I think I was traumatized at a young age being ‘subjected to’ the movie The Wizard of Oz, I never liked that movie what with the flying monkeys and all (loved the books tho!). I figure that’s why I grew up terrified of tornadoes, even tho I didn’t live anywhere near Kansas – I did have a very big imagination. A little girl my age* moved into the neighborhood and there in the flesh was someone who lived every minute of her life under the threat of those wild and wicked winds! (or so I imagined). So even now, every spring as tornadoes churn about the midwest, I am spellbound by their power.

Last night, as many of you know, Oklahoma and Missouri were hit by twisters. And after the recent E5(!) devastation in Moore OK, it must have been a very scary evening there last night. Storm chaser Mike Bettes and crew couldn’t escape the tornado they were tracking, they got banged up, but no major injuries thankfully. And Future Majorities’ Sarah Burris posted this picture of LOOM last night, just yikes.

Here’s a real life Toto from last week’s twister. I know there’ve been many tragedies, but also even more lucky escapes. So let’s talk extreme weathers and childhood terrors, from the safety of our living rooms, in the comfort of our jammies.

*I wonder whatever became of Claudia.