. The reason for that is a magical place called Alaska. Just come up here and take all you want. "Americans," she said at the Republican National Convention, "we need to produce more of our own oil and gas. Take it from a gal who knows the North Slope of Alaska, we’ve got lots of both."

And the crowd at the convention responded by chanting and chanting: "Drill, baby, drill."

Watching that scene on television, with that weird creepy mixture of sex and oil and jingoism, I remember thinking: "Wow, the RNC has turned into a rally in favor of screwing Planet Earth." Literally.

Going Rouge is the most important book yet that focuses on Palin’s shortcomings, past and present. Anyone wanting a slam dunk chunk of solid facts on Palin, doesn’t need to hunt further.

As to the book’s relevance in the immediate future, the collection concludes with four recently written quick takes on Palin’s prospects, called What is Sarah Palin’s Future in American Politics? The authors are Jane Hamsher, Christopher Hayes, Amanda Marcotte and Michael Tomasky. Their essays observe that though Palin’s capabilities are certainly limited, the power she has over her base is continuing to be quite phenomenal. Hamsher says the GOP for 2012 is stuck with Palin, Huckabee or Romney. Since she wrote that, Huckabee has been Willie Hortoned out, and one of Romney’s key people has popped his green balloons all over the national press.

As much as we’d all like to forget about Palin, it is still important to be well informed about what she really is and what she represents. Going Rouge, which is already available on the web, will soon be available in book stores.