Circulate among us comedians that sometime soon, Obama will offer Madoff a Presidential pardon, and then Tim’s job.

And since Little Timmy’s leaving us is maybe only a rumor, but one that is in continual discussion, here is a citation. From two days ago:

Today, many more posts have been on prominent economic forums and web blogs and also in newspapers.

So when Tim does leave Treasury, who can we rule out as being selected by the President as his successor? Well, definitely not Sheila Barr, or Neil Barofsky. After all, a criminal enterprise has to be run by criminals.

Here is what Barr had to say about Geithner’s Bank policies:

His favoritism of certain Financial Firms over others was apparent by his actions as Head of the New York Fed Reserve, Autumn 2008, and of course, while he was Secretary of Treasury.

And he didn’t simply favor Citi – the Bailouts were structured so that the Paulson/Geithner/Bernancke trio helped AIG and Goldman Sachs. Meanwhile, when Michelle Bachman asked him a rather straight forward question about the hanky panky going on in terms of the Bailouts, he turned to her and lied through his teeth.

Lying to Congress is an impeachable offense. I’m not a fan of Bachman’s but that doesn’t excuse Tim’s lying to Congress. Especially not when those lies were used to Betray Middle Class America and for the sake of transferring that Main Street wealth over to Wall Street.