As many of you know, our dear friend Christy Hardin Smith is in the middle of a health crisis, she was diagnosed with treatable breast cancer. But true to form, she is handling it with grace.

So far there have been tests, surgery, tests, tests, and more tests all leading up to the big decision on treatment, demon chemo starting Wednesday. A not very pleasant undertaking, as you can imagine. And then to put the anti-cherry on top of her anti-sundae, she just lost a dear aunt this week. So she is going to need a whole lotta love and support to help her through the worst of what’s to come – and here’s what we can do. Let’s give her that love and support – and most importantly for now, laughs.

As Dr. Norman Cousins taught us, laughter’s the best medicine. Endorphins are wonderful things.

So pop in the comments with endorphin-generating love, hugs, kisses and links to your favorite laugh generators to help her as she goes through the torment of chemotherapy, she’s going to feel shitty. Keeping her laughing will help ameliorate the side-effects of the sucky chemo and she’ll get better faster. Help her tell cancer, “Bite Me.”

Link to silly gifs and lolcats, tell her what movies made you howl, suggest funny books, humorous music, tv shows and videos. And websites.

Then as she goes through chemotherapy and needs a pick-me-up on the inevitable terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, she can find something here.