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by Eli

A Partial List Of Things That “Pro-Life” Conservatives Support

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…Based on the right’s passionate and indignant opposition to any and all policies that would curtail them:

  • Deaths from gun violence.

  • Deaths from war.

  • Deaths from drone attacks.

  • Deaths from torture and mistreatment of military detainees.

  • Deaths by execution.

  • Deaths from tainted food and poorly tested drugs.

  • Deaths from accidents in mines, oil rigs, nuclear plants, or any other unsafe workplaces.

  • Deaths from polluted air and water.

  • Deaths from infrastructure collapses.

  • Deaths from lack of health care.

  • Deaths from poverty and starvation.

  • Deaths from natural disasters.

  • Deaths from abnormal pregnancies.

  • Extinction of endangered species.

The right’s definition of “life” as fetuses and corporations is as narrow and misguided as their definition of “civility” as the absence of swear words.

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by Eli

Thanks, Conservatives!

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Thanks so much for all the over-the-top rhetoric about how the Democrats are unlawful fascist tyrants who must be overthrown or killed.

Thanks so much for nodding and winking at the teabaggers who paraded around with firearms and “Time To Water The Tree Of Liberty” t-shirts at Democratic healthcare townhalls.

Thanks so much for denying all responsibility every time some nut goes off and attacks liberals or Democrats, and/or implying that they were perfectly justified.

Thanks so much for fighting so hard to make it easy to buy guns and carry them around everywhere.

I have some questions for you, if you’re not too busy telling us all about how Jared Loughner is a pot-smoking hippie:

1) If all these acts of violence are committed by dangerously disturbed people who are completely apolitical and uninfluenced by your steady drumbeat of “DEMOCRATS ARE TYRANNICAL AND BAD! KILL DEMOCRATS!”, then wouldn’t they be attacking conservatives in roughly equal numbers?

2) If you deplore these violent acts of dangerously disturbed individuals acting completely on their own with no political agenda whatsoever, why do you insist on making it so easy for them to acquire guns? Especially when the law of averages suggests that the next twenty or so Totally Random Apolitical Attacks will be on conservatives?

3) Have you, at long last, no sense of decency? How can you continue to use such recklessly violent language after so much violence? If you had dinner with a family who lost a family member to gun violence, would you be cracking gun jokes all night long or talking about how much you’d like to see some liberal politician taken out and shot?

4) Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people???

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