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I’m Disillusioned by the People Who Are Disillusioned by the People Who Are Disillusioned With Obama

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George Clooney in ad by Anti-Republican Crusaders

The above ad, by Anti-Republican Crusaders, which they are encouraging people to distribute openly and widely, featuring actor George Clooney, is aimed at progressives who feel betrayed by Obama’s policies.  As in other pushes to draw people who had once supported Obama back into the fold, it is – to borrow the term Obama has been using on the stump this past week – Sketchy.

Has anyone yet caught Clooney openly and ardently defending the NDAA and its onerous indefinite detention provisions, that Obama is now defending to the hilt?

Or the secret kill list?

The secret kill list article:

kill list

Or the position of his Justice Department that the banksters are unprosecutable?

Or Obama’s stepped up program against medical marijuana clinics and users of medical marijuana, many of whom are Veterans and extremely ill?

Or his full-speed-ahead support of Shell Oil’s Arctic offshore drilling?

Or his rubber stamping of Department of Energy policy regarding nuclear power in the post-Fukushima world?

Or his scuttling of the Copenhagen climate conference?

Or his intentional torture of Bradley Manning?

Or his unprecedented war on whistleblowers?

Of course they haven’t

Clooney and his ilk cannot defend those policies, so he and the others avoid them or plead ignorance, like Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz did above.

They are wearing blinders.

And –  yes, Romney is the worse of two evils.

Unfortunately, my spiritual beliefs preclude me from voting for war criminals, so nothing Clooney says will influence me.  Perhaps others.

Meanwhile, I’m content working hard to convince people NOT to vote for Mitt Romney.

And getting ready to vote for some progressive ballot initiatives (local Alaska ones).

And some Democrats.

Just not the war criminal one.

My Typical Reply When Obama Asks for Our Money

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OFA Reply

We get dozens of solicitations from the Obama campaign every day, based on how generous we were with our time and money for Obama in 2008. Here is an example of the kinds of replies I send back. I doubt they’ll send me a FREE BRADLEY MANNING! bumper sticker, though.

Do you write back to the campaign?  I usually get a “Thanks for your reply” reply.  I’ve never gotten a reply that didn’t seem to be automated.

Sen. Mark Begich’s Fatuous Reply to Our Open Letter to Him on Bradley Manning

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I. Those of us here who have been attempting to get our elected officials to investigate the inhumane, illegal and unconstitutional pre-trial detention abuse of Army PFC Bradley Manning at the Marine Corps Base Quantico brig, should redouble our efforts, now that the New York Review of Books has decided to print a letter by Bruce Ackerman, of Yale Law School and Yochai Benkler, of Harvard Law School, with 295 co-signatories. The letter will be in their April 28th print edition, but is already getting wide notice on the web.

The letter has been around at the blog Balkanization, quietly gathering important signatures, for about four weeks, but it became much more widely discussed after The Guardian carried a short interview Sunday with one of the co-signatories, Laurence Tribe.  Tribe has been cited by Obama as a formative influence while the latter was his student at Harvard Law School.  There is a lot of material, dating back to mid-2007, when Tribe became one of Obama’s earliest and most ardent advocates, connecting the two together, with the praise going both ways.  Here’s Tribe being interviewed by the Harvard Crimson, on election day, 2008:

Tribe also emphasized the challenges that Obama would face should he win today’s election—“problems of such staggering complexity that they dwarf those confronted by any president since FDR in 1932,” which he said included “our economy in meltdown, our military stretched to the breaking point, the power of our example in the world at a nadir, our environment and our politics poisoned, our Constitution threatened, and our trust betrayed.”

Despite his avowed disappointment in the conduct of the American government in recent years—specifically regarding its use of torture—Tribe concluded his remarks with a sentimental evocation of his pride in becoming a naturalized American citizen, and his respect for the Constitution that “guarantees our freedom to challenge the practices that bring us shame—and to vote for a changed government.”

The Guardian interview shows a profoundly disappointed mentor:

He told the Guardian he signed the letter because Manning appeared to have been treated in a way that “is not only shameful but unconstitutional” as he awaits court martial in Quantico marine base in Virginia.

II. The Ackerman/Benkler letter, and its coverage by The Guardian couldn’t have come at a better time for those of us trying to get Alaska Sen. Mark Begich to use his position on the U.S. Senate Armed Forces Committee, to look into Manning’s abuse.  I’ve gotten co-signators to ask Begich to do this, and just over a month ago, his chief of staff, David Ramseur, wrote back to me, stating:


We got the letter and Senator Begich will have it today, if he doesn’t already. We’ll get you a response shortly.

Thanks – David

I never got a letter, but, apparently, Sen. Begich sent one on March 10th to my physical address, which has never been able to receive U.S. mail.  Where it ended up, I have no idea.  I’ve never used my physical address in any correspondence with Begich’s U.S. Senate staff, and his Wasilla office (I left my card there when I delivered my open letter there in early March) and campaign staff had oodles of information on my post office box address, much of it from our checks they so gladly cashed in the 2008 campaign.

Julie Hasquet, Begich’s press secretary just sent me a pdf of the March 10th letter, which I’ve transcribed below:

March 10, 2011

Mr. Philip Munger

Dear Mr. Munger:

Thank you for contacting me concerning the conditions of Pfc. Bradley Manning’s confinement at the Marine brig in Quantico, Virginia.  As you know, Private Manning was arrested in May 2010 on charges of transferring and communicating classified data and national defense information to an unauthorized source.

Because of the seriousness of these charges and the potential length of sentence, Private Manning is being held as a maximum security detainee with precautionary restrictions to prevent self-injury.  While I understand there has been no evidence presented that Private Manning is suicidal, under the circumstances, I believe there may be justifications for what are described by the Marines as non-punitive precautionary restrictions in accordance with brig rules.

Of course, pending a trial and conviction on the allegations made against him, Private Manning has the same presumption of being innocent until proven guilty all Americans in custody enjoy.  Even if he were to be convicted, I would expect his jailers to carry out his incarceration with the appropriate level of personal dignity and fair treatment that anyone in an American penal institution should be accorded.  As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I will work to ensure his treatment is properly and regularly reviewed, and that any inappropriate treatment is not tolerated.

Again, thank you for contacting me regarding this matter.  Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


Mark Begich

United States Senator

How fatuous is that, eh?  I’ve sent his chief of staff and press secretary links to the Ackerman/Benkler letter, and to this Youtube I made Saturday, of former Democratic Party Alaska U.S. senator Mike Gravel, appealing to current Democratic Party U.S. senator Mark Begich, to do his sworn duty, instead of fucking around like he seems to be doing:

How can we get through to these jerks, other than keep on pushing and pushing, before there’s nothing left of our Constitution to protect?

Mike Gravel on Bradley Manning – He Appeals to Sen. Mark Begich and Thanks Firedoglake

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Former U.S. Senator for Alaska, Mike Gravel, is here, appealing to Alaskans to join in his efforts to create citizens groups to revisit the 9/11 Commission’s errors and omissions from their report, and other matters pertaining to that set of tragedies.

Mike has been outspoken about PFC Bradley Manning, considering the young soldier to be a patriot, and comparing these times to those in which Gravel read the Pentagon Papers aloud on the Senate floor.

Here is Gravel, answering a question about Manning:

Mike Gravel:

“My admiration for Bradley Manning knows no bounds.  In fact the equivalent of being Bradley Manning would be being me, and [Daniel] Ellsberg being Assange.  That’s the comparison.

“And I was 41 years old when I released the Pentagon Papers [to the Senate].  You know, I’d been three days without sleep, and I was just afraid – scared to death – I didn’t know if I was going to go to jail or lose my senate seat, or what have you, and so I wound up, out of fatigue and fear and all of that, sobbing, when I’m putting the papers into the record.  I was sobbing.  I couldn’t get control of my emotions.  So, when Bradley Manning – and I was 41 years old – when Bradley Manning was arrested, they turned around and said, “Well, he’s unstable.”

“Unstable – Hell!I was unstable!

“He’s not unstable.  He has the clearest vision of what his responsibilities [are] – when you go into the military, you swear allegiance to the Constitution of the United States, not to the captain, not to the generals, not to the president or the White House.  You swear allegiance to the Constitution.

“Manning was sitting there, watching all these daily reports coming back, and seeing that what was being said there was different from what was being said by the White House.  And so, he had the guts and perspicuity to recognize “Do it, and do it right.”

“And – knows the risk, knows the risk.  If we don’t get him out some way…..”

After his talk, I showed Mike the first letter I wrote to current Alaska Senator Mark Begich, requesting Begich look into Manning’s treatment. Although Begich’s chief-of-staff, David Ramseur, promised those of us who signed my letter quick action from Begich, it has now been over a month since we asked for Mark’s help.

Here’s the appeal of a former Alaska Democratic Party Senator to our current one:

And here’s Mike’s shout out to the folks at Firedoglake who have been working so hard for justice in this matter.

Mike wants you to support fdl!

Demand Bradley Manning’s Physical and Mental States be Documented

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What happened at the Marine Corps Base Quantico on Sunday, January 23rd, when David House, Bradley Manning’s frequent and approved visitor, was kept from seeing the increasingly isolated PFC, is outrageous.  House will probably be returning to try to see Manning again soon.  There will be more demonstrations like the one a week ago, at the post’s gate.  Rule-of-law advocates like Glenn Greenwald will continue to write scathingly detailed essays on why what is happening to Manning is not only wrong, but highly illegal.

Manning needs more.  He needs somebody to get in there with him, most likely a representative from the United Nations, Amnesty International , Psychologists for Social Responsibility or Human Rights Watch, to not only speak with Manning, but provide outsiders with images or a video recording that show clearly how the courageous young man is faring.

I was hesitant to write this diary, as I don’t know how this might be done, or whether it is possible, even if his attorneys would advocate such an attempt to provide the world with an accurate portrait of his health and wellbeing.    But, given Sunday’s intentional efforts to keep a regular Manning visitor from seeing him, I’m too concerned to let this go.

Is there a way to force the government to allow Manning’s current condition be both independently verified and documented?